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Buckley's Blog

 Tim Buckley's Blog

Welcome to my blog! Here you'll find an inside look into the ups and downs of the daily forecast, and interesting weather tidbits from across the country. I hope you'll find it an informative and entertaining way to get your daily "weather fix"!

-- Tim Buckley, Meteorologist, "Good Morning Carolina"


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BUCKLEY'S BLOG: Update on the Friday night storm. Inland wintry mix possible.

Details are becoming a bit clearer now on the looming winter storm Friday night.

BUCKLEY'S BLOG: Iceman cometh? Ice potential across NC Friday

It's looking more likely that Friday could feature some icy conditions for parts of North Carolina, even parts of Southeastern North Carolina.

Feel that chill? Winter's back for a while

You didn't think winter would just go without a fight did you? The chill is back, and it'll be here for a while too. But what does this mean for our weather...

VIDEO DISCUSSION about the NC winter storm

A complicated winter storm heads toward North Carol

BUCKLEY'S BLOG: To snow, or not to snow? That is the question. (Not here I say)

When the weather changes, it doesn't mess around. Going from 70's to snow in the air is a real possibility for parts of North Carolina.

BUCKLEY'S BLOG: January warmth, but cold not far away?

We've been spoiled with some great January warmth lately, but Mother Nature is looking to even things out. Before you know it, January will become January again with cold air on its way for next week.

November was cold; December is warm?

It would appear that Mother Nature isn't ready just yet to get into the holiday spirit.

Fall strikes again; more East Coast storms?

I'm sure you'll be talking about the change in weather a lot in your small talk sessions over the next few days. "It was just in the 70's," your co-worker in the elevator will say.