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My alma mater continues to gay bash

A decade ago, and for years before that, Irmo High School in suburban Columbia was one of the best schools in South Carolina. That may not sound like much based on the state of education in the Palmetto State. But back in the day, Irmo was as good as any school in the country. We were always at or near the top of the state in test scores and other school grades. Our academic competition teams routinely competed for national titles. Our athletic teams were among the best in the state. Our faculty was among the best and brightest you could find, and so, in turn, were the students. Graduating from Irmo, you knew you were prepared for college and the real world beyond.

Today, though, my alma mater makes headlines for all the wrong reasons it seems. The latest black eye came earlier this week when the school's principal announced he would leave when his contract expires at the end of the 2008-09 school year. All because he had to allow a club for gay students at his school. In a letter to "Irmo Nation" (whatever that is) Eddie Walker claims it's because allowing such a club conflicts with professional and religious beliefs. He also writes that based on the school's sex ed policy of teaching abstinence, "I feel the formation of a Gay/Straight Alliance Club at Irmo High school implies that students joining the club will have chosen to or will choose to engage in sexual activity with members of the same sex, opposite sex, or members of both sexes."

I'll bet the school also preaches healthy diets. So will the Spanish Club have to disband because members make flan? I don't know Eddie Walker, so I can't speak to what kind of man or educator he is. But I question his reasoning and the life lessons of acceptance, tolerance and even logic he is displaying to impressionable young minds. Sir, I can guarantee there are members of the football team, the cheerleading squad and the debate team who "will have chosen to or will choose to engage in sexual activity with members of the same sex, opposite sex, or members of both sexes." Guarantee.

This latest bit of negative attention is bad enough. But it's even worse when you consider other bad press. For instance 10 years ago this month Walker's predecessor made another anti-gay statement of sorts. The school won a national competition that earned it a free concert on campus from the Indigo Girls. When some parents called principal Gerald Witt and complained that the Indigo Girls were (GASP!) lesbians, Witt cancelled the concert, drawing unwanted attention from media across the country and beyond. I know Gerald Witt. My senior year was his first year as principal, and I admired and respected the changes, especially in attitude and pride, he made early on. And when he retired from the job a few years ago, I wrote to him and told him how much I respected him and the difference he made in my experience as a student. But even though I had already graduated, I certainly lost respect for the way he handled the Indigo Girls.

On a different note, two years ago Irmo was the center of attention again for all the wrong reasons, after local investigators say they foiled a plot by gang members to fight at an Irmo football game. Gangs and violence just were not something we worried about at Irmo years ago. Once upon a time, the worst thing that could be said about Irmo was that one of our distinguished alums was Donna Rice, the young woman who led to the unravelling of Gary Hart's presidential campaign and political career. But times change, I guess.

But back to the issue at hand now. Where have we come as a society that the leader of a public school thinks it's worth his job to oppose an act of inclusion? How does something like this happen twice at one school that was once known for being a leader in education? It disturbs me that we are still at a point where adults act like this in front of children. I respect Walker's personal beliefs. But they should be just that. And again, his rationalization of his professional beliefs as an excuse make me wonder if he is fit to continue as principal the last few days of this school year let alone all of next year.

The fact of the matter is that in every school there are going to be homosexual students. And you can bet that in most cases, it is not an easy experience for them. The goal of all clubs and activities in schools is to give young people a place where they can find themselves, find acceptance, find out who they are. I know when I was a student we had a chapter of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, where students could come together and share their religious faith far more openly than they may feel comfortable in other school settings. Why shouldn't gay students have the same opportunity? I'm fairly sure if this club had been around when I was a student, friends who later came out would have had a better experience in high school.

Schools are not just places for students to learn reading, writing and 'rithmetic. It is also a place where they learn right and wrong, where they learn to be functional members of society. What I'm learning from Eddie Walker is that if a particular group of people offends your personal beliefs you should stand up and oppose them. OK. Fine. But I'm also learning that apparently you should cower behind excuses to explain away your own narrow-mindedness, confusion or even hatred instead of seeing if there's even a chance to get along.

