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UPDATE: Water service back to normal; Boil order and restrictions lifted

READ MORE: UPDATED: Second CFPUA water main breaks; Boil advisory now in effect

UPDATE FROM A CFPUA NEWS RELEASE(Sunday, 3:50 p.m.): Cape Fear Public Utility Authority is pleased to report that water analysis is complete and the water distribution system is now functioning under normal operations.

The Boil Water Advisory has been lifted and mandatory water conservation measures are no longer in effect. All normal water use may be resumed.

CFPUA thanks all residents and customers for their patience and understanding while repairs were underway.

Customers with questions or inquiries are asked to call (910) 798-6800 up until 6:00 PM Sunday. After 6:00 PM calls should be directed to (910)332-6550. For further information, please go to our website at


UPDATE (Saturday, 5:51 p.m.): Cape Fear Public Utility Authority crews have restored water service throughout the distribution system and system hydraulics are back to normal. Crews spent the afternoon flushing the system and reported areas with discoloration was minimal. Residents are advised that if they experience discolored water, the cold taps within the home should be opened and allowed to run until clear. If discoloration appears while running the hot taps, sediment may have collected in the hot water tank which is a typical collection point for sedimentation. In this case, the hot water tank should be flushed as well.

CFPUA crews will continue to collect samples throughout the evening and results of the water quality analysis should be known late Sunday afternoon. Until all test results are determined, the boil water advisory remains in effect. CFPUA is reducing the water conservation advisory to a Stage 2 (down from a Stage 3) and asks its customers to be conscientious of their water use.

CFPUA’s service area includes the City of Wilmington and New Hanover County but does not provide water to Kure, Carolina, or Wrightsville Beach. Customers experiencing water emergencies are asked to call (910) 798-6800. For further information on Stage 2 restrictions and updates, please go to our website at


UPDATE (Saturday, 11:39 a.m.): The Cape Fear Public Utility Authority has restored water pressure throughout the service area and crews are now in the process of flushing the distribution system. Testing will begin early this afternoon to ensure water quality. Until the system resumes normal operation, customers are advised to continue to follow the boil water advisory and mandatory water restrictions. The mandatory conservation advisory has been reduced to a Stage 3, meaning some restrictions have been lifted; however, water use is still limited. CFPUA’s service area includes the City of Wilmington and New Hanover County but does not provide water to Kure, Carolina, or Wrightsville Beach. Customers experiencing water emergencies are asked to call (910) 798-6800.

For further information on Stage 3 restrictions and updates, please go to our website at


UPDATE (Saturday, 6:37 a.m.): The Cape Fear Public Utility Authority has restored water pressure throughout the service area. Due to pressure loss yesterday, crews will be working throughout the City and County today to flush waterlines and perform tests to ensure water quality. The mandatory conservation advisory has been reduced to a Stage 3, meaning some restrictions have been lifted; however, water use is still limited. The Boil Water Advisory is still in effect, and customers experiencing water emergencies are asked to call (910) 798-6800. For further information on Stage 3 restrictions and updates, please go to our website at


UPDATE: CFPUA crews have isolated the water main break and are continuing diligent efforts to access damage and determine the extent of repairs needed. Approximately 2-3 million gallons of water was lost during this main break and the amount may increase once the assessment is complete. As a result of the rapid water loss and overall demand on the water system, the water tanks at 17th & Shipyard and 9th & Dawson have been depleted and are currently empty. CFPUA has brought up emergency backup wells to help supplement the water loss and additional wells are on standby.


CFPUA crews are working on a major water main break on Cornelius Harnett Drive in front of the Sweeney Water Plant. The main break has resulted in a loss of water and/or pressure throughout the service area.

Residents are advised to boil water before consuming as a precaution.

On Thursday, another water main broke on Front Street at Red Cross.


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NHC Gov dot Com couldn't take the time to update information on

We went to an eating establishment on Saturday, the were serving water on tap... When we questioned it, we were told that New Hanover COunty Website had NOTHING on it about the Boil-Advisory.. (Remember.. It's the NHC website that has the health dept. and eating establishments info on it as well as "all county alerts"...
Sure enough, we went back hone and after going to there was NOTHING on OUR county website about what to do, what not to do, etc...
Granted it should have been common sense if one site said to do it, but they also had a point...
Why didn't the county advise its citizens as to what to do? Why wasn't the county website at updated with information for citizens?
Overall, albiet CFPUA commnicated as did the news media... The City and COunty governments FAILED to relay important information to citizens through their own websites and that besides being a communications breakdown, is simply pathetic...

CFPUA broke their own main?

"Please remember to conserve water today; a portion of the Sweeney Water Treatment Facility will be out of service while expansion continues and a new line is tied in. During this phase, capacity from the plant will be reduced so do your part to help reduce the demand on the facility and conserve."

That was a CFPUA posting on Facebook announcing work at Sweeny just BEFORE the main broke. Just a coincidence?


You may be on to something, you know everytime that little red light on my dash board comes on, something "seems" to go wrong with my car and I have to get it serviced. Also, everyday I eat I seem to have to poop later that day...OMG why didn't I see (flush) this before. Maybe CFPUA is responsible for 9-11! What about the flu pandemic of your eyes people! The truth (or at least the truth as I see it until I take my medication) is out there!!!

