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By George

By George

"By George!" is a weekly blog written by "Explore with George" host George Elliott. These are thoughts and quick research projects that have popped into his mind recently that he would like to share with you. Sometimes quirky but always entertaining and informative, it's a perspective that only George can bring to

You can send George your thoughts by e-mailing him at

BY GEORGE: The Arctic Ocean ice melt accelerating

Even more evidence is in, and it’s solid science, from numerous agencies, and from all political persuasions.  The Arctic Ocean expansive ice shield is shrinking, and shrinking extremely

BY GEORGE: The Code Of Life

We’ve come a long way with regard to understanding the biology of the human species.  And with advances in genome research, we now have a map of the human genome, which, as it turns out,

BY GEORGE: Big Self-Sustaining Storms

They’re big, potentially destructive, and more common than you might think.  These systems also can produce (though not all do) tornadoes, and sometimes the biggest and most powerful tor

BY GEORGE: The ocean's 'conveyor belt'

We know the atmosphere is in constant flux and motion. Just witness the daily changing weather patterns.

BY GEORGE: The Oceans Swirl

We know the atmosphere is in constant flux and motion.  Just witness the daily changing weather patterns.  For that matter, the minute to minute changes from the ground level to thousands