"I don’t intend to make a big deal out of this," Walker wrote in his letter. "Let’s get it over quick (sic) so we can close this year and have a great 2008-2009 school year. I intend to work with you and our students to make 2008-2009 the best year in our illustrious history. It is very important to me that the club sponsor and all students who join this club receive Golden Rule treatment from everyone."

Golden Rule treatment? As in treat others as you would like to be treated? Fine. I think plenty of people will be happy to act out against what you believe in.

By: Kevin Wuzzardo


In response to all of the Godly hate mongers. The God that I know is a God of love, Period!! I don't know anything about this God that most of you all are referring to. As a matter of fact, I don't care to know him. I knew that I was attracted to people of the same sex, before I ever knew what the word'gay' even meant. I wish that there had been some kind of support group for people like me when I was in high school. Perhaps, it would have saved me from years of self hatred and self destructive behavior. In my mid-twenties, I met a wonderful man that lovingly helped me to see the error of my ways. I finally accepted that no matter how hard I tried, I could not change my sexual preference. I am whole and happy and have been in a loving relationship for almost twenty years. That is all that matters to me!!!!!! Quote all of the scripture that you please. It does not matter to me...


It doesn't matter to you what the Holy Bible sais...then you might should question your salvation. That is just my opinion though. I ABSOLUTELY ABHOR the sin myself. However, that sin is neither better or worse than any sin I commit or things I battle with in my personal life. With that though those sins bother me, but at least I view them as that...sin. I have NO hate in my heart for gay people...just the sin.

