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Board of Education votes to bring back the holidays


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- New Hanover County Schools changed its calendars back to the way they traditionally used to be.

Four years ago, Christmas, Good Friday and Easter were replaced by the word "holiday" on some of the calendars. The board voted Tuesday night to label those holidays.

School board members say school calendars are an issue that no matter what they decide not all parents are going to agree with the decision.

"I think that people feel that so many of our rights are endangered and they feel like we are just nibbling away at our society and they are worried that this is just one more indication of possibly nibbling away at it and I don't want to contribute to that in any way," said board member Janice Cavanaugh.

Cavanaugh has been with the board for almost 20 years and was active in voting to change the word Christmas to holiday four years ago. Cavanaugh says it was a mistake.

"The calendar committee brought it to the board, the board voted on it, and I have to take responsibility for myself for not being more aware of the fact that it was being done and that it was being taken off," she said.

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John 3:16 "For God so loved

John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life."

When was Jesus born?

Numerous facts point to a date other than 12/25.
Leave that date for the Pagans, and settle on a date in the Spring.
The 25th falls on a Saturday this year, so no one is sending their children to school then, anyway.
The mathematically, historically, and logically challenged comments in this thread lead me to believe that more of you should have spent Saturdays in school, anyway.
Happy Solstice, everybody!


We celebrate a lot of holidays on the calendar that aren't on the exact date. OBVIOUSLY you don't believe in don't celebrate Christmas. I don't believe in certain holidays on the calendar and I don't go crying about it..I just don't celebrate them. If you don't celebrate ' should be working on them!

Celebrating Christmas

Lots of people believe in the God of Isaac and Abraham, but don't celebrate Christmas. Jews, and Muslims come to mind. That's probably an equal, or greater-than number.
I'm not crying, I'm just saying that you don't know enough about the topic to open your mouth. I bet you thought that Jesus' birthday was on the 25th. I did, when I was 7. Here's an idea: let's celebrate the 4th of July in March, and New Year's Day in October!
If you want to make a religious holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus, celebrate it when he was born. How hard is that?

I want to applaud the school

I want to applaud the school board for tackling the issues that really matter. BRAVO!!!! We have students in the New Hanover County school system that do not have books they need for state mandated finals. Instead the books have to stay at school because we simply do not have enough for every student in that class. Instead weeding through the important issues the school board has to waste time with this nonsense. Christmas or Holiday my goodness. It really does not make not real HUGE difference!!!


if some MORONS in our community hadn't brought this up to begin with..this wouldn't have been an issue...EITHER time they had to spend time on it! Obviously you don't have a CLUE to how the political system works...I see you are a Guest in Wilmington...Please EXIT stage left and DON'T COME BACK!


Personally I just sit back and laugh at the whole thing. I'm equal opportunity in my VIRULENT hatred of all religions. In my own humble belief, anyone who "kneels and worships" before some imaginary creature in the sky is just lying to themselves. But I digress...besides. George Carlin said it best when it comes to religion. There is no god and jesus was likely a charlatan or at best a nut if half of what is in the bible has any historic base.


YOU BELIEVE in something...MAN...hows that workin out for ya?

I just want to know about

I just want to know about people who are like me and come from a family of different religions. I celebrate both Christian and Jewish traditions and claim no religion as my own. Why don't we just adjust the calendar to have the first semester of school end in the middle of Dec. like at most universities and start a new semester off at the beginning of the new year, that way we can call it a semester break and forget the religions all together. The idea that we need HS students to work that last month of the summer is ridiculous there are plenty of people out there that are looking for work.

Ever been a small farmer?

You don't have to pay your kids.

So what is the school going

So what is the school going to tell children when they ask why the holiday that they celebrate at home is not listed on the school calander? Are they planning on telling our children that Christmas is a more important holiday?


it not? Wanna go to a place that celebrates Muslim holidays...catch a flight to the Middle East...I am SURE they will be as understanding to your beliefs there as we are here...

Idiotic Comment...

Granted I am agnostic...but your comments offend even me. Jesus was supposedly a Jew...don't you think it might be a good idea to have Hanukkah on there?


I could care less WHAT religious holiday is on the calendar or otherwise...I'm not so sensitive where it hurts my wittle feelings. If I don't believe in it..I DON'T CELEBRATE's just the Christians that are being attacked here...and when the MAJORITY of the country still IS Christian..the rest of you can take a back seat!

