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By George

By George

"By George!" is a weekly blog written by "Explore with George" host George Elliott. These are thoughts and quick research projects that have popped into his mind recently that he would like to share with you. Sometimes quirky but always entertaining and informative, it's a perspective that only George can bring to

You can send George your thoughts by e-mailing him at

BY GEORGE: New Eye In The Sky

NASA has recently launched an earth-observing satellite that will test new technologies aimed at improving weather forecasts and monitoring climate change.

BY GEORGE: Naming Hurricanes

Why are hurricanes named and other storms, in particular tornadoes, not?

BY GEORGE: Constellations defined

The night sky has fascinated humans since we were able to turn our heads upward.

BY GEORGE: Are You Tired After A Large Meal?

One belief is that heavy consumption of turkey (as for example in a Thanksgiving feast) which has been attributed to high levels of tryptophan contained in turkey.

BY GEORGE: Solar "Bombs"

Get ready for some potentially spectacular night skies (at least in the far northern hemisphere, but maybe even for parts farther south due to the intensity that might occur).  This will be co