Gay As A Choice? The Bomb

Some of us gay people have heard a plethora of beliefs about being gay, homosexual, f*g, whatever you want to call us. It really doesn't matter what word you choose. Many think that being gay is somehow a choice but it isn't. Apparently the principal of the school mentioned in the blog thinks so. I am glad he resigned. Maybe now they can focus on getting someone with some level of maturity and acceptance. Many of you think that being gay is a choice. What you fail to realize is that being gay for some has brought with it much scorn, persecution, bullying from peers in school, suicidal tendencies, depression, very low self esteem due to rejection by peers in school. So I really want to choose to be gay so that I can go through all of that? Of course not. I ask you straight people : when did you choose to be straight? At what point in your life did you wake up and say, " I think that I will be straight."? Many gay men and women, including myself, chose to stay quiet about our sexual orientation as it has no bearing on anyone else whatsoever just as a straight person's sexual orientation has no impact on anyone. That is not to deny that there are still some problems with sexual harassment in places but that is totally unrelated to sexual orientation. I happened to be one of those quiet men about my sexual orientation. I did not want to be treated any differently amongst the fine group of men and some women I work with. A co-worker who happened to be way too curious about my life chose to spread the rumor once the "cat" was out of the bag. I do not favor fraternization nor mixing any part of my private life with my public safety work. I do not believe nor endorse the hiring of anyone based on anything but ability to do the job - PERIOD! I do not ask for special treatment nor to be looked upon any differently due to my same-sex attraction. All I want is to be treated as an equal. Our Declaration Of Independence states that all men are created equal. There is no favoritism nor discrimination in that statement. The reaction I have received in the work place has been anything from whispers of disapproval from some to full acceptance by others. Their life may one day depend on me to save them and my life may one day depend on them to save mine. I love and have loved the fine people I work with. I believe in my heart of hearts that they are some of the finest you will find to work with. Aggravating at times? Yes, but so am I. The majority of them know realize that I am the same guy they knew the day before I was pulled out of the closet as the day after I was forced out. I have approached this issue in my workplace in a very professional manner and have talked it out with many there. To the ones that I have been able to have a frank conversation with about "the bomb" I have acknowledged that we all have the same goal in mind, regardless of where we come from or who we are. That goal is to save life and property and to make it safely home the next day after a long 24 hour shift. If anyone has a problem with my sexual orientation at this point then it is their problem, not mine. I no longer have a problem with myself as I have come to full acceptance of who I am and I could not be in a better place in knowing myself than I am now. For all of you reading, get this : I tried the ex-gay ministry books and counseling. Ex gay is a myth. I went to a local pastor for help in 1992. I was an avid follower of Christ until some of His followers decided to follow their self-righteous piety and shunned me. I went to two counselors as well. Nothing changed. I prayed, fasted and cried. Still no change. I finally came to realize that I am different from some and that it was not going away. Many think that being gay is all about sexual activity. It isn't. It is also about who I am emotionally attracted to as well. Gay is who I am not what I do. That has been the most difficult thing to get across to men and women. I am a proud father of several children. I am up front and out in the open to them now. They know all about dad and they know that whatever they come to me with, they will always be accepted as my children. I have something that a lot of men, and some women, do not have and that is the unconditional love of my children. I know of many men, both straight and gay that have left their children behind to pursue another woman, a quieter life, another man. Not this guy. I look at my children as they will one day contribute to society and not be a burden to it. You want to raise children up right? Teach them about your faith? You bet. You must also remember, particularly you Christians, that if you don't like gays you still have to love us. You see,in the scripture that you go around preaching and quoting it says "love your enemies...." So if you say you believe in ALL of the Bible you need to practice ALL of the Bible, not just quote it to damn men and women to hell to make you feel more self righteous. I hope you understand my point I am making. Hating and speaking in a derogatory manner about your neighbor is not scriptural at all nor is it in any way spiritual. I know that in that good book you say you believe in that it states who your neighbor is. Some of you would be surprised to discover that. On the issue of gay marriage I do not agree. I do not want the church nor the state dictating to me so I in turn do not see a reason to even remotely be involved with this Americanized Christianity that makes money from preaching hate. If gays went away then ministries such as Dr.James Dobson's as well as the Family Research Council would dry up. They prey on the emotions of the masses. If you want to see the real threat to the family then think about your "godly president" and his policies of sending troops to the Middle East for several consecutive tours while their children continue to suffer for lack of a parent, mom or dad left to fend for the kids, possible foreclosure on a house, children dealing with emotional problems from missing their parent. That is a true threat to the family as we see it. Before you think that I am not in support of our troops or the war on terror then think again. My children's mother will soon be returning to Iraq. I have the children and as before they will once again be fine under my tutelage. I do not consider myself a gay father. I consider myself a dad who just happens to be gay. I have seen no reason to bring this subject up except to make an attempt to educate others. If you cannot open your mind then at least open your heart. The greatest threat to you right ow is not a gay man or woman. Terrorism and a fuel shortage are your greatest threat currently. Lastly, since 1992 over 12,000 service members have been discharged from the military due to the Clinton policy of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." Recently the military lowered their standard and started granting waivers to applicants that have a felony on their records. Yet at the same time they are discharging men and women because if who they are. I served my country in the military honorably. I ended up with a couple of high honors for some things I did while in the Army and was awarded so with two different medals. Retired Marine Staff Sgt. Eric Alva, the first American soldier to be seriously wounded in Iraq, served his country selflessly. He was a closeted gay man. He has been asking for a repeal of the ban on gays in the military. To all of you that believe gays have no place in our American civilization or would like to suppress us because of who we are I implore you - sign up for service. Take these 12,00 service member's places in the ranks and you go fight for your freedom of speech to harass, lampoon, lambaste, persecute or ridicule gay men and women. I just hope you make it out of the war alive. To date in Afghanistan 866 American troops have died. In Iraq 4,113 have perished, in U.S. deaths alone. Some of them were straight, some were gay, some were Christian, some Muslim, some Jewish, some Hispanic, some Italian. War and democracy sees no color, nor heritage, nor gender, nor sexual orientation. What does your democracy do for you? What have you done for it? Freedom is not free. Some people don't find out until it is too late that someone has to pay the price. You can pay it yourself or let someone else. That someone could be a gay man or woman wanting to serve their country honorably. It could be a black man or woman, a Jew, a Muslim. You never know. On July 4 raise your U.S. flags high. Be grateful for your freedom. Cherish it. Remember our military. When you go to the beach wave at the guy carrying the U.S. flag. He cares about his fellow Americans and wants the best for all of you. Happy 4th. Respectfully, Steven (Stevie) Grimsley

Thank you Steve

Thank you for leading by example and taking time to share your story here.

