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Boiling Spring Lakes chief cleared of wrong-doing

The Boiling Spring Lakes police chief has been cleared of any wrong-doing at his previous job. Chief Emmett Ballree appeared before the State Training and Standards Committee in Raleigh today. He was there answering allegations of using the town of Mount Olive's credit card to gas up his personal car. He was chief of police there before coming to Boiling Spring Lakes. Ballree said he did it, but it was for business purposes. The Standards Committee agreed that Ballree was within the department's rules.

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What about the criminal he brought to town!

I still want to know why the town hired him knowing he was bringing a felon, living in his home, that stole weapons from the Police Department that Baldre was Chief of in Mount Olive? Hello commissioners! Don't we already have enough crime here???? What in the Wild World of Sports were you thinking??????

Get Over it!

All of you complainers are out of touch with reality. They got their little guy that is going to jump through any hoop they want. If they cared about what you thought or what was good or bad they would have never hired this dude! This is not about you John Q. Public. This is about power and you don't have any! You want the town commissioners to stand up and do something. How stupid on your part. If they did that would be the same as them saying they did something wrong. They are sure not going to do that. By doing nothing they justify themselves and by the way, doing nothing is a lot easier than doing something. Let me say it one more time so you may understand. Not one person on the town council including the mayor gives a rats A** what you may think. Their pick for Chief is just a small embarrassment at the most to them. You elected them. Now, reap what you have sown and get over it! After all, they all, every one know all they have to do is ignore you! Now they run the town and the police department! Who are you? Nobody!

Of Course, You are Right!

Dear Guest 08, I had not checked back on this blog for several weeks and this morning I read the additional comments. While I have complained and agree with the other "complainers" I very sadly have to admit your comments are 100% correct. While it is a great shame it is none the less true. No one in power cares! Your advise to "get over it" also is sound when you have to accept not a soul in town government is willing to acknowledge their mistake! So "get over it" we should and must, at least until the terms of the town "horribles" expires!

Good for Chief Ballree!!!!

Great!!! Now I hope all of the busybodies, gossipers and flat out trouble makers can find someone else to deface for their jollies and let this man get back to what he is supposed to be doing...protecting you and your community!

Legitimate Concerns

First, this legitimate concern has now been answered over a year after it first surfaced. The allegations were brought against Ballree in Mount Olive and it was Ballree that refused to cooperate with the investigation at that time. If he had, it now seems it would have been settled then. That is not the fault of those concerned in Boiling Spring Lakes. However in all fairness, the cost of his time going up and down the road to Mount Olive for supporting documentation and two trips to Apex has been put on the tab of the BSL taxpayers. If he had faced the allegations in a timely manner it would have correctly been on the taxpayers at Mount Olive. Since that is where this started, that is where the cost should have been incurred. Also, it was the state of NC and not the towns of Mount Olive, BSL, or in your words, "the busybodies, gossipers and flat out trouble makers", or even Ballree himself that forced this issue to be resolved. Thanks to the State and NO ONE ELSE, it is resolved! BTW, there were and are two other concerns that the town of BSL seemed to overlook. But they may be better addressed either in a public forum such as a town council meeting and/or at the ballot box.