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Here comes Andrea! All the info you need to know about the storm

[AS OF 7AM THURSDAY MORNING] Tropical Storm Andrea has strengthened in the Gulf, and will strike the Florida panhandle tonight. As the storm makes landfall it will move up the coast through Georgia and South Carolina, arriving in our area by Friday. 

Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for coastal counties, meaning tropical storm conditions are likely during the day Friday. [Tropical storm conditions mean winds > 39mph]

WHEN does it arrive?

  • Andrea starts the day in the Gulf of Mexico, and makes landfall in the Florida panhandle tonight. 
  • Heavy rain spreads into the Carolinas overnight as Andrea moves inland over Georgia.
  • Andrea's center will move over Southeastern North Carolina mid-morning on Friday.

Latest official National Hurricane Center Forecast.

What impacts does it bring?

  • Heavy Rain - Andrea WILL bring heavy rain to Southeastern North Carolina beginning as this afternoon through the day on Friday. Anywhere from as little as 1" to as much as 3-4" will fall from this storm.
  • Potential Flooding - Given that we had a large rain event on Monday, this could create some flooding in spots across the area. Watch out for flooded roadways, and remember not to drive through standing water.
  • Tornado threat - A tornado will be possible during the day Friday. [This is typical in tropical systems. Any tornadoes they generate are usually short-lived and relatively weak.]
  • Not much wind - Winds will stay in the 25-35 mph range on Friday with a few higher gusts. Overall, this is not a big wind event for us.
  • Some storm surge - A storm surge up to 2 feet is possible at the beaches. High tides check in around 6 am and 6 pm. With a new moon, this could enhance surge potential.

A quieter, typical summertime weather pattern will return by Saturday morning. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for any warnings.

What preparations should you make?

  • Secure any large outdoor objects that could blow around in gusty winds
  • Allow extra time for any travel you need to do on Friday
  • Be vigilant for any rising water, making sure to never drive through water on the roadways.

Questions, comments, concerns?

Anything that I left out that you want answered? Leave a comment on this blog, shoot me an e-mail at, or shoot me a message to any of my Social Media accounts below. I always respond. 

- Meteorologist Tim Buckley

By: Tim Buckley