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Body found in trash

READ MORE: Body found in trash
A trash truck driver made an unusual discovery during his rounds Thursday morning. The driver of a Waste Management trash truck was dropping off his early morning load at the WASTEC pit and noticed an abnormal sound upon dumping the load. He and other staff started sifting through the pile of trash, and noticed a human hand. That led to the discovery of a body lying among the trash. WASTEC officials say it's likely the driver picked the body up in a can or the dumpster, because it's unlikely someone can get through this secure gate to drop a body off. The dead man was identified as 43-year-old Berry O’Neal Carter, an area homeless man. Detectives don't suspect foul play, but will not say whether the man was already dead when the truck scooped him up, or if he died on impact from being crushed. WASTEC Director John Hubbard said this is the first time since the facility opened in 1984 that something like this has happened. “Alerts that there might be one in the waste, but this is the first one." The exact route the truck was on is not being released, but deputies did say there are places where homeless people tend to seek shelter in dumpsters. Traci Johnson owns a business on College Rd. and often sees homeless people sifting through the dumpsters behind her shop. “The dumpster behind us is open, and there are random homeless people who dumpster dive." An autopsy was scheduled for earlier today, but the results have not been released to the public.

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I wish someone would just speak up if they have any idea what might have happened to Berry. He may have lived a "low life" and I am sure that is why this story did not receive much attention. But who is to place value on a life??? Every life is valuable. This is someone's son - their life and blood - and he deserves the same treatment (even after such a tragic death) as the next man. If you have any idea of what happened to Berry Carter, please go to the officials today. Demand that they allow you to state what you know, and then to see justice... No one deserves to die this way. Yes, he may have lived a life that is lower than most of us - if you own a computer to read this, you are considered wealthy by most in this world... However, someone has already stated that Berry was roughed up a few days earlier, and that it is not typical of him to choose a dumpster to sleep in.... This story bothers me tremendously. I have come back to it every day since first hearing of it - just hoping that justice can be done if there is a wrong doing here! Please SPEAK UP - I know I would if I had any information....

Affordable Housing

Ah, so you are saying that you have not yet realized how hard people are struggling with schizophrenia, bi-polar, combat and other related Post Tramatic Stress Disorders, and a host of other mental illnesses? Another words, It is really a blast to have mental illness &/or alcoholism/or drug addiction? HAHA, you say? You should try it sometime! While you're at it, try to compete for a service level type job, when newcomers to Wilmington (with advanced degrees) are knocking the doors down to get the janitors job these days...just to be able to keep a ROOF over their heads... And, who knows what is going to happen, when they can't find that janitors job... GEE, they may have a psychotic breakdown, or they may turn to alcohol to ease the pain, or they may loose their family. Perhaps you or someone in your family can relate to how employment fuels success...or how unemployment makes housing very hard to hold on to. THERE but for the Grace of God, go you and I. MAY you always be soo smart that you know exactly what to do in a Disaster, or DIRE STRAITS situation. May the advantages that you have had in life, like family and education, be there to pull you through when you falter.

Fair Weather in the 50's, Sleeping in a Dumpster?

I think more questions need to be asked, as there are plenty of stereotyped "Assumptions" automatically being made.. I give this man Empathy, having seen people such as this all around Wilmington, which Begs the question, "What Do We, as a Society, Do for these People?", and NOT just "these" People, Also Individuals/Families that are threatened ever more so by the deepening Recession/Depression that is effecting Our Economy? Lock them up? Provide Funds for Treatment? Provide Medication/Counseling for those Individuals in need of Mental/Psychological services? .GOV Stimulus dollars to provide "Shovel Ready" Jobs to provide Employment? Temporary Housing until the Economy recovers? I'm thinking/Envisioning Sledge Hammers yielded by Men tearing down Nisbitt Courts, BY HAND, saving Diesel fuel etc. Use the debris to build a Artificial Reef off the coast.. Back on the subject, this question needs to be asked also. Credits to the Author/Poster "SpiritofAA58" [quote]" I personally knew Barry Carter. Yes, he was homeless, yes he suffered from alcoholism. But no, he was not a person who resorted to sleeping in trash bins or dumpsters. He had been on the streets for years. He dressed approperiately for the weather conditions, he had a tent, sleeping bag(s), camp fire and all the other amenities of a very street smart homeless person. This is how and where he slept when it was in the 20's, he surely would not have resorted to a trash bin on a night that didn't get below 50 degrees. Many people saw Barry Tuesday night, alive. He had a very ugly cut across his nose. Someone had beaten him pretty bad. Wendnesday he is being dumped out of a dumpster into a landfill, and there is no suspicion of foul play? This case reeks of foul play. Barry wasn't trash bin material, in any sense of the word. He was a pretty good guy, with the terrible disease alcoholism. How the medical examaner will determine what injuries were the result of begining subjected to a waste compactor, and what injuries existed before this will tell us a story I think many of the homeless already know. This man was killed and dumped, and most have a pretty good suspicion by who.[/quote] I agree, questions need to be asked.

did he always hang out at

did he always hang out at the 420b exit to gordon road in the afternoons? he looks so familiar. i'm sorry about his passing.

Stop freaking out people

The guy was most likely homeless people.. stop freaking out. In case you didn't know, lots of homeless people live in dumpsters to stay warm and dry. I swear you people constantly try to make something out of nothing to make the Sheriff's Dept. look bad.

Dumpster sleeping

Ive seen drunks sleeping in empty dumpsters to get out of the weather. If it is a dumpster that deals mostly with paper, behind office buildings etc, its not that bad of a place to sleep. Beats the elements, that is until the truck scoops you up and crushes you.

It was a WASTE Management

It was a WASTE Management Trash Truck not a WASTEC Truck. WASTEC is owned by the county which does not pick up trash. WASTEC just receives the trash.

Not suspecting foul play?

Right, because most people throw themselves in the trash when they're about to die...


Chicken.. Its just not what's for dinner anymore...

NO foul play? He was in a

NO foul play? He was in a TRASH CAN. How did he get there is there is NO FOUL PLAY?

He was in a DUMPSTER!

They are luxury condos to homeless bums. They go out and panhandle, buy some booze, get hammered, and find a nice cozy dumpster to curl up in for the night. Being crushed by a garbage truck is an occupational hazard for these people.

How can a body be found in

How can a body be found in the trash and nobody suspects foul play???

no foul play

Getting to many deaths to investagate, to say no foul play suspected so early, is dumb, but some LE's have been doing dumb things alot these days, Oh no I have not been keeping a count. Do your own researh or just keep up with the news

In Mourning...for our Area Homeless Person

For anyone who is tempted to speak about homeless people in a disparaging way, please do your homework first. If you are tempted to say something rude, crude and socially unacceptable, maybe someday you will be fortunate enough to meet someone like Berry. This is a very sad day, indeed! We have lost Berry O' Carter. Another tragic and senseless ending to a homeless man's life. We need more affordable housing in Wilmington! Sher

More "affordable housing",

More "affordable housing", more bums and parasites. There is too much there now.

Affordable housing?

You think those homeless winos downtown are out there because they can't find afordable housing? HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Upwards of seventy percent of homeless people are substance abusers, menatlly ill, or both. You can GIVE them housing and they'd still prefer hanging out with their buddies, getting hammered.