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Kevin Wuzzardo's blog

McIntyre a dying breed in Washington

Mike McIntyre was clear with his answer when I asked him the question today: Did his decision to step down at the end of his current term in the US House have anything to do with pressure from Democra

After striking out in Wilmington, Braves' big league plans again hinge on public financing

Last year the Atlanta Braves struck out in their attempt to get the City of Wilmington to spend tens of millions of dollars to build them a minor league baseball stadium.

It took a disaster for NJ to get some love

For me, New Jersey is more than the land between New York and Pennsylvania.

Sandusky verdict may restore faith in judicial system, but long way still to go

To the credit of we the media and the American people at large, we didn't dub this "The Trial of the Century."

Mike Wallace: King of the confrontation

For the last couple of years, you've probably noticed a change in the way we do news at WWAY. We decided to do it differently than it's been done in Wilmington.

Super Tuesday looks to further muddy GOP primary waters

Remember when it looked like Mitt Romney might have the Republican nomination wrapped up by Super Tuesday, or at least by the time the biggest date on the primary calendar was over?

Despite hype Republican race is not close to being over

OK. I'll admit it. After Mitt Romney won all of Florida's 50 delegates and picked up 14 more in Nevada, I kinda packed it in on this analysis and prediction stuff.

What you need to know about the business of baseball

As I've watched this whole discussion about a ballpark in Wilmington unfold, one thing has become abundantly clear: Not enough people understand the business of baseball.

Romney, Gingrich get goofy in Sunshine State

Just when it looked like the Republican race for president was going to be a good, clean fight, it got downright dirty.

Paterno died just as he expected

I've been a fan of Penn State and Joe Paterno since I first saw them in 1986. The Nittany Lions were on their way to a national championship that year.

Narrowing GOP field could mean wide-open race

Wow, what a week it's been, huh? My predictions for New Hampshire were pretty good, but they, like the primary itself, look more and more irrelevant each day

New Hampshire appears all but set in granite

Well, my predictions for the Iowa caucuses went pretty well (read: the pollsters got it righ

Welcome, 2012 presidential race; the predictions begin now

Anyone who follows this blog knows there hasn't been much to follow recently.

Life in the spotlight not easy

There are many jobs in the world that look like they'd be a lot of fun. Who wouldn't want to be a star or on TV or a person of power.

Another voice of my past silenced

Several times in the last few years I have used this blog to reminisce about the loss of some great broadcasters. I guess it's because they played a role in my dreams to work in TV.