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But was McChrystal right?

Much has been made today of President Obama's brief meeting with Gen. Stanley McChrystal and the general's resignation as commander of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan. Personally, I think the president made the only decision he could by forcing McChrystal out after the controversial Rolling Stone article in which McChrystal and his top aides criticized the president and his national security team. What McChrystal did was inexcusable as far as military protocol goes. As the president said, if a buck private did it, he'd be out. So it must go for a general.

I've seen a lot of good news coverage today about the whole sordid affair, but there's one story I have not seen. No one seems to be asking what I think may be the central question in all this: Was McChrystal right? Is National Security Advisor Jim Jones "a 'clown' who remains 'stuck in 1985?'" Is the interference of politicians like Senators John McCain and John Kerry unhelpful to the war effort? Is Special Representative to Afghanistan Richard Holbrooke really so afraid of his losing his job that he gets in the way? Is US Ambassador to Afghanistan Karl Eikenberry, a retired general who served in Afghanistan, really resentful that his former subordinate is in charge and with more power? Those were the accusations leveled in just a couple of paragraphs of the lengthy story.

So the question arises: Is Stanley McChrystal a maverick military leader bitter at the Democratic leadership after thriving under a Republican administration significantly more hawkish than the current administration? Or is he a military genius whose brilliance has been stunted by civilian leaders mishandling the military under their command? Frankly, I do not know, and that's because my brethren at the networks have failed to search out the answers. All the news networks are so proud of their stable of war correspondents, analysts and insiders. It's time to put them to work to separate the fact from the fiction in this story. It's time to have them figure out whether Rolling Stone uncovered a horrible set of truths or merely allowed a decorated veteran to plant his boot firmly in his mouth.

By: Kevin Wuzzardo

Must be frustrated

The general must be frustrated having a clown, err I mean commander in chief that has never served in the military. That is like putting me in charge of the hospital even though I don't have any medical training.

4 Star General Stanley McChrystal

Thank you General Stanley McChrystal for the years you served for our country. I Linda Lou Campbell retired civilian from US Army Corps of Engineers Huntsville Alabama would like to say my thoughts and prayers go out to General McChrystal and family and President Obama. I have met and talked to a 2 Star General during my 37 1/2 years career which was an honor. I respect President Obama who had to do his job. What is the military code and process for what General McChrystal did? Did his actions mean no other military job or another chance at a lower rank or given an opportunity to retire? If so, why would he risk his life time career he worked so hard for to be a 4 Star General and who would give his life for all the soldiers under his command? This breaks my heart and I want to say THANKS to ALL soldiers and families who are fighting in this time of war. GOD BLESS AMERICA. It takes years and dedication to be a 4 Star General for the USA and you can be replaced but you gave your all during your time of military service.

Was he right?

I would be willing to bet all of my lottery winnings that the General was right- in 90% of what he said.

Never-the-less, not a good plan unless he was sick of the whole mess, as most Americans are.

I guess that publishers are burning up the phone wires offering book contracts. I will buy one.

Was he right?

Yes he was right at that time being in another country US Army General four-star Stanley Allen McChrystal appointed by the President to do his assigned job. He was used to being in charge but this assignment was a very difficult job to get more troops and this country was two times larger than Iraq. Every day you could be killed. He was talking out loud how he was feeling. I believe he thought he had that job forever. It takes years to be a General four-star and willing to take that assignment. It probably was not his first time he said what was on his mind. I do not believe he was the only one but being the Commander he lost his job.

He made history being a General four-star and being relieved by the President.

Stanley Allen McChrystal graduated from West Point, NY in 1976. His initial assignment was to 82nd Airborne Division, Ft Bragg, NC.

His dates of Service
2LT June 2, 1976
1LT June 2, 1978
CPT August 1, 1980
MAJ July 1, 1987
LTC September 1, 1992
COL September 1, 1996
BG one-star January 1, 2001
MG two-star May 1, 2004
LTG three-star February 16, 2006
GEN four-star June 15, 2009

He served in many wars and was highly decorated.

President Obama relieved embattled General four-star Stanley McChrystal June 23, 2010.

He offered his resignation and the President accepted it.

He served in the US Army from June 2, 1976 until June 23, 2010 (34 years and 21 days)..

He received military rank with the US Army from 2LT to General four-star and was a very intelligent, smart, wonderful, brave, outstanding and dedicated man to serve our country for so many years and he could have maybe gotten a five-star General.

He is a great man and my thoughts are with him today and thank you for all you did for the United States of America. Great job and we will miss him.

Presidents in the past have had disrespectful comments made to them: Lincoln, Wilson, Coolidge, Roosevelt, Truman and Johnson

Was he right?

I would buy a book also. I am proud General McChrystal did what he thought he had to at the time of war. He can hold his head up and not look back because GOD has a plan for him. He will have to be strong to survive knowing his name will be in our history forever for saying out loud how he thought at that moment. I know the loss of my child (Carla) who was murdered 9-5-2006 in NC will never be forgotten. DA Rex Gore in NC will also be in our history forever for being DA since 1991 and lost 2010 in the Democrat primary election. I Linda Lou Campbell Huntsville AL have survived the 5 year Breast Cancer 2010 and I am surviving the loss of my child. I say these happenings because I had no warning I would have to take these journeys but my faith prayers family and friends helps me to live one day at a time. Many people wants me to write a book but I say no because I can only live through some of the terrible pain once. We all get a present each day we live. I wonder how General Stanley McChrystal is doing today and what is his next journey? I can say you will never be forgotten for the many soldiers you commanded and I am proud of you for going to war for us here in the USA.