BUCKLEY'S BLOG: Low impact snow event possible Saturday night

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The squirrels in my front/back yards have been hustling this morning gathering up their 5 course meal supplies for the next "how ever long"...and I don't think it means we will have a bad Summer either.
My wife's bunion aches on her upper lip...(and) my next door neighbors left eye keeps twitching. I've had the hiccups for a day or so too!
It's gonna snow...and none of whom I mentioned have waited for a computer model to make the call :-(
Plus...the moon had a haze in front of it last night...don't know about what was behind it...............

A bunion on the upper lip? I thought bunions were on the feet....

I've been looking at some of the Hi-Rez Models just now...
Sampling of the Air Masses go on this Morning with Recon.. A Neg-Tilt a couple hours earlier, We may get very pleasently surprised!

its been snowing in Delco :) for the past 10 mins.

I'd rather deal with the snow then the clean up after a hurricane any day.