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Start your engines! Hurricane Season starts now

I'm declaring Hurricane Season now officially open. I know it started months ago, but bear with me. Each year, right about at this time, we start to see big thunderstorms roll off of Africa - then blossom into tropical waves before attempting to make the long, hard trek across the Atlantic.

Sure, I know that we saw 2 storms form in May, and that we've had 6 named storms already. But the real meat of the hurricane season when things start to get interesting almost always waits until the African wave train leaves the station.

We're seeing that happening right now. Just look at the satellite images recently, and you can see the potential storms lining up one by one. One has been classified as a tropical depression, and will likely be Gordon anytime now. There's another candidate following right behind, and there will likely be more in its wake. 

Is this out of the ordinary? Is this crazy weather? Or Global Warming?! No. It's not. This is what we expect to happen once we hit mid-August. Some people are overreacting looking for a story to hype up, but there's no meat to that story. This happens almost every year, and we're used to that. 

With all that being said, we can ding the bell, jump into the ring, and get ready to track some storms from here on out as we move into Septmeber. There will surely be plenty of them to track, but the one question that's impossible to answer is also the most important: Will they hit here?

Have a great weekend!

- TB

By: Tim Buckley

FEMA Lottery

Hurricanes around here have generally been like a lottery hit for the poor. If its bad enough for fema or they are getting mortage required home owners insurance to pay off their now valueless homes. Then they get a free pass to mortage their home for a new ipad.