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Romney, Gingrich get goofy in Sunshine State

Just when it looked like the Republican race for president was going to be a good, clean fight, it got downright dirty.

Coming out of South Carolina a week and a half ago, Newt Gingrich had all the momentum, and it looked like he and Mitt Romney might actually wage an interesting battle into the spring and summer. That's when Romney decided to stop holding back and rely on his strength: Money. Big-time money. Mega huge money.

And so with the Florida primary hours away, Romney had regained the momentum by ratcheting up his attacks on Gingrich and putting the former Speaker of the House on the defensive in a big way.

I think we were all surprised by the big margin with which Gingrich won the Palmetto State. I've been almost as surprised by how quickly Romney turned the tables and wiped the Gingrich groundswell away. So let's get the Florida prediction out of the way:

-Romney: 42%
-Gingrich: 31%
-Santorum: 12%
-Paul: 10%

One thing we know for sure from the campaign in Florida is that Romney and Gingrich have officially opened the door to the worst part of the primary process: Intraparty negativity. President Obama has to be sitting back and reveling in watching them unleash on each other. In addition to helping the president and Democrats load up on ammunition for the general election, it makes the inevitable loser-endorsing-the-nominee moment look all the more disingenuous.

Anyway, the question now is if Gingrich can resurrect himself for a third time. The next two contests are caucuses in Nevada and Maine Saturday. Then it's two more caucuses Feb. 7 in Colorado and Minnesota. The problem is, there's not a lot of recent polling data available for those races, though last week Gingrich was the big favorite in Minnesota, and Gingrich has a slight edge in the national polls.

Polling, though, may not mean much based on the money available to Romney and his supporters. You're looking at four contests in a week spread all over the map. Gingrich says he's in until convention in August. Romney says that's the talk of a loser, and his wallet may back him up on that. In fact, based on the money, I'd be surprised if Rick Santorum lasts more than the next week, especially after he had to go home to Pennsylvania over the weekend to be with his sick daughter. Ron Paul will continue to stick around, though he is solidly behind Santorum in last place nationally.

Back to Florida, perhaps Gingrich can make a last-minute appeal to voters and close the gap to keep Romney from running away with it. That's what he really has to hope for. After all, even if Romney wins every delegate up for grabs through the end of February, he's still only about a fifth of the way to the necessary total to wrap up the nomination.

Disclaimer: The opinions I express in this and future blogs is mine and mine alone. Also, nothing I write should be construed as any sort of endorsement of a candidate, party, ideal, issue, etc. These blogs are merely my observations (written as objectively as possible) on the process this country uses to select a president.

By: Kevin Wuzzardo

If Newt or Mitt win, we are

If Newt or Mitt win, we are doomed.

The self-destruction of the Republican Party

Watching the events of the past few months simply reinforces my satisfaction at leaving the Republican Party. Which Democratic strategist came up with the idea to have sixteen Republican debates, thus insuring the circular firing squad?

Why am I glad I left the Republican Party? Simple answer: Because you're a bunch of incompetent boobs. Yes, I fully understand that the Democrats are outright evil and attempting to destroy this country, but I don't appreciate incompetentce any more than I do evil. You are facing one of the weakest, most vulnerable presidents in history and you're handing him his next victory on a silver platter.

Your annointed nominee will apparently be a man who signed the first "assault weapons" ban in the nation, says he would sign the federal ban if it crosses his desk, and raised licenses and fees on firearm owners by 400% while he was governor. His health plan served as a model for Obamacare. He raised business taxes in Massachusettes by $140 million.

(Of the other three, one is quite possibly certifiably insane, one can't understand why his views on abortion have kept him in single digits, and one who has defense and foreign policy plans guaranteed to start World War III by refusing to accept that there's a big, dangerous world out there.)

This year, we're witnessing the total destruction of the Republican Party. McCain, followed by Romney? You might as well vote for Obama! Even George Soros admits that there's no difference!

The Republican establishment has a firm message to the conservative voters who handed them the house in November of 2010. "Drop dead. WE decide who gets the nomination, and we don't want a conservative who might start rocking the boat." In return, the conservative voters are grasping at the only things left, by fooling themselves into thinking that Newt Gingrich really is a conservative, or that Rick Santorum might make it after all.