Why is it that the media

Why is it that the media thinks they have the right to say what they want but no one else does. Mr Walker has every right to change his profession because of being asked to do something against his religion. You people in the media think that you are authorities on everything but unless you have studied the bible and understand what it says you have no authority to speak on the matter. That is like me telling a surgeon how to operate when I have not studied the medical profession.God does not hate the gay people but He hates the sin. God loves everyone but sin cannot be condoned. I pray that Mr. Walker will continue his stedfastness in his faith.

Good Lord!

I have read thru these comments, and I do not recall packing up all my belongings and moving to some backwards, uneducated, ignorant 3rd world country. Why are some of you so scared of gay people? You should be more scared of people like Rush Limbaugh, Fred Phelps, and George W. Bush. Like it or not, gay people are here to stay. I have a strong dislike for stupid parents and their annoying children...but I do not deny their right to form as many clubs and groups as they can. I have a strong dislike for "christians" who only know about what the Bible says because of something some ignorant preacher screamed at them last Sunday...but I do not deny their right to go to church as much as they can. Do you people get it???????

Not scared

I don't think anyone is scared of homosexuals. The majority of people in this country or the world for that matter believe in God. I am more afraid of people like Alan Colmes, Al Franken, Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid, Jim Black, Thomas Wright and Mike Easley. You said, "I have a strong dislike for "christians" who only know about what the Bible says because of something some ignorant preacher screamed at them last Sunday". Do you have a better plan or morals to live by? Are all "Preachers" ignorant in your eyes? I have a strong dislike for flaming homosexuals that try to force their beliefs onto everyone else and don't believe in anything that goes against their lifestyle. I don't try to deny them the right to live their lifestyle either, but not in public schools and to my children.



Gay issue

You can twist this issue around, upside down, sideways, whatever. To coin a phrase, "It was Adam and Eve, NOT Adam and Steve." Homosexuality is against God, just as the sins I have committed are. I, as well as everybody else, will be judged one day and have to answer for the manner in which we CHOOSE to live our life. I don't exactly 'Hide" when I commit sin, so Homosexuals, do your own thing, just keep it out of my backyard.

