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Boardwalk proposal makes waves in Kure Beach

READ MORE: Boardwalk proposal makes waves in Kure Beach
Kure Beach resident Candace Clark enjoys her ocean front view. That's one of the reasons she doesn't want the town to build an elevated walkway across the street from her home. “I don't think there's any demonstrated need for a boardwalk,” Clark said. Town officials disagree. They've been trying to build a walkway along the busy stretch of Atlantic Avenue for the past three years. They're saying an elevated walkway--about ten inches off the ground--is the best option. “This boardwalk will be available and stable enough that people in wheelchairs and limited mobility can use the boardwalk and not worry about having an uneven surface,” said Kure Beach Mayor Mac Montgomery. Clark says ten inches of elevation may seem insignificant, but she’s worried it could cause big problems. “I'm not sure the pilings will be put in the absolutely safest way,” said Clark. “If the project washes away, then here we are, are they going to give us more money to put it back?!” Clark says she worries that hurricane damaged area will not support the infrastructure of an elevated boardwalk. She's also concerned that the elevated structure would invite rodents to nest under it and infest her neighborhood. “More distress to an area that's already heavily distressed,” she said. Clark says she favors a proposal for a flat walkway along Atlantic Avenue. Mayor Montgomery says the town reviewed that proposal and decided it was unsafe. A public hearing to discuss the walkway proposal will be held at Kure Beach town hall on Monday, August 11th at 6pm.

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Save Atlantic Avenue from irresponsible develpment

This plan should be sent back to properly include public input, posting of meetings and minutes and involve studies regarding traffic flow, environmental impact, correlation with the land use plan, pest control (now that we have rabid animals attacking people), need for such a structure and the impact on the citizens of Kure Beach. Encouraging heavy use of this area by day trippers and tourists is in total contradiction to the land use plan which, according to state statue 113A-120, means that the Division of Coastal Management never should have issued a permit. What began as a street level walkway has mysteriously, without public input, turned into what could be a huge hazard and cost to the residents of this community.

Elevated Boardwalk

“If the project washes away...." you will have more problems than the boardwalk getting messed up. I mean, are you kidding me? And, you don't have to be "concerned that the elevated structure would invite rodents to nest under it and infest her neighborhood" because of the ferral cat population. So here's your new add campaign... come to kure beach and get a free ferral cat. Put a nice, connected boardwalk in from Fort Fischer to Sea Breeze and aprove any business permit app you get beach town halls.....