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Of light and mystery...

"The rain wept upon the warmth of the Earth, and through the clearing lens I saw a lush and fertile land..."

For the artist, proper light is essential. Southeastern NC is not always the best place to observe the vibrancy of nature's palette. The hot haze of summer tends to blur our perception, muting the color of flowers and trees. That's probably why so many residents prefer the spring. And sometimes, the cloudy days offer the best views.

Consider the flowering dogwood tree. There is nothing as blindingly brilliant as dogwood petals illuminated by an overcast sky. A cooling April rain can paint a green shimmer across a grassy field, or awaken infinite layers of emerald in the dark corners of a forest. These sights remind us of a complex, powerful majesty that lies beyond our own senses.

Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci classified 4 sources of light- translucence, reflected light, direct light (such as sunlight), and diffused light (from the Earth's atmosphere). His study of atmospheric illumination eventually led to studies of air flow, spanning the disciplines of both meteorology and engineering. Da Vinci even developed plans for a variety of flying devices and gliders, although few were successful.

To compliment his study of air, da Vinci devoted much time to the study of water. Through a series of sketches, he endeavored to accurately represent the flow of water around various objects. His keen eye helped to inspire future generations of engineers, with projects ranging from canal works to irrigation systems.

Science and art will always be closely related. After all, tangible invention is often the product of an imaginative mind. But take a simple walk through the flowers, and you will see evidence of a design far beyond the scope of our limited intellect. What a joy it is, to have mysteries in the world.

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By: Jerry Jackson

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