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UPDATED: Body found on Kure Beach identified


KURE BEACH, NC (WWAY) - Police now say the woman who was found dead on the beach Wednesday is 44-year-old Leanne Tracy Bulutoglu. She was also known as Leanne Moodie. She lived at Kure Beach. The cause of her death is still pending the Medical Examiner's autopsy and report.


KURE BEACH, NC (WWAY) -- A woman's body was found on Pleasure Island early this morning. Kure Beach Police say they were called out around 7 a.m. to the beach strand on the 500 block of South Fort Fisher Drive. When they arrived they found a body of a white woman in her 40s.

Our cameras caught investigators searching this home near where the body was found, but police told us and neighbors very little.

"I asked a couple of the officers what was going on and didn't get much response," David Stevens. "One officer said, 'Oh, a big mess,' and another officer said just, 'Some stuff going on.'"

The victim has been tentatively identified, but the name is being withheld until the family is notified. There is no word if foul play is being suspect.

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seen what goes on

Police got to work this week not just on internet gawking at teenie bopper girl pics.


Teenie bopper girl pics? I take it you spend alot of time doing the same?

Leann, Your bubbly


Your bubbly personality and sweet smile will surely be missed. And, no one on earth will ever make a western omlette or a "small" pancacke quite like you do. Much love sweet friend . . .

A Special Person

Leanne was one of the nicest people I have ever met. This community will be a lot less interesting, fun and artistic without her! I sure wish this had not have happened and please if you didn't know her, please don't say anything less than kind and positive.... she deserves nothing but the best. If you never met her you really missed out. She always had a big smile and a friendly face, for everyone.
I don't know if funds are needed for the cremation but if so please email me.
Best wishes to her spirit, her friends and her family!

Thank You Stacy...

The community has pulled together for us and are offering a lot of support for her final arrangements. We've been able to locate her relatives, and they're trying to help in any way they can as well, be it a contribution or simply a note or memoirs/pictures. There are donation containers at about every business on Carolina and Kure Beach so if anyone wants to assist, it would be an awesome thing so we can give her the best memorial service we can! She was very special and deserves nothing less.

BTW, since you know and obviously care about her, I thought I'd let you know...we've scheduled her memorial service for November 6, 2010 from 1-3pm at Havana's on CBeach.


I simply do not understand some of the comments below. WWAY does an excellent job of reporting the news. They are the source I go to when I really want or need about to know a situation. Why in the world would WWAY not report that the body of a woman has been found at a local beach? You cannot make the news be just what you want to hear; you cannot design the news for public relations and the Chamber of Commerce; you can report the facts as they are.

I commend WWAY for their coverage of local area news and high school sports. You do an excellent job.


journey on, sister. sure is sad to see you well.

May Leanne rest in peace.

May Leanne rest in peace. She was very dear to her family who missed her very much.



Who said she died from

Who said she died from drugs? Instead of pinning such a label on her, let's wait and see what happened. She could have died from dozens of causes, and fairly young people are not immune to any of them. And, as far as the news media, whenever something like this happens, it is their job to report, even if the facts are sketchy. They can always fill us in later as more information is found.

which police are investigating?

Yikes hopefully Kure Beach Police isn't the only agency involved cause if they are we will never know what really happened.

Pleasure Island is a bit

Pleasure Island is a bit dangerous and you're foolish to think that the drug addicts are from "out of town." The island is full of them...No wonder they wanna make the central business district more pedestrian friendly...for their dwi residents.

Body on the beach

If there are addicts in Kure Beach, they are most likely from out of town. That is, if you consider Wilmington out of town.
Wilmington is dangerous, read the crime reports.

body found on Kure Beach

I don't think this kind of story should even be in the news until they have found a motive , reason and cause of death . its bad P.R for the area . it could have been drug related and all parties from another state . or even an accidental death, so why peak curiosity and let minds wander , and let people say Pleasure Island is a dangerous , like they do with downtown, getting a bad rap and keeping people away


A little hasty to have this story hushed arent you?


You are blabbering about bad PR and seem to want this covered up. I find that very disturbing. Did you know Leanne? The facts need to be presented as quickly as possible, so if you know something new that we do not, please contact the police department.
-- there was no doubt in their mind when this story released that Leanne was a Kure Beach resident who was a hard worker at a local business and a dear fried to many people...they knew this because...
-- appropriately, they spoke to those of us closest to her to quickly get the basic facts of her and her life down on record.
-- inappropriately, they've released the 911 call, however it allows valuable clues to be understood by the public...the public does not only include people she did not know, but it also includes US who know her and have been a part of her life.
-- the 911 call could trigger someone who might KNOW something and go to the authorities.
-- you have no right even typing the words drug related, accident or otherwise unless you have the facts. You are just feeding the speculations.
-- No one wants to think that our beloved beach could be dangerous, but as a female, I'd like to KNOW these things for me and any other female (or male for that matter) who is moving about the beach to be a bit more cautious.
-- Had they waited until the medical examiners are done reporting, the story would be cold, forgotten or otherwise swept under the rug. Do realize these reports could take up to a month. Possibly hot leads are gone by then...the only way to find truth is to find it immediately. considering the police werent standing right there when it happened, they need to depend on the public to come forward.
-- And as far as your need for motive, reason and cause of death before reporting...well, um...again, unless the public and community is aware, that may never be known and possibly a guilty party will run free to feast on another innocent life. To err on the side of caution is a key factor in preservation of life.
-- I have to say, WECT outclassed WWAY on this story...sad but the news reporters are doing what they've done all along, reporting news...THAT wont change. The WAY they report is another matter.
-- I understand you probably have no idea who she was...who's lives she's impacted, how she made life a better place for others, how loving and caring she have no idea who you are talking about, so unless this person has wiped your tears, or has put thier arms around you and said it will be ok...then I'd say you probably outta let the authorities do what they can to allow closure and healing, and to let her rest in absolute peace.
-- Sensitivity for others would be a very nice...thank you.