Irmo school disgrace

I have posted elsewhere comments regarding this issue. You'll find those posts in context in the comment board of this article: But I'll repost them here, though they may appear out of context: Post 1: Yes, one less bigot mentally molesting our children and placing them in harms way. He finally showed that his actions in the past may very well have been discriminatory towards various students based on his bigoted religious beliefs. I find it hilarious when hate groups founded by religion scream that they aren't allowed to believe as they want when in the full face of the Truth, it is that they want to dictate what others believe. No one at any point said the principal or any other Parent or even student HAD to be a member of the club or had to change their own personal beliefs. But, by forcing THEIR religious bigotries, through denying those students THEIR Rights, they have actually shown their true nature. They have shown they believe that THEIR way is the ONLY way and that homosexual students MUST be forced to follow their way, even if those beliefs don't match what the student's Parents believe. In so doing, the principal has ADMITTED that he feels his beliefs are morally superior to everyone else's and that all the students there must adhere to HIS bigoted beliefs alone, even those students whose Parents DON'T want their children to follow such hate filled beliefs. You are entitled to believe what you want to believe. But when you try to FORCE your beliefs, through bigotry and discrimination, then you've crossed a line of ethics. Want to segregate yourself? Go ahead. Create a private school based on bigotry and hate if you want. Make sure you let the Parents of prospective students know that they must follow YOUR bigoted beliefs to attend your school. From the sounds of it, several other bigots, such as Parents, will follow you. Maybe you can even get a little financial help from Fred Phelps. Again, it's not because of your beliefs, it's because you want a theological dictatorship that is based on bigotry and hate that would set out to harm students who didn't fit in your world of the morally superior that I have a problem with. If you can't work with the complex general public, then don't work in it. Looking at the statistics about how homosexual students have been verbally, mentally, physically, even sexually abused by other bigots, and the principal's own admission of bigotry, I wonder how many abuse victims are at that school who have been overlooked and ignored BECAUSE of his bigotry? Andrew ---------------------------------------- Post 2: It is unfortunate that we NEED support groups at all. I think one thing that is a misconception is the use of the term "club". In fact, it is misused more than anything by bigots who advocate, because of their religious beliefs, abuse against aothers. Make no mistake, that is at the core of the argument. "Morally superior" individuals who believe that it is acceptable to verbally, mentally, physically, even sexually abuse others because of one difference or another that they believe to be "immoral" or "inferior". This "club", in fact, is more in line with the "support group" heading than the "comonly shared hobby/interest". Someone actually was "concerned" about clubs popping up regarding "unwed mothers" or "drug use". Ya know what? This club IS closer th those type of "clubs" because of its "support group" nature. Teenage Parents (not just mothers, victims of drug abuse (whether the students themselves or Parents or friends, etc), even support groups dealing with abuse in general (one doesn't even have to have been a victim but rather could be students interested in ending abuse of all types) are certainly valid "clubs". But hate mongers and bigots, operating using lies and deceit as well as misinformation, don't want such clubs because... guess what? THEY are abusers themseleves. THEY are the antisocial, the sociopaths. THEY are the ones who WANT victims to abuse. Because without victims, they are just another imperfect Human with their own personal, religious, and/or political beliefs. Not someone who is better than everyone who doesn't believe what they believe. Tolerance is, in fact, irrelevant. You don't HAVE to like someone who is "different" than you. You don't HAVE to accept them. You don't HAVE to become like them. But then, that's true for them about you. Andrew ------------------------------------- And Post 3: Mr. Walker is free to believe whatever he wants. Just as much as I am free to believe what I want and raise my child in the manner I want. BUT, Mr. Walker went the step further and stated his personal, religious, and or political beliefs and implied that he would use them in the performance of his duties. By doing so, he knowingly and intentionally stated he would hold a biased view towards a group of students based on their sexuality. In so doing, he implied that he would hold that group in less regard than other students. Moreover, he may have endangered that group of students by leaving them with the impression that they cannot trust his judgement should they be victims of abuse by other students. He did, in fact, imply that he would "blame the victim" of such abuse. YOU may not preceive it that way, but look at it from the perspective of an abuse victim. Would you REALLY trust this individual as being an appropriate authority figure to go to at this point if you were the victim of abuse based on your sexuality (specifically being homosexual)? All those claiming to have been to a school where he was in charge, good for you that YOU received decent treatment. Were YOU one of those victims of abuse based on your sexuality that would have to go to him, an authority figure? Most likely not. If you were one of the "morally acceptable" groups, then you had nothing to worry about, did you? And, again, we have to deal with the issue of "club". It isn't a "sex club". It's more in line with "support group". And frankly, the attitudes by commenters, as well as by the principal himself, show the NEED for a "support group" for students who have been abused verbally, mentally, physically, perhaps even sexually for their homosexuality. Indeed, the intended misinformation as well as abusive comments about homosexuals shows that abuse is live and well in just the Irmo school district, if not the entire world. Moreover, the commenters appear to actually want the "club" to not exist so they CAN abuse those students who don't fit in their version of "morality". it makes such individuals claiming to be Christians seem far more sick, perverted, and obscene than anything THEY could ever claim to be opposed to. Andrew

Irmo's Principal

I applaud the principal for standing up for his religious beliefs. If every person was gay how would our world be populated. It goes against nature. Wake up world this is sin...

Irmo's Principal

Hey Dee dee...what if the principal was Muslim and his religious beliefs differed from yours. I'm sure then you'd have an issue with what the principal is doing. What religion do you people practice that teaches you to hate your fellow man. That's so sad that you've tweaked God's message to allow you to pick and choose the things in life that you disagree with and then say..."well the bible says it so".

God is love - He loved us so

God is love - He loved us so much that He gave His son to die for our sins. I do not hate anyone. I am just making the point. If your parents had been gay - where would you be right now. You'd be non-existent....God's plan works hand in hand with nature. Multipy and be fruitful. Show me two men or two women that can conceive a child...Now - think about that! May God bless you!

re: god is love

Multiply and be that why the straight community has filled up the foster care system with so many unwanted kids? And from what you wrote, I guess you think that a relationship between a man and a woman who can't conceive is worthless too?

