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VIDEO BLOG: Frost? Say it ain't so!!

First of all, my apologies to loyal readers of the blog! It's been way too long since I've been on here with an update. But with going away for a week, and crazy preparation for the Azalea Festival, the time just flies by. Today though, we have some weather to talk about! It just goes to figure that with all the warmth, a late frost would come in and threaten to crash the party!

In my video this morning, we talk about:

  • The frost threat, who needs to worry.
  • How long the cold air sticks around the area.
  • What the weather looks like for the Azalea Festival
  • What happened with the earthquake and the tsunami that wasn't in the Indian Ocean this AM?

Here's a link to the video: Today's Blog on Facebook

I'll leave you with some helpful and wise tips on how to increase your protection against frost damaging the plants in your yard! 

  • Bring any potted plants in your yard inside, whether it be a garage or in your home itself. If they can't be brought inside, the closer to the home the can be, the better. 
  • Water your plants heavily during the warmest part of the afternoon. This water helps absorb heat and "trap" it for tonight. 
  • Make sure you've mulched heavily around your most sensitive plants. Some extra wood chips, mulch, or pine straw will add a little extra insolation for the plant. 
  • Just after sunset, go out and cover the sensitive plants. Fabrics work better than plastics to insolate the heat. Make sure to uncover them early the next morning, since they can be damaged just by being covered in the hot sun.

Thanks, as always, for reading!

- TB

By: Tim Buckley