Not so fast....

Inappropriately they released the 911 call? It's only released when someone asks for it. It's public record and therefore HAS to be released if someone wants it. No one "inappropriately" released it, however, someone did inappropriately ask for it. Just because you CAN do something does NOT mean that you SHOULD do something.

all parties werent from

all parties werent from other states. she worked with me.

she worked with you? did she have any enemies ?

was anyone harassing her ? post what you know please !

haha,.....what do you expect

haha,.....what do you expect this is wway....they dont care about the person or the reason they just need any little thing to make a story.... kinda sad...maybe you guys should watch wect and learn something....


If you find WWAY not up to your standards why do you still read the stories and take the time to post on it?

grand ole party

this is not my usual news channel, i just stop by here from time to time to remind myself why I love wect and their neutral stand point on the news they are covering. i guess what i was saying is that the news is suppose to be neutral based information for the public on events and news in our area. It's not to run some one in the ground or to make accusations based on "low rent" investigative reporting... sometimes the drive to deliver breaking news first leaves many areas for improvement....remember the people your reporting on are also your viewers... so don't bite the hands that feeds you wway.....

im not guest1515, but I read

im not guest1515, but I read this website BECAUSE of the poorly written, poorly reported, tabloid journalism style reporting. Its like watching a train wreck. WWAY has completely ruined their reputation and credibility over the last 5-7 years, and its just too hard to look away from this disaster.

Put it this way. Have you EVER, EVER IN YOUR LIFE, seen a website that SELLS THEIR VERIFICATION CODE SYSTEM?? I had to watch a 30 second commercial for Dish TV just to input the verification code last time. If that doesn't scream DESPERATE, nothing does. Complete and total train wreck. And boy is it entertaining!!

body found on Kure Beach

Gee Joe sorry about the bad pr for the area - but people have a right to know when something happens here. And we need to get the news as it happens. It would seem kind of odd to me to wait until we have all the answers before they did any reporting. Would it be unneccessary to report the news if the woman was from out of state? And if it was drug related - then what? Don't report it cause it was just junkies? It may well have been an accidental death and I hope it was. But if not, what if it was a crime? I personally want to know if there is even a chance of danger - not have it withheld until we know for sure. What if there are witnesses? Minds forget quickly so news needs to be made public so if someone saw something they can report it and we can all find out what really happened. We need to know all the news as it happens so we can respond appropriately. Just so you know - she was a beloved local who lived and worked and sadly died here - and those of us who love her need to know what they know as they know it. I think your insensitive comments give you a bad rap - and that keeps people away.


I agree. However, the minute this is not released and reported on is the minute people start to scream cover-up and conspiracy. Wandering minds are always going to assume the's the nature of humanity. Better to release what little information you have than to hold it and let people start forming their own conclusions.

So finding a body ISN'T news?????

They made one statement - a body was found.

If people's imaginations run wild, it's THEIR problem. WWAY still has an obligation to report the news and finding a body on the beach **IS** news.

Respect - info wanted

Everyone needs to stop talking about how this news should of been handeled. News is on the basis of freedom. They can say whatever they want. You need to have more respect for Leann and focus on that she was a person and her death needs to be treated with respect. Arguing over how the news should be handled, when someone lost their life - makes me sick. Who cares how it makes your neighborhood look. She was a life and Zoie was her world. I gave her that dog and would like to know where she is - if anyone has any info for me and my husband we would be interested. Thank you.

Leanne's Dog Zoe

Kelly, I'm not exactly sure who has Zoe at this time. But I do know that her loving friends are taking wonderful care of her in Leanne's honor. Everybody knows how much that dog meant to her and they have had her microchipped and part of the collections that are located all over the island to help cover the cost of final expenses are also intended to set up a trust fund for Zoe. We all loved Leanne and part of expressing that love is to make sure Zoe is well taken care of for the rest of her life. It warms my heart even as we mourn her beautiful life. You might find out more by stopping by Granny's and asking some of her friends there - or by coming to her memorial service at Havanna's on Nov 6 from 1-3pm.


My son, Phill, was with Leanne when you gave her Zoie. He would like to have the dog but,like you, cannot find out where she is. If you find out anything please let me know. If you want his phone number I will be glad to give it to you.