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BUCKLEY'S BLOG: It's only a matter of time

Winter's made a valient stand here in the month of February, but soon enough - it will meet its match. The question, of course, is when does the cold finally relent and when do we have a nice return to those 70°s that greet us in spring. 

Warm winter, cool February

I don't think it's a surprise to find out that the winter has been warmer than average; but it hasn't been consistent. Month-by-month, the temperatures have fluctuated up and down in a big way. 

I've included November since, as you can see, it was actually one of our coolest months! This is one of the rare times when November actually was cooler than not only December, but January too. 

Overall, December and January were very warm with exceptional warm spells. Overall we have had very few days that have actually been chilly - with few morning lows below freezing and few days with highs below 50°. 

February has been much more typical for a winter month around here. Lo and behold, it just happened to be the one where we saw a trace of snow across the area too. 

When does the cold let up and the warmth begin?

The short answer here is "not yet". We'll still see some cool spells in the next few weeks, and even looking into the long-range models, I'm not seeing anything that screams big warm-up. Actually, it looks like the first chunk of March may stack out on the chilly side. But there is hope for you warm-weather lovers. 

Climatology, a big fancy term for weather records, shows us that inevitably we start to warm up quickly once the sun gets stronger into March. Here's a chart of average high temperatures for the next few weeks. 

As the sun continues to get high in the sky, we can't escape warmer weather over the next few weeks. Just hang tight, and soon enough it will be here. Just don't go planting your garden just yet. 

- TB

By: Tim Buckley