It's just that... a

It's just that... a coincidence.

That post on Facebook was related to the ongoing construction work related to the expansion of the Sweeney plant, which was started in August 2008 and will be finished in 2012.

This project was approved under the aegis of the City of Wilmington, before CFPUA was formed.

The statement was to inform the public that the current construction, which involves tie-ins of several different sizes of pipe, may cause capacity to be reduced, due to the fact that when you tie in pipe (which is anywhere between 24 inches or more, depending) you have to temporarily turn off water distribution.

Also, the system of underground pipes under Sweeney is huge and a lot of it dates back to the 1800s and it is scheduled to be replaced, so stuff like this can happen.

Poor management decisions @ CFPUA

Who is responsible for the tens of thousands of dollars area businesses have lost over the last few days ? Threatening statement from CFPUA management "water ban will be enforced by WPD / NHCo Sheriff's dept", No information given about which areas within the county need to boil water, just "boiling is recommended, but not mandatory" ?? Where does the extra millions of our dollars billed by this agency go ? I guess it's not quality control


CFPUA takes over and my water bill has doubled, yet now I get to boil my water in order to drink it. I wonder if this episode is going to double my water bill again.

Thank you CFPUA for making your start-up costs my responsibility.

water main break

How will we know when our water supply is safe for drinking and bathing? It looks rusty/dirty coming out of the tap.

Don't drink it until it's flushed, clear and CFPUA says ok

I would call CFPUA, tell them what is wrong with your water and ask if your particular neighborhood's water is being fixed. 8 years ago, I was told by a helpful water utility employee that if your tap water suddenly turns color and/or smells not to drink it, only bathe in it if you feel brave! He said at any time you might be getting water from an alternate source during maintenance, maybe you have unchlorinated water due to a malfunction or something else. You have no way of knowing, so he recommended you not drink it until the water utility said it was fixed on your particular street, and you see that it runs clear after you run the outside hose to flush out the sediment before using the taps or running ones inside a few minutes. After 10 years of calling every other week due to this recurring, I just buy bottled water treated with reverse osmosis or distilled and NEVER drink straight tap water anymore. It might take days for the water to be fixed and more specifically your street's water. CFPUA will not announce the all clear or to boil it in a timely fashion so don't wait on them. When I have heard to boil it it was usually days after the fact. Sniff, look at the water and call them until they fix it! We pay either way.

So, who all EXACTLY needs to

So, who all EXACTLY needs to be boiling water? I live out Market St almost to Ogden -- When are we going to find out who ALL this affects???


I sure do hope the city and county leaders are happy tonight and I HOPE THAT #^*_+_&$@ CONVENTION CENTER IS GOING WELL. YOU PEOPLE BETTER REMEMBER THIS ON ELECTION DAY !!!!!!!!!!

Water break

Yes sir...the city and county "leaders" know how to spend on everything except for the infrastructure items we all needed. They saw these things coming so they created and turned it all over to CFPUA to deflect the heat!! They certainly were able to find money for incentives, civic center, etc.

and the county was (is) also

and the county was (is) also able to find money to pay new firefighters (that are already having to take furlough not looking to promising)and more money for fire stations (4-5 million), equipment....etc.... thanks to the "leaders" of our county, you all have done a great job of NOTHING!!!!!!!

The water treatment plant is

The water treatment plant is as old as the 1800s. Even if it's undergone renovations and expansions through the years, some of the pipes are old and, believe it or not, some of the pipes underground were not in the original drawings, since engineering then was not as accurate or detailed as it is now.

This stuff has nothing to do with politicians or the CFPUA. In fact, the Sweeney expansion project was approved and funded well before the CFPUA came to be.

Call beofre you dig

Not on the plans. They tell everyone else to call before you dig, they should take their own advise...

I think you are missing the

I think you are missing the point! We don't need a history lesson. What the first persons comment is instead of spending money on stupid things like civic centers. Why don't we fix problems like our water pipes and roads. But what do I know.


I don't think the previous poster was lambasting the authority for the break. More like the politicians in the city and county whom let the infrastructure go so long without replacement/upgrades. Then when they realized that the existing infrastructure (like the Northeast Sewer Interceptor) was frail, and would cost millions to repair/upgrade.....they created the Authority. Funny how the creation of the Authority came after all the EPA fines. Now, the council and commissioners have plausible deniability with any issues like this.

The task before the CFPUA is monumental. Not only do they have to maintain the existing water/sewer infrastructure in one of the oldest cities in the United States, they also have to: keep up with new development, install infrastructure where the government failed to, and upgrade all their facilities to keep up with the increased volumes. All that will cost tons of dough, which would have meant the govt. would have to raise taxes or rates. So, the elected officials created the they can all say, "Those increases aren't our responsibility, ask the authority about that."

Don't worry though, there is still plenty to be asking our local politicians and their cronies about. This town needs an enema.


"This town needs an enema" Should be our motto from this day forward!! Have it printed on our flag. . . Priceless!!

Water main break

Well of course, We could build a mega-million dollar convention center that nobody wanted except city council. The major users of that boondoggle will be orginazations the size of the Wilmington Jaycees.

Yet we could not fix the things that really needed fixing. My friend, Thomas the plumber, says watch out for more breaks on Front Street. When you put new pipes in on a couple of blocks, you put more stress on the rest of the street.