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Weather in Dallas not exactly "Super" as the big game comes to town ...

Palm trees, warm breezes, and sunshine come to mind when you think about "Super Bowl weather". Well, nobody told Mother Nature the game was in Dallas this year. Between Monday and Tuesday, the Metroplex has already been slammed with thunderstorms, snow, and ice with the worst of the cold still to come. (and you wonder why they've had the game in Miami 10 times?)

Here's the setup in the Dallas/Fort Worth area as of Tuesday morning. You can see this major storm system literally formed right over central Texas.

Dallas got the worst of all worlds with this system. First, a line of heavy thunderstorms cleared the area in advance of the cold front. Next, the temperatures plummeted overnight and turned rain into freezing rain. Last, heavy snow and wind pummeled the area sending wind chills into the single digits. And oh ya -- it's going to get colder!

If you look at this Tuesday AM temperature map you can that both sides of the state are in different worlds. In East Texas, temperatures are as warm as the 70's with plenty of moisture. In the panhandle, temperatures are in the single digits with wind chills as low as -20! That is exactly why we have a storm system here. At their core, storms are created based on this battle between warm and cold air. Perfect example today.

So what's the forecast for the rest of the week? Read it and weep....

That's right. Lows in the single digits. Highs in the 20's. Wind chills below zero at times. So, anybody up for heading out to the NFL Fan Experience the next couple of days?? Didn't think so.

If there's any silver lining in this, fans from Green Bay and Pittsburgh are certainly no stranger to winter weather. So if there's anybody who can take it in stride it's them. Still -- I bet they're wishing for an escape from winter weather, not the worst storm in recent Dallas memory.

We'll get this storm in our area too, and we're a little concerned about the threat of storms overnight tonight into early Wednesday. As the low pushes up to our northwest, we'll see tons of warmth and moisture head our way from the Gulf of Mexico. In fact, it looks like we'll make a run at 70 degrees! This will provide some fuel for thunderstorms to develop along the cold front. Winds in the atmosphere will be very strong, and could travel down to the surface in storms - meaning damaging gusts up to 50 mph are not out of the question.

Again, the main time frame for this heavy weather will be anywhere from 2am to 12pm Wednesday. After that, skies will clear, and we'll have a brief breather before our next storm comes in here on Friday.

That's all for now.

- TB

By: Tim Buckley