Shell gamery

Yes, don't we all just love the shell game? Misdirection, lies, and deceit. Your analogy is flawed in one very notable area: If one or both of their heterosexual Parents wree infertile, they may still not exist. Love is not equal the capability to reproduce. Such a claim that it does implies that infertile couples are not capable of loving one another. Indeed, it even implies that individuals whose children are not their biological children are also incapable of loving their children. Your religion is irrelevant. What your specific beliefs are are not the specific beliefs of other individuals who may even share a somewhat similar religion. And just because you believe what you believe does not make you or your beliefs "morally superior" to everyone elses. The same is true of Mr. Walker. If my previous post, a rather long one, appears, I go into more depth about individual belief as well as the TRUE purpose of the "club". Lies and deceit, of course, seem to be a part of the religious foundation of the opposition to the "club", making me wonder just what type of "God" actually advocates abuse, bigotry, lies, and deceit, among other disgust, reprehensible traits being shown. Certainly not the kind I would want fostered upon my own child, though it is, sadly, the Rights of other Parents to expose their children to that type of religious teachings. Andrew

My belief

Don't try to add words to what I mean.... The point is: it takes a male and female to reproduce!!!! If every person in the world were homosexuals - then who would reproduce? God made man and woman. He said to be fruitful and multiply - this is His word! He loves us all no matter what we are or who we are. His love is unconditional - but when we are judged for the deeds that are done in our bodies - the word (Bible) will be what we are judged by - and His word says this life style is a sin... God bless you all -

YOUR belief

I didn't add words to what you said. I merely made a logical connection to your argument. You said: "If your parents had been gay - where would you be right now. You'd be non-existent...." Logically, the same would have been true if his Parents were infertile. Don't dodge the issue by prattling YOUR specific religious beliefs. Your beliefs are yours and yours alone. They may be similar in part or even in whole to others, but they are not the only beliefs to exist. You are entitled to believe in those beliefs, just as Mr. Walker is entitled to his own beliefs, just as I am in my own believes, just as any other individual is in their beliefs. I believe that "God" is actually made in the image of the believer (as shown by how each individual's own "God" amazingly believes what the individual believes, despite that each "God" does not always have the same beliefs between them). I believe that lies, deceit, misinformation, abuse, bigotry and the attempt to force one's beliefs through even a partial dictatorship is not the act of a True God but the act of a Demon-Pretender-To-The-Throne-Of-Heaven. And I believe that I would never want that exposed to my own child. But do -I- have the Right to say the same for other people's children? Do -I- have the Right to say that such things are harmful to other people's children and we must "protect the children" by creating legislation of various forms? Do I even declare my beliefs to be superior or inferior to yours or anyone else's to the degree that I attempt to deny you the Right to believe or teach your children to believe what you want? No. But then, neither do you have the Right to do the similar to others. You say that it takes one male and one female to create a child. That is because of our design, however it came about. Our design could have been any number of ways for our species to continue. However, another fact about our species is that Love is not a requirement to procreate any more than having a child is a requirement to Love. What you BELIEVE is irrelevant. Many have made the use of "sexuality" to merely mean a sexual connection. But the connection isn't absolutely limited to physical. It is emotional as well. This is proven by infertile heterosexual couples still being capable of loving one another, even when the physical intamacy is not possible for a great many reasons. Individuals love one another with or without your, or even my, permission or condemnation. Even more, they do it without your, or my, knowledge. And has such changed or denied your beliefs? obviously not. Would the existance of a "club" (see the honkin' long most of mine above as well as the other comments on the site referred to) force you to change your belief? Would it affect your life in the least little bit? After all, if such a "club" existed, and you had a child, would your child be required to join? The fact is, if someone else is homosexual, it has squat to do with you or me. You are, in fact, not required to accept, like, or even associate with such individuals, just as they are not required to accept, like, or associate with you or me. And their existance does not alter you, deny you the Right to believe what you want to believe, or deny you the Right to teach your child your beliefs. But you, on the other hand, seem to feel it is YOUR Right to dictate who may or may not associate. Who may or may not love. What another individual may or may not believe. What another Parent may or may not expose their own child to. Again, the creation of such a club, no matter WHAT its content is, has absolutely no bearing on you at all whatsoever. It does not deny you the Right to your own beliefs. It does not require your child to attend. Nor does it even require you to tell the Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Truth regarding what will actually occur in such a "club". Andrew