So, when's time off for Hanukkah? Yom Kippur?

Since these are public schools - funded with my tax dollars, along with the tax dollars of a lot of other people of all faiths and no faith - when do I get to have a day off for Yom Kippur? What about Diwali? And what about an entire month for Ramadan?

This is ridiculous. This is a public school. What's the deal with being unbiased and impartial to all students?

If you want to have Christmas time off, go to a private school. But public schools serve ALL students, regardless of religion, and it would be the right thing to do to make sure we respect that.

What 'rights' is this moron on the School Board talking about? No one is taking the holiday off the calendar. If anything, she's infringing on my right as a taxpayer at a PUBLIC school.

Religious freedom for her, but not for everyone else who doesn't believe in what she does.

Religious Freedom...

Let me help you out a little....This country has always celebrated CHRISTmas. The majority of Americans are CHRISTIANS. If you do not like it LEAVE. Other countries do not change to suit the needs of the few. How does this bother you in any way? Don't be a cupcake. Deal with it like an adult or leave.

Hey, Hanukkah boy, go

Hey, Hanukkah boy, go wherever they observe this. We do Christmas here.


First, this country was founded on the principles of CHRISTIANITY...PERIOD...if you don't like that fact...TOO BAD. The MAJORITY, 76% ARE CHRISTIANS...83% are religous in this country....that means 7% are something OTHER than christian that believe in a God. Guess what...the majority rules in a Republic..just the way it is. If you want the majority rule in the Muslim religion...LEAVE..I'm sure you'll enjoy the same tolerance the Christians in this country have given for being stepped on and run over.


I EXPECT to see you at work on December 25th..

Your Boss

Oh, please!

Does it REALLY offend you that much, or are you simply making a mountain out of a mole hill?

Mark Levin, who is Jewish, recently reported on a bank that took down its Christmas tree because one or two customers complained. He stated without reservation that every single customer who is sick and tired of OVERBLOWN SENSITIVITIES (hint, hint) and political correctness should pull every penny they have in that bank, as he would do.

Do you hear anyone complaining about the large menorah on public property in downtown? Of course not. It's being privately maintained and isn't costing the taxpayers anything....

...exactly the same as calling the breaks "Christmas" and "Easter" breaks, as they were traditionally known.

If you want to go to school

If you want to go to school or send your kids to school during Christmas, go ahead. Noone will be there, but it is your right to do so. Like it or not, the majority of this country is christian and therefore we get a christmas holiday. You want off for yom kippur? Take it, but good luck convincing your boss on that one. However, freedom of religion means that if you really wanted to do it, noone can stop you. So enjoy.

They should never have taken

They should never have taken it off to begin with. Finally, the majority rules.


Very good Mrs.Cavanaugh ! I applaud you for this. Merry CHRISTtmas to you and yours !

Happy Holidays to all. I

Happy Holidays to all. I prefer my children not celebrate the "birth" of a fictional character, not to mention supporting the bloodiest religion in history.

Ignorance is dangerous!!!!

Do us all a favor and do not celebrate CHRISTmas or Easter. Do not take off another day on a christian celebration. They had no right to remove the actual name of the holiday from the calendar. There is no doubt that Jesus existed, Check your facts. As far as bloody religions, this goes for all humanity. Ignorance is dangerous and deadly. Those that interpret religious writings of any sect for their own gain are dangerous. Like you!!!!

Fictional Character?

Jesus was an historic figure. Even non-theologians know that this is true. Check the facts before you open your mouth.


I suspect you should ensure you report for work on December 25th as well as ensure your children are in some sort of study group to work on their school work that day...

So...MERRY CHRISTMAS! God loves you anyway!

BTW...while I cannot say that Christianity hasn't had its dark days revolving around it...I don't think it is the BLOODIEST religion in history...might want to ask the Muslims about that one...

You must have forgotten

You must have forgotten about the crusades and the nazi's.


didn't I say that Christianity has had dark days...can you NOT READ!? As far as the Nazi comment...REALLY!? Are you that stupid!

The crusades were fought

The crusades were fought against land thirsty muslims who murdered men, women and children without shame oir sympathy.

I respect that. But I prefer

I respect that. But I prefer my children do. Isn't freedom of religion wondeful. So Merry CHRISTmas.