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Buckley's Blog

 Tim Buckley's Blog

Welcome to my blog! Here you'll find an inside look into the ups and downs of the daily forecast, and interesting weather tidbits from across the country. I hope you'll find it an informative and entertaining way to get your daily "weather fix"!

-- Tim Buckley, Meteorologist, "Good Morning Carolina"


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Daylight is going, going, gone....

It happens every year, and there's nothing we can do to avoid it, but there's something depressing about "falling back" to standard time.

Taking a Time-Out from Weather ... Let's Talk Football

Usually this space is reserved for musings about highs and lows, weather patterns, and talk about the forecast ahead -- but not today. Instead, I'm going to talk about what's been replaying ov

Weekend Weather will feel Wintry

Well it's no secret that the seasons are changing. It might just be a little faster than you'd like this weekend.

It's cool now -- but the COLD weather is coming!

It's funny to watch yourself throughout the progression in season's and see how your opinion on the weather changes.

Strong storms will be the bringers of Fall

Hard not to look at the headlines and see how much severe weather this latest storm has caused. Now, it comes to our neck of the woods.

A Midwest Monster! Taking a look at a record breaking storm.

It's a storm that's produced over two dozen tornadoes, over a foot of snow, and numerous broken records for low pressure.

Stormy Start to a Summer-like Pattern

We've been focusing a lot lately on the see-saw match between Fall and Summer. Late last week Fall had the upper hand, now we're shifting back toward summer, and in a big way.

Will it be cool? cold? --- It's all relative...

As we start to get a taste of some fall-like temperatures we have to start choosing our words carefully. Is it "cool", "cold", "chilly"? Where's the cut-off and what's the threshold.