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Board of Education votes to bring back the holidays


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- New Hanover County Schools changed its calendars back to the way they traditionally used to be.

Four years ago, Christmas, Good Friday and Easter were replaced by the word "holiday" on some of the calendars. The board voted Tuesday night to label those holidays.

School board members say school calendars are an issue that no matter what they decide not all parents are going to agree with the decision.

"I think that people feel that so many of our rights are endangered and they feel like we are just nibbling away at our society and they are worried that this is just one more indication of possibly nibbling away at it and I don't want to contribute to that in any way," said board member Janice Cavanaugh.

Cavanaugh has been with the board for almost 20 years and was active in voting to change the word Christmas to holiday four years ago. Cavanaugh says it was a mistake.

"The calendar committee brought it to the board, the board voted on it, and I have to take responsibility for myself for not being more aware of the fact that it was being done and that it was being taken off," she said.

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oh my god

Why does it matter if we call the break the "holidays?" If the "good christians" were secure in their faith they wouldn't care what was written on a calendar, only what is taught in their own home. Teach your kids whatever you want, but do them a favor and teach them to respect other religions and lifestyles as well. No matter how hard you fight it, your kids will at some point have to coexist with others who are different. Surprise, there is a big world outside of this red state. Who knows maybe (gasp!!) they may one day work for a muslum or be taught by a gay college professor. Are you going to tell them they don't have to respect that person although they hold the authority over your kid?
No one can expect respect from others without showing respect themselves. The truth is most americans are christians but there are many people here who are not. A holiday is a holiday and by using that term everyone is included. If you are threatened by public schools not acknowledging your own personal beliefs, you may need to rethink them or realize you need to stop seeing ideas different from yours as an opportunity to put down others to make yourself feel superior.
BTW, empathy DOES NOT equal socialism. This seems to be the collective belief among the conservatives. No wonder the United States is known around the world as a nation of rednecks.
I'm sure someone is replying to this right now telling me to "get out if I don't like it here" and go somewhere else. This is the type of thinking that gives us that reputation.