The anger is seething under the surface, however. By 2016 we will have a viable third party, after conservative voters flee the Republican Party by the millions.

It will be your chance to tell THEM to drop dead, a fate they so richly deserve.

Self destruction

If they had done this 10 years ago we wouldn't be in this mess we're in now. You keep hearing that Obama is ruining our country, when the fact is 5 trillion of the debt they blame Obama for is actually Dubya's. The actual amount for Obama is 1.5 trillion. The 5 trillion came with the bailout of which Bush's Sec. of Treasury, Henry Paulson was the architect. He was the CEO for Goldman Sachs before being appointed by Bush. He and Bush are the primary reasons we are in the shape we are in.
Don't forget the War for No Reason. That was supposed to be over in a few months and I distinctly remember Cheney saying the Iraqis would pay us back with oil money. 3 Trillion later and we haven't seen a dime.
Obama might not be the best but he is a lot better than what we had.
The republicans did it to themselves and now they are trying to destroy the fabric of America by pitting class against class and trying to blame it on the Democrats. It won't work because people can see through the smoke screen and know if you make under $200.000 a year the republicans are not your friend.

You conveniently leave out some important facts

The president, be it George Bush or Barack Obama, does not control the purse strings. Paulsen may have been the architect, but the trillions you lay on Bush's doorstep originated and passed in a Democratic-controlled House of Representatives, then passed a Democratic controlled Senate. They could have said no.

You also seem to gloss over the roles played by critical Democrats in creating the house of cards known as "the housing collapse," from Jimmy Carter, to Bill Clinton, to Janet Reno. Force banks to lend money to bums, then act surprised when they can't pay the loans back? That doesn't fly.

Both parties have their own parochial agendas as their primary focus, and neither gives a tinker's damn about this country.

Self Destruction

It was under Bush's watch and his guy thought it up and he signed it. If you don't think that makes it his then something is wrong with you.
I do agree with your last sentence, though.

I'm not defending Bush, Albert

I'm pointing out that you're being very selective in whom YOU are blaming. Had our economic suicide started in 2001, we'd be doing quite well. It started, however, in 1965 with the innocuous sounding "War on Povertyy"" and "Great Society." It started with a well-intentioned but unsupportable program called Medicare.

It spread to the private sector with the CRA of 1977, when the government embarked on the idiotic idea that every American deserved a house to own. It picked up steam when the Clinton Administration went even further and threatened banks if they dared to red-line complete crap-hole neighborhoods or deny credit to too many minorities, even if their credit did stink.

We were already in deep water when Bush launched his unfunded "Wars of Ineptitude" and Prescription Drug Coverage. Evereyone touts Clinton's budget surplus without looking at the out year projections for Medicaid and Medicare. That surplus was destined to evaporate quickly with or without George Bush to help it along. That's even before your buddy put HOW many more million on EBT cards? Signed off on HOW many weeks of unemployment? Pumped HOW many billions into non-existent "shovel ready jobs?"

If you think this all falls to Bush, or can even be blamed mostly on Bush, you should be awarded a doctorate in revisionist history. We have been building to this moment for the past forty-six years. Bush simply did his best to help it along.

Who is Albert?

Why are you not mentioning Nixon, Ford, Reagan, or Bush I? They were in it up to their necks. I guess you're being selective in whom you blame.

"...the past forty-six years..."

OBVIOUSLY included them, didn't it?

I am more than willing to lay equal blame on the Republicans' doorstep. You, however, seem to want to blame everything on them exclusively while overlooking the incredibly critical role played by Democrats.

The Republicans are a bunch of incompetent boobs, but the Democrats are willing to destroy this country through financial ruin as long as they can buy the votes to stay in command while the ship sinks. Your boys created the entitlement mentality and the welfare state. The Republicans were simply impotent to stop it or, in the case of Prescription Drug Coverage, simply added to it.

The entitlement mentality will all be stopping soon. With the Fed, American banks, credit unions, insurance companies, pension funds, major mutual funds, and even the federal savings bond program holding just about $10 trillion of our soon-to-be $16 trillion in debt, the house of cards will be collapsing soon.