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Boating Safety

READ MORE: Boating Safety
Summer may be coming to an end but you still have a chance to learn a little about boating safety. Dan Bartell is teaching a class on how to stay safe while driving a boat. Bartell says practice still makes perfect when it comes to boating. "An awful lot of boating has a lot to do with physical use of a boat and practice, and again a lot of people out there don't know the rules and regulations of the road." In North Carolina you don't need to take a test in order to get your boating license. While the class is especially good for new boaters, Bartell says it's also good for seasoned boaters to sharpen up their skills in the off season. The class lasts about nine hours and will begin next week. The course will be held at the Brunswick Electric Membership Corporation, 705 Ocean Highway West-HWY. 17 Supply, N.C. The course will be 4 consecutive Monday night classes, from 7:00pm to 9:30pm, starting on September 8. Registration will be at 6:30pm

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Safe Boating?

In order to operate a car. weight 1.5 tons, brakes, 4 wheels in contact with a stationary surface, you need to have classroom training, field training, and pass a written exam..... To operate a vessel that weighs 10 ton, has no brakes, or any part in contact with a stationary surface all you need is credit. Thats right! Just pull into marine max and put your name on the line and they'll call you Captain. IT'S ABSOLUTELY REDICULOUS. Oh wait, I need a license to throw a piece of monofilament line with a hook on it into the SALT water?? Last I checked, the state of North Carolina doesn't own the salt water, no taxpayer can own the salt water. Why doesn't our state do something intelligent to raise money for coastal preservation and require the morons that operate vessels without a clue, wrecking our coast to be licensed. IT'S NO LONGER SAFE TO BOAT HERE... SOMEONE DIED LAST WEEKEND... TOWED INTO A CHANNEL MARKER ON A TUBE BY A WAVERUNNER. This class should be mandatory for ALL BOATERS.

Cost of boating class

I didn't see or hear what was the cost for the boating class. If anyone knows please post it. Thanks

Safe boating

I spent the entire weekend on the water this Labor Day and do most days. It never fails, almost every day on the water someone does something dangerous and has no idea they are doing it or just do not care. I DO NOT WANT TO GET HURT! If you own a boat, or use someones boat, you need to take the course. I'm not for the state telling us what to do but I hope they make it mandatory that anyone operating a boat has to. I would also like to see a 0 tolerance alcohol level for the operator of any boat, and come on guys, stop pulling your children on those tubes in congested waters and shipping channels!

Online Boating License

At the very least, people should be encouraged to take a boating course online, if just to learn the basic rules-of-the-road. It's always a challenge to get people to sit in-doors in a classroom while it's nice and sunny outside. Maybe the online option can encourage more people to learn? A North Carolina specific course is available here: You can take the course for free. You can pay to get a NASBLA certification if you want, but that is optional. If it's just to increase your knowledge, then just do the course and don't bother with paying for the card at the end.