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Boiling Spring Lakes police chief under investigation

BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- Newly appointed Boiling Spring Lakes Police Chief Emmett Ballree has 22 years of service under his belt from the Mount Olive Police Department, but that could all come to an end in just two weeks. Ballree has been under investigation from the North Carolina Training & Standards Division for allegedly using the town of Mount Olive's credit card to gas up his own car. The division has looked into the allegations against Ballree. On May 29, a Probable Cause Comittee will reveal its evidence to Ballree in a special meeting in Apex. We spoke with Ballree Wednesday afternoon, and he says he did use the credit card, but it was for business purposes only. Ballree told us he plans to prove that to the committee. He also released this statement exclusively to NewsChannel 3. "I feel confident that the committee, after hearing my answers to the allegations, will rule in my favor and determine that no violation of law or code was committed." He also goes on to say that he hopes the final results will put to rest any speculation of wrong doing. If the Probable Cause Committee finds that Ballree violated the rules, he will lose his certification as Boiling Spring Lakes Police Chief.

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looking for former BSL Officer

There was a BSL officer named Jason. He left about a year ago and went to work at a PD in Florida. Anybody have any info on him?

Boiling Spring Lakes Police Chief Faces Hearing in One Week

If nothing else comes from the hearing next week at least at the request of citizens the press has made sure all the info on the allegations against Ballree along with the way he was selected for the job has become public knowledge. For the citizens of Boiling Spring Lakes, that is a good thing. With this knowledge the citizens may better express their pleasure or displeasure at the ballot box.


I love it when people try and convict someone based soley on what the MEDIA reports. Quoting articles doesn't do anything but make people wonder. Heaven knows the media ALWAYS get it right. Everyone has a right to their opinion whether others agree with it or not. Let's try listening to his version of what happened and see what Traning and Standards says. I said it when Ronald fell from grace: right is right and wrong is wrong. I don't care who you are. There are no shades of gray.

Brutal forum.....

You folk in this forum really seem to despise Law Enforcement Officers. You act as Judge, Jury and Executioner on the premis of mere allegations. Allegations are not convictions, but with the "witch-hunt" mentality that is displayed here and by the citizens of these small time counties..this dude is gone, guilty or not. I do not know this man, but he has contributed 22 years of his life as a police officer in the Mount Olive community and that does have to speak for something. There are likely people there that do not like him and would do their best to slander his name. I would like to see some of the writers here put under the public spotlight and see what comes out of their closet. That has a tendency to bring a little humility and stop the finger pointing to the people here that are faceless, nameless, yet are so brave to criticize so harshly!!! Don't forget...what goes around, comes around!


You state that he has put in 22 years and that should make us respect him. Well sir, Hitler put in 25 and we all know where that took us. So, let's give police officers respect for the wonderful job that they do, no because they have time on the job.

Good decent LEO's deserve our support and respect!

The overwhelming majority of LEO's in this country are decent and dedicated professionals. They indeed deserve our support and respect! Culling a bad apple from the barrel is in fact supporting the rest from spoil. There are several issues here and not just limited to Ballree himself but also with those that selected him. As to the 22 years Ballree served, it was his, I repeat his call to resign. The fact is, Ballree found out on a day that the Mt. Olive Town Council was investigating allegations having to do with the department. When he found out the investigation was specifically him and nothing else Ballree approached the town manager to find out what it was about. He was then told. On that same day without any explanation or without meeting with the council to explain his actions Ballree resigned. He was not asked to resign, he voluntarily did so of his own volition. His remarks and excuses or, his side of the story he gave out to the media after he resigned. Now, let us not be naive. If someone with 22 years service anywhere is falsely accused of theft, do you not think they would fight