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BY GEORGE: VOTE For New Energy Production

Not many of you know this, but I’ve been consulting for a world development power generating company. This company is bringing to the world the first ever “downdraft” wind power source ever. I am a meteorological consultant on the project, and have been since the end of 2011. The original research for the project dates back some 20 years, but only in the last four have things moved to the point of actually being ready to build the systems.  The power generated is one of the most advanced systems of clean energy production the world will see. 

As a matter of fact, we are now a semi-finalist for the best new innovative clean energy company of the year at “The Future Energy Pitching Event” in Washington, D.C. It is during the Energy Invention Convention in Washington February 25th.

Before I describe the system, this is where I need your help in this new energy source.  I need your vote.  The greatest vote getters at the Washington event gets to move on in areas of recognition that will enhance the project. So, please go to and vote for us.  (By the way, we’re changing our name from Clean Wind Energy Tower to Solar Wind Energy Tower.)

The Solar Wind Downdraft Tower is a tall hollow cylinder with a water spray system near the top. Pumps deliver water to the Tower’s spray system where a fine mist is cast across the entire opening. The water introduced by the spray system evaporates, and the air becomes cooler, denser and heavier than the outside warmer air and falls through the cylinder at speeds up to and in excess of 80 mph and is diverted into wind tunnels surrounding the base of the Tower where turbines inside the tunnels power generators to produce electricity.

In geographic areas where atmospheric conditions are conducive, the exterior of the Solar Wind Downdraft Tower may be constructed with vertical “wind vanes” that capture the prevailing wind and channel it to produce supplemental electrical power. This dual renewable energy resource enhances the capability and productivity of the Solar Wind system.

The Solar Wind Downdraft Tower combines dry air heated by the solar rays of the sun with water added as a catalyst to create a powerful natural downdraft. The simplicity of our solution is comprised of the harnessing of the natural power of a downdraft created when water is introduced to hot dry air within the confines of our Tower structure. 

The Solar Wind Downdraft Tower has the capability of being operated with virtually no carbon footprint, fuel consumption, or waste production. The technology has the potential to generate clean, cost effective and efficient electrical power without the damaging effects caused by using fossil or nuclear fuels, and other conventional power sources.

A software and modeling system we developed (and this is where I come in)  enables us to model any climatological environment in order to determine and project energy outputs on a daily basis. Advancements in the scientific community over the last decade that predict and pin-point specific weather conditions provided significant insights to the development of this software and model.

This is really, really exciting, and so good for the world. We are bringing a new abundant and clean energy source to humanity, and it doesn’t cost much. 

I would never have believed I would have fallen into such a meaningful and dynamic project. Now you can help. Thanks so much!!!

By: George Elliott

Hoax, politics or fortune?

Just one look at the principals on the company's website squelched my personal interest. As with any potential investment, I encourage all to conduct appropriate research.

sorry to be a naysayer but I see problems

with what you've explained so far. It needs water but dry air, which sounds like desert conditions with water as a fuel source. Does anyone see a problem with this scenario?

How water is expected to be lost in evaporation? If it's a lot, then it sounds like it be competing with an expensive commodity in an area where it's most valuable. I suppose it doesn't have to be potable and could use rainwater even. So basically, we don't know if it's economically viable because a prototype hasn't been built yet.

In any case, the permanent magnet motor looks VERY promising and from what I hear, it's already being used in those 50+ mpg Japanese cars. The US better get with it or it's going to be left on the ash heap of free energy history...

George it sounds like a

George it sounds like a wonderful project, before I comment further though is this something that needs to be taxpayer funded or is it a project that will be put together by private investments?

down draft tower

From what I can see of the design it looks like it's going to be using a lot of fresh water. With quite a bit of the country in a drought situation where can this thing be built that wouldn't be using up water needed for people or farming?

Where's the prototype?

Seems that one could have built a small scale prototype as proof of concept by now. It works on paper, but we have no idea about how it will perform in the 'real world'.

I could be wrong, but I don't see this as commercially viable. It's too limited with regard to capacity factor and geographic location.

This is truly exciting. What

This is truly exciting. What an amazing contribution to solve our energy crisis through an alternative, clean energy source. You should be very proud of your involvement in this benefit to our environment and humankind.
Congratulations George! And I will vote for you.