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BUCKLEY'S BLOG: Say it ain't so! Nor'easter threat for Sandy areas. What it means for them, and us.

Not again! The cries have erupted wishing and hoping away another Sandy from striking the Northeast. Here's the good news; this is NOT another Sandy. In fact, no storm again may affect the area like Sandy did. Here's the bad news; there is going to be another storm. This one is still strong, but more of the Nor'easter type that so typically affect the area each winter. 

So what does it all mean for the Sandy affected areas and us here in North Carolina? I'm posting a video on my Facebook page to talk about the impacts. Make sure to go there and like my page to see the full discussion. (Click here for video)

Here are the quick-form impacts that I think are most likely as we look at this storm 3-4 days out:

  • Heavy rain, and gusty winds likely for the NC coast Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning. Gusts should stay below 30 mph. Rain will taper off significantly as you head farther inland. Much like Sandy, this is a coastal wind and rain event for our area. 
  • Up the coast, a strong storm will move your way Wednesday and Thursday as a strengthening area of low pressure. This means seas will elevate, waves will pick up and batter the coast as they do with all winter storms. (Again, this is NOT another Sandy)
  • Heavy rain and high winds (gusts up to 40-50 mph) will be likely anywhere from the Delmarva peninsula to New England from midday Wednesday through late Thursday.
  • Snow will be the trickiest part of this forecast, but WILL be a threat for the interior Northeast. Right now, the Euro model spits out snowfall for folks anywhere from Richmond, VA back through DC / PA / NY states. On the other hand, the GFS model keeps the snow confined to Upstate NY and New England away from the coast. Right now, it's just too early to say who will get snow and who won't, but anywhere in this general area has the POTENTIAL to see some white stuff in this first week of November. 

I would caution folks to not panic about this system. There has been a lot of hype surrounding a "repeat" performance of Sandy; this is not at all the case. Unfortunately, this storm will create some nasty weather for a few days in areas that certainly don't need it - and it will likely slow down the relief effort for a few days too. With that being said, I don't think it will cause much in the way of new damage. 

Here's the link again to my full video discussion on the storm:

Don't forget to like my page on Facebook and follow me on Twitter (@TimBuckleyWX) to get all my updates throughout the course of the week. I'm relatively addicted to social media, so if you like weather it'll be worth your time. 

Have a great one, and get out there and vote tomorrow!

- TB

By: Tim Buckley