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Body found in freezer

WILMINGTON -- The New Hanover County Sheriff's Department is handling what is being called a bizarre death investigation. On Monday, authorities found the body of 54 year-old Alexander Wentz, lying dead in his home on Antoinette Drive in Monkey Junction. An autopsy indicated he died of natural causes. Authorities attempted to notify Wentz's mother, 81 year-old Elloise Wentz, of her son's death, but couldn't find her. Sources said she had been living with her son. Wednesday evening, detectives found Eloise Wentz's body in a locked freezer in Alexander's home. Deputies wouldn't comment on how long she was believed to be in the freezer. An autopsy is expected for Thursday, but authorities said there are no obvious signs of a struggle or assault. Bobby Moore, who lives next door to Wentz's home, said, "I never thought in a long time that anything like this would happen, but him being a loner and he was a weird person, I mean when I say weird, he just didn't want to associate with nobody or have anything with nobody, you had to speak to him before he spoke to you." Authorities have made no mention of homicide at this point. Check back with NewsChannel 3 for the latest information.

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Social Security

My guess is he kept her in the freezer and didn't tell anyone she passed away so he could keep her social securty benefits.


I know whats really going on... They will discover this is a clear cut case of Social Security fraud. the old woman died of natural causes and the dead beat son that never held a job in his life continued to live off her even after she was dead by keeping her on ice...literally!!!

Maybe he had a mental

Maybe he had a mental problem and did not want to his mother to leave him or be where he couldent see her? This seems strange but maybe she died and he decided he would put her there so he could come in and interact with her every day...people that have mental problems do very odd things like this that normal people would find quite disturbing. And like other posters stated on here maybe he was still collecting her social security check. There is no telling why...i pray for the family and hope that others pray for them too. God Bless

Has anyone thought about....

Maybe the poor guy didn't have the money to bury his mom? At least he didn't leave her in a chair to mummify. I think it's sad that we don't take notice of our neighbors and their pain anymore.

Body in Freezer..

Yeah like What the Heck... and you better believe it.. when Bobby says weird... he means it! This is not the town where WE usually search Freezers... and NO FOUL PLAY was expected?? there is definitely something going on that is NOT NORMAL... Mr. Wentz?.. found dead inside.. but on the contrar wasn't he found dead OUTSIDE???... Autopsy already concluded it was from natural causes?... hmmm really?... but mom is in the freezer... is that natural? Inquiring minds really want to know.. WHAT THE HECK LED OUR AUTHORITIES TO THE "FREEZER" if there were no signs of foul play?.... ok.. so after looking at all the "facts" of the case at hand... and I am NO detective... this is what I have come to find... Mr. Wentz Overdosed outside so that his body could be found so that in the long run they would also come across his mother... Instead of him dosing up inside his home behind locked doors where neither could be found... he wanted to make peace with the entire situation and opted to do what in his mind he thought was right... leaving a trail of evidence so his mother could be found. I honestly believe once the autopsy on his mother is performed and the facts of that investigation into her death are realeased then we will know why Alexander put his mom in the freezer to begin with. Maybe we need to look more closely at Alex's behavioral status?...


If Police went to the home on Monday, why was the body in the freezer not discovered until Wednesday?

crime scene

Gotta love a Monday morning quarterback that questions everything but personally has no knowledge of how things work. After finding the dead son, next of kin was to be notified. When learning son lived with mom, they had to look for mom. The police are not allowed to just start opening dresser drawers, looking in shoeboxes etc... without a search warrant. Unlike your CSI show, warrants take time to obtain. So you secure the scene until said warrant is obtained and then you make the discovery.

I know why......

They went back in later to get a cold one......

Maybe she passed away and he

Maybe she passed away and he wanted to keep recieving her Social Security check. It has happened in similar cases in the past



It's clear

Typical case of the still-living-with-Mom 50 year old son who needed to continue getting her Social Security checks. She probably died of natural causes, he sticks her in the freezer to get a few more checks...whats wrong with that?

It's the cat urine

If you drive up 421, you will pass a chemical plant that manufactures cat urine. I kid you not - drive past it and you immediately think, "Wow! A cat the size of the USS Nimitz has been spraying around here." But no, it's the chemical plant. Through some process that will undoubtedly be on "Modern Marvels" soon, they turn out tens of thousands of gallons of cat urine every day. Why? No one realy knows. Some speculate that it is a key ingredient in the Duplin County wine business. Others claim that John Edwards, shamed from politics, is planning on using it in his new line of men's cologne, "Jonni-Tomqat." Still others claim that the Riegelwood paper mill put it there to make their plant smell good. But what we DO know is that the vapors from the cat pee are having the same effect on everyone downwind, as a litter box lingering long past the point of needing to be changed does. To put it bluntly, people in Wilmington and the surrounding areas are being driven crazy bt the smell of cat pee. Read these boards. "Good boys" are mysteriously gunning down other "good boys" from a few blocks away. (Do not judge them!) People are killing perfectly healthy and attractive middle-aged women. (While I sit home alone every Saturday night!) Young men suddenly lose the ability to wear a baseball cap correctly, and attack women with knives. Middle aged men utilize the miracle of modern refrigeration to remake "Psycho" in their own home. (Please note tie-in to story line)) When caught and arrested, what's the first thing out of their mouth? "Peee-EEEW. WHAT is that smell?" I blame the Cat Urine, LLC people....and Titan.....and GE.....and any other industrial employer who wants to come here. As long as we allow any industry to locate East of Rockingham or South of Raleigh, we are begging for trouble. Who knows what lies ahead? It's a well-known fact that exposure to cement dust causes men to wear dresses and sing all of the female songs from West Side Story in a very high, falsetto voice. (This is why the EU has outlawed cement and dresses over size 12) And why would we want GE to enrich uranium right here, when it's oh-so-much safer to truck it in over our nation's fine highways and bridges? Mark my words, people. Wilmington is on the brink of disaster. You could be the next to lose control from the cat pee. You may find yourself in that burger joint with a gun in your hand, or the old lady may tell you to take out the trash one too many times. Right now, you're probably dismissing my warnings, thinking that I'm nuts. But they all thought Kevin Mccarthy was nuts in "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," didn't they? "THEY'RE HERE. LISTEN TO ME! INDUSTRY! INDUSTRY! CALL THE POLICE! CALL IN THE MILITARY! INDUSTRY! IT'S HERE, AND IT'S AFTER YOU! YOU COULD BE NEXT! YOU COULD BE NEXT!

You have too much time on

You have too much time on your hands.

Is there a point here???

Is there a point here??? Perhaps one that has ANYTHING at all to do with the article.

I did it to annoy you

I obviously succeeded. (You must be a Duplin County vintner.)

Nice rant

I can't imagine why you would have to sit alone on Saturday nights? You seem like such a ray of sunshine for the world.

Thank you!

I try.


I just laughed my butt of at your responce! You hit the nail on the head! AWESOME! lol I never post anything and this was GREAT! *still cracking up* If I were this person I wouldn't be wondering why I am sitting home alone either.....Ummmmm