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Will it be cool? cold? --- It's all relative...

As we start to get a taste of some fall-like temperatures we have to start choosing our words carefully. Is it "cool", "cold", "chilly"? Where's the cut-off and what's the threshold. I think the answer is different depending on the time of year, and also depending on who you ask.

For example, we're going to have perhaps our coldest night of the season so far coming up this evening with temperatures dropping into the low 40's. But is it a cold night? Good question. I think you always have to look at climatology.

Right now are average lows are in the low 50's. So a night that's as much as 10 degrees or more below average - that qualifies as cold in my book, especially if we haven't been there in several months - which is the case now. But not all 40 degree nights here are cold -- certainly in January 40 degree nights are just plain average.

By the same token, today's afternoon high could be considered "cool" by some. Others would argue that if it's above 70, it's certainly not "cool". At this point I think it's a judgment call. Our average high is still in the mid 70's - so it's at least below average, but is it really cool? Depends on who you ask. If we were in December right now, we'd all be thrilled to see a 70 on the map.

Anyway you slice it, it's all in the descriptions. The weather is still the same, and right now I think we all can agree that's it's going to be "pleasant".

Enjoy your weekend full of sunshine!


By: Tim Buckley