re: my belief

yes it takes a male and a female to reproduce..but why would the world be all homosexuals? who's asking for that? You also say we'll be judged for the deeds we have done...maybe(depending on who's religion), but he never gave those on earth the responsibility to judge. If people just lived their own lives and stop butting their noses into everyone's business we'd all be fine. Let the gay kids have their group - it's not like they're forcing the straight kids to join. Let your neighbor be gay if he/she is. Let us live our lives and you go on living yours.

My belief

You are still trying to put words into my thoughts. You have completely missed the point. I am a christian and my heart is full of love - I do believe that the homosexual life style is un-natural simply put. You are entitled to your belief that is so true. But this is an open forum and I am certainly entitled to voice support for someone who stands for what they believe in. I have gay people in my family that I love dearly but that still does not make me believe that their life style is right - but I love them just the same. My faith and Christian belief is deep and unwavering! May God bless you!!!

How is it unnatural? It

How is it unnatural? It occurs in nature among non-humans. It's certainly not desirable for the species as a whole, but the human races is certainly in no danger of extinction; on the contrary, we have quite an excess of people and children who need homes. Something like a Gay-Straight Alliance isn't promoting homosexuality, it's telling people who ARE gay that it's ok to be so. While you may be of the 'love the sinner, hate the sin' mentality, there are many who are not. If you lived life wondering if you would be randomly attacked by strangers for being yourself, a support group would be helpful.

Again YOUR belief

Again, what YOU believe is your business. This "club" is more of a "support group" to aid students who are abuse victims by others, whether students, authority figures, or any other individual or group. The existance of this "club" does not prevent you from believing ANYTHING. The existance of this "club" would not require you or your child to be a member. The existance of this "club" doesn't even require you to accept, tolerate, like, associate, or even know any homosexual individual. You have argued what you believe regarding other individuals who are homosexual. That is irrelevant. It is irrelevant what your "God" believes. I'm sure there are plenty of individuals who wish homosexuals not only didn't have "support groups", but either took the abuse they receive or magically change (or at least pretend to change) to what the abuser demands they become like. That IS a violation of the Rights of those abuse victims. You can use whatever illogical argument you wish to justify your beliefs. You can even claim out one side of your mouth that you "love" your homosexual relatives while out the other side of your mouth verbally/mentally abusing them with your beliefs and condemnations, which really are directed to them since they DO fit the profile of those you are condeming. To me, that amounts to the abuser who claims "I do it because I love you". Even so, it is your Right to have your beliefs and express them. And if your relatives choose to accept your abuse, as many abuse victims, whether in school or home or elsewhere, tend to become life long abuse victims, that is their choice. One can no more force someone to shake off the lifelong abuse victim status than one should have the Right to force another to belief certain religions. Mr. Walker was entitled to his beliefs. BUT, once he stated them, he raised the question as to whether he could be trusted to fairly treat students who fell into the catagory (homosexual) that he condemned. At that very moment, he became a threat to various students. Moreover, one has to wonder, using that same argument, if other groups of students were put into harm because of other biased views that he may have held but not spoken. That is the moment when his capability as a principal in a public school diminished to nil. Andrew

Just to set the record

Just to set the record straight - I don't verbally abuse anyone. May God bless you! You will be in my prayers!

Reality Check

From your May 29 post: "I have gay people in my family that I love dearly but that still does not make me believe that their life style is right - but I love them just the same. " "I do believe that the homosexual life style is un-natural..." From the May 27 post: " It goes against nature. " You just described your relatives as un-natural, living bad lives because they don't live YOUR version of morality, and have more than likely said other similar things. Your relatives are homosexual. Talking negative about homosexuals means you are talking bad about your relatives. You, therefore, have verbally (in writing at the least) abused them. Adding the "I Love them" doesn't diminish this as a fact. Andrew


It's as ridiculous as having gang classes to teach tolerance of the different gangs these kids are now in. Which might be next LOL! I think it's wrong and digusting. Society was being kind when we allowed them to stay hidden in the closet.

