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Buckley's Blog

 Tim Buckley's Blog

Welcome to my blog! Here you'll find an inside look into the ups and downs of the daily forecast, and interesting weather tidbits from across the country. I hope you'll find it an informative and entertaining way to get your daily "weather fix"!

-- Tim Buckley, Meteorologist, "Good Morning Carolina"


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Tropical Train is leaving the station...

All aboard! The tropical wave train has started and will pick up steam in a big way by next week.

Tame tropics trying to rev things up!

Buckle your seatbelts! The last two months have been our hurricane season "in name only", now the real action begins.

"Now you see her, now you don't" -- Emily's magical disappearing act!

Well that was anti-climactic now wasn't it? In case you blinked for a second, Emily was decimated in a matter of hours Thursday.

Sitting, watching, and waiting as Emily takes her time

It's no question that satellites and technology have been a game-changer for hurricane forecasting - but it's made for marathon tracking of storms too.

Why Tropical Storm Don could be a GOOD thing for Texas

It might sound bad, but a tropical system heading right for your doorstep isn't always the worst thing. Take Texas for example.

Heat getting close to scorching some records!

The sizzling summer of 2011 continues... and looking at the numbers, it's starting to challenge some of the record books!

Adios and Arrivederci! (I'll be back)

Just when our weather's getting oh so pleasant -- I'm headed out of town! No, not forever...

What the heck is a Haboob?!

Now stop your giggling at once people! Yes we're talking about Haboobs, but no it's nothing dirty at all.