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Boiling Spring Lakes firefighter makes plea deal

A Boiling Spring Lakes volunteer firefighter made a plea deal in Brunswick County court yesterday after being accused of having sex with a 14-year-old girl. It is the same 14-year-old whom a Boiling Spring Lakes police officer was just convicted of raping. As part of the plea deal, Leon Gyselinck III will serve 30 days in jail, beginning today. After that he will be on supervised probation for three years.

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It's funny that these 2 men

It's funny that these 2 men were charged with the same crime but one pulls 30days and the other gets 4 and a half years. The other strange thing is that the one who pulled 30days had evidence against him and the other didn't. I wonder who the one who got so much time pissed off, it must have been someone pretty high up.

I have said this once and I

I have said this once and I will say it again. At what point are we going to make these girls/guys who put out to be older then they really are accountable? I believe the cop was wrong on so many levels but I also believe this is a responsibility that should be shared by both parties. I read this 14yr old tried killing herself because she was depressed over what happened with the cop, was this before or after her parents found out she had been sleeping with older men? She didn't seem depressed when it happened with the fireman but if her parents would have found out right after that happened he would be the one serving major time. How many times has this already happened that no one knows about but her? and how many lives is she going to ruin along the way?


I wish that those of you who are so quick to judge would get all of the facts and really think about what you are saying before you speak. Do you really think that it is fair to compare a 19 year old boy to a 36 year old man. There is NO prof that he had sex with this girl. She is the only one who says that they did. Also, she told people that she was 16 and had an I.D. that said she was. When he found out that she was 14, he stopped talking to her and that is when she decided to get even. Unfortunately, this boy was being used as a pawn in a larger case by our court system. I am very angry about what this girls family and the courts have done to this young mans life.

Another punch in the face of public service

It makes me sick to see things like this happen. I have spent my entire adult life in public service and I love what I do. I don't know what started the relationship between him and this kid but HE should have known better. She is 14. Ignorance of age is not a defense. It just seems that more and more, firefighters, police officers and EMS personnel are taking a hit for a select few idiots. This guy was 19 or 20 when he did what he did and Luke Stidham was 36. What are they thinking? Thinking with the wrong end. I see young girls everyday that, one do not look their age and 2, dont dress their age. I blame the parents of this girl as much as the 2 guys sitting in jail. If the parents were more involved and kept her on a shorter leash, this would not have happened. The really sad part is all the victims left in the wake from all 3 families.

From what I know this young

From what I know this young lady is a very troubled person. These problems dont start with these two men. This girl has no sense of boundries and from what I hear she defies her parents all the time.No one has any control over her.I couldnt agree more with the person who said DSS should have been involved. I personally think not only should her mother and father be held accountable but so should she. At 14 you know exactly what you are doing. These men were being men when they spent their time with her, I dont agree with the way they were punished they both should have gotten the same amount of time. However the police officer should be beat... he has kids of his own. I hope he dosent have a little girl, how would he feel if some 30year old laid down woth his little girl? Anyway like I said it didnt start here there were problems way before this. Her mom and dad need to step up to the plate and no they arent doing their best if their child is in the news for this. They are failing as parents and this girls behavior just showes it.

quite right

about the parents. This young lady is a repeat offender. Social Services should be up in arms and in the parents' face to ensure there is not a further reoccurance. If they can not control her, turn to the court system. Parents of every other teen in the community -- do you really want your teenagers associating with this type of behaviour pattern? Parents force your teens to avoid her company and perhaps she and her parents will get society's message. If something is not done, here comes a future unwed mother entering a lifetime existence on the welfare train.


of whether she was a willing participant or not; where were her parents? Why was she allowed supervision, apparently so liberal, she was in situations she should not have been. By no means am I condoning the actions of either gentleman involved. But Social Services should be involved to ensure this youth is not involved in a third incident. After all, the Police and Fire Departments have been involved; is there another Department for her to visit> I can imagine there have been or will be some stern lectures to the serving members of each department. Why not call the parents to task as well? For sure and certain, Aunt Bea would have been on top of this young lady's whereabouts in Mayberry had Andy been blessed with a daughter.

Sounds to Me

Yeah, both the former cop and now this firefighter were in the wrong. They should have known better than to mess with a 14 year old. But at the same time it sounds to me like this 14 year old like getting attention from older men and having sex with them, but when they stop giving her the attention she rats them out.


If a teen suddenly withdraws from family life, or if they've become more secretive, defensive, or aggressive when you try to talk about it, it's a good indication that your teen is sexually active. On the flip side, some teens (particularly girls) may start dressing inappropriately and clearly crossing the boundaries of acceptable behavior in public. The real danger is that a sexually active teen is more likely to start drinking, smoking, and using drugs. Any sign of these related activities should alert you to the possibility that your teen is sexually active.

Sounds To Me

Sounds to me like we have a case of a Girl who knew what she was doing and likes attention from Grown men.....Don't get me wrong it is not okay for these grown men to be sleeping with an underage girl. I just think that she new that she could have her cake and eat it to...meaning she would always be the victim even though concensual sex. I also think the law is very ridiculous that one person would get 6 years in prison for this and another would get 30 days in jail and probation! I also don't think if she wanted to have sex with the police officer it should be considered rape! Rape is when you are forced to have intercourse against your will, correct? I think her parents should have had more of an influence in her life and her wearabouts....I am a 24 year old female and when a female is sexually active there are signs that you can watch for and be alert, because I am sure this was not happening in broad daylight!

I agree

I agree 100%. I remember when this all came out, she was willingly having a little online fling with the cop and had already had an affair with the Fire guy who was what, 21? She sounds a little tweaked in the head. Either way these 2 guys were insane to have anything to do with a 14 year old. There was no rape, guarantee it. She needs to keep her legs closed and her parents need to do some proactive monitoring of her activities before she ends up really getting raped and or pregnant.

So all men are dogs?

You must have a pretty low opinion of men to suggest that they have no self control or related to one of these jerks. Sex with a 14 year-old is morally and legally wrong. There is no excuse or defense for it. Perhaps in jail maybe these two will get to experience themselves what being exploited means.

No disrespect but does this

No disrespect but does this child look 14? I seen too many look like they are in their 20's. My boy who is 14 says girls his age want college boys. Not like the old days.

What signs are there to

What signs are there to watch for? So when I have a daughter, I know what to look out for. I have heard this from several people but no one has described any specific signs. Are you sure her parents would have recognized these signs?

reply to firefighter in bsl

Well, one sign your 14 year old could be up to no good is when she's hanging out on cougar dr with a crowd of boys way after the football game is over. Second of all, teenagers don't have set times to be home any more. There is nothing going on after 11:00 that a 14-17 year old needs to be doing that is legal. I don't believe for one minute she was forced to have sex with either one of those men, and they were stupid for letting it go that far. She should have never been in the patrol car to begin with, with or without parents permittion. Cops is on every night, she can see what goes on just by watching knew what she was doing.

BSL firefighter gets 30 day sentence

Is this the same teenager that another person is serving 20 years in prison for having a relationship with? Something is wrong with our system, or perhaps this teenager.

the sentence

thing are different on the other side of the bridge haven't you been paying attention??????