Okay--which is more

Okay--which is more likely: 1.) The Gay/Straight Alliance plans an "invitation-only" orgy for next weekend. 2.) The Gay/Straight Alliance plans to hold a candlelight vigil for the latest victim of a homophobic hate crime. A Gay/Straight Alliance Club is not about sex; it is about politics. If anything, I would expect the sexual activity rate in the GSA to be LOWER than in other clubs, for the simple reason that two kids making out after the FCA meeting will probably not raise any eyebrows, but two gay boys sneaking a kiss is likely to get both of them beat up. And, it sounds like the administration may turn a blind eye on it...

It's very name is about sex!

>>>GAY<<< That's another term for homosexual. The principal is correct. Such tacit approval of any sexual behavior is simply wrong for a high school.

"The very name is about sex..."

To the comment by Guest6543: ">>>GAY<<< That's another term for homosexual." You are absolutely correct. But by the same token I submit: >>>>STRAIGHT<<<< That's just another term for heterosexual. Does this mean that straight kids and any organization that supports them automatically includes and incites sexual relations? Somehow I don't think so. There is also a comment on here by the blogger called "CommonSenseNotSoCommon" (perhaps truer words were never spoken), who seems to be under a similar deluded opinion that any group meeting of gay people can only be an orgy. To "CommonSense..." whose every blog on this site shows his/her personal lack of the very thing that moniker clambers for, I say you obviously have never met a gay person in your entire, pathetically closed life. Gay people are no more or less sex-crazed than anyone else. This club, or one like it, is not about sex for gay kids. It's about forming a support group and, possibly, developing a source of protection; protection from rampant bigotry and ignorance (not unlike the type on display throughout this chain of blogs and responses)and the mindless acts of violence that such bigotry and ignorance far too often inspires. You know, the same kind of uninformed, uneducated prejudice that has characterized and tainted the South from it's very beginnings.

But straights aren't forming "heterosexual clubs"

It seems that only gays have a need to wear their sexuality on their sleeves, and proclaim their sexual preference to the world. Most of us keep our sex lives private, and feel no need to proclaim our sexual tastes to the world. I could care less what gay people do to get their jollies. A club recognizing ANY sexual preference or sexual activity is inappropriate for a high school.

re: but straights aren't forming "heterosexual clubs"'s because being gay is more than just sex. No matter how many times people try to explain it to ya i'm sure you'll just never get it. And last I checked it's usually the heterosexuals running around holding hands, kissing in the halls, etc. I'm guessing you don't watch TV do you. Saying there should be "heterosexual clubs" is just as stupid as saying that whites should have "white clubs" because blacks have "black clubs".

There SHOULDN'T be heterosexual clubs

Nor should there be a gay club. This is a high school we're talking about. The school shouldn't recognize ANY club that has sex as its basis. You guys may think that I'm some sort of horribly mean homophobe who hates gays, but that's not the case. As a libertarian, I'm all in favor of the governmnet getting OUT of the marriage licensing game and simply registering ALL couples, heterosexual or homosexual as domestic partners. "Marriage" is first and foremost a religious institution, and it shouldn't be up to the government who you "marry." (The minister, priest, or rabbi should be the one throwing you out of his office if he has a mind to, not the clerk of the court. The government should be gender neutral when it comes to all matters pertaining to civil rights, probate, etc.) I have no problem with gay people. I have a problem with your attempt to elevate what is essentially nothing more than a sexual abnormality into some glorious lifestyle or political movement. It really IS all about sex, because THAT is what sets you apart from the majority. If it wasn't for being gay, you wouldn't need special clubs and support groups, would you? So enjoy yourself - no one cares except the Christain Taliban, and they don't matter very much, do they? (You guys just enjoy driving them nuts, don't you?) I'm simply stating that some things are inappropriate for a high school environment, and a "gay club" is one of them.