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Body paint banned at local high schools

High school football fans may be a bit less colorful this season... Body paint is no longer allowed at sporting events. The board of the North Carolina Athletic Association made the decision after safety concerns were raised about inappropriate attire and conflicts between schools. New Hanover County Athletic Director Joe Miller says he loves to see fan support but this new rule comes at a good time. Miller said, "We may have had some incidents were there was inappropriate language or symbols on this body paint that has led to some problems, so they have decided to eliminate it all together." Forty-nine schools in our region are affected by the body painting ban.

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I think this should be

I think this should be avoided. There are so many good (if not great) things you can do with body painting, like these: that are considered as arts in other cultures.

80's was last of great times

Every good memorable "those were the days" conversations are dated from the late 80's and back. Why doesn't the schools punish the INDIVIDUALS who wear the inappropiate language and symbols? Instead you are punishing an entire school system. This is crazy. I agree with you (forgot your guest name) that stated the rules the children today have to abide by are astounding. And as for the one who said about not coming home until dusk, those reasons of not letting your kids out goes both ways for me. It's tough. I dread it all everyday for my kids. For "JustinAmerica" my question to your comment is HUH????

body paint

Please people, we have teachers marrying students,(thats the lighter side) we have teachers doing "other things" to students and you can tell me someone is actually working on what the kids wear? You better start running backround checks on your staff, I'm sure you'll need time to replace some of them. Get a grip school board. If you have nothing better to do with your time find a new job!

School Spirit

I have no problem with the kids showing spirit with face and body paints,wearing the school colors and showing pride are a great way to have fun. That is WAY less offensive than a 15yo walking around with a shirt that says, "You say I'm a BITCH like it's a bad thing" I saw that this past Friday at the Ashley football game. Nice:(

There are so many issues

There are so many issues that the school board should be concerned about, that I actually find it offensive that they have banned this form of showing school spirit. I love watching how excited the children get putting some face paint on to show thier spirit. This really is unbelievable.

it's not the kids out of control these days. . .

It's sad to see that kids these days are missing out on so much. I am only in my early 20s but I have younger siblings who cannot do any of the things I could do when I was their age. What happened to the days where you could just run out the door in the morning and not come home until dusk? kids cannot go anywhere without supervision because parents are terrified, and I wonder if it's that they are worried something will happen to their child or if they're afraid of what it is the kids are doing? It's getting ridiculous that now we are going to put even more limitations on things they can do even with adults around. And what has happened to this younger generation? It's become increasingly obvious to me that these kids are extremely more immature and I feel this will hinder them a great deal the older they get, and it's all a result of the classic "one bad apple spoils the whole bunch." It's a sad day when even our American traditions like school spirit are being limited.

Class of 1982 GO WILDCATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a member of NHHS class of 1982 I can't help but wonder if the people on this board have nothing better to do than make off the wall rules such as this one. Going to high school these days is almost like living in a police state. I have 2 children in high school in another county in NC, My oldest son came home the other day with his face painted for home comming. All the seniors in his class painted their faces in support of their school. My daughter who is a sophmore was just as excited about the game that night. The wonderful memories of the pep rallies and the home comming activities came back to me all at once. It's ashame everyone has to be punished because a few fools have done something wrong. The ban on body and or face painting is not going to stop those who want to cause trouble. I believe the people who made this decision have good intentions but this seem a little overboard on the rules. Some of the best times in my life were in high school and I cringe to think of what it will be like when my youngest son who is in the first grade gets to that level. It seems to me there are so many rules students have to follow now, it's almost impossible for them to learn anything but rules.


Sounds like a bunch of OLD FARTS on the board just cannot stand it when people have team pride....All that EVIL face and body paint....WHAT A CROCK!

Face Paint

I agree with you. Just more PC crap. Can't offend anyone. Well, how about me, I'm offended that this is being done. What a bunch of pansies!

I attended NHHS in the mid

I attended NHHS in the mid to late 80's as well. I remember those tiger paws we would paint on our faces, and the black and orange strips going from side to side..GREAT MEMORIES!! When I have told my children of the wonderful memories from high school, they just look at me so strange. The 80's were the BEST OF THE BEST to attend high school. No metal detectors in schools, no sheriff deputy patrol walking through the halls. The day of the "big game" between Laney or Hoggard we would all wear face paint to school, and it was accepted as SCHOOL SPIRIT! PRIDE IN BEING A WILDCAT!! I have yearbooks full of different events where we all wore face paint. It didn't matter if you were black, white or hispanic...we showed our PRIDE! It's sad that the schools have felt the need to discontinue this GREAT and WONDERFUL tradition. Guess it's a good thing I bought my yearbooks, because as my memory will fade over the years, my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will look back at me and see what growing up in Wilmington NC was like in the late 80's while attending NEW HANOVER HIGH SCHOOL. GO WILDCATS!!

Face Painting at HS sports Games!!!

Oh how the years goes by for myself.When I was at New Hanover High School (WILDCATS)in the 80's(85-87). At Homecoming WE did this for some didnot.How sad this as come to this.I HOPE people in Raleigh or local School Boards will take a LOOK at HOMECOMING FACE PAINTING!!! OH GREAT YEARS AGO, MANY MORE TO COME I HOPE!!!!!!


We just had our homecomng last week at New Hanover and it went off great with no problems and a lot of the girls there were painted up and nothing BAD happened. Has there been an incident that has spurred this on? Because so far to my knowledge the young people in our town has been on good behavior this season. Body painting has been around for years. Does that include being able to put our logos on our face also? Women in this sport love to do that sort of thing, it is just another way of saying we love it. I never thought supporting our teams would get so out of hand that we couldn't put our school logos on our faces and write out schools name on our arms and legs. I really don't see the big deal. So, for Mr. Miller, give us an example of what has happened that we can't support our teams in this way? Can our cheerleaders not make banners that says beat the other team also, does that count? Men always get mad at women for not seeing the game the same way men do and we go and make it fun for ourselves and now we are being told we can't make ourselves up anymore to support our teams? Hell we might as well be told we can't wear t-shirts and hoodies or anything else that has a logo on it. to everyone who voted against this one GET A LIFE.....

Offensive body paint

It's innapropriate language and symbols you should already be eliminating. Try again. At least you've got that terrible, offensive body paint banned.


My thoughts, exactly. Was just scrolling down to see if anyone already took the words out of my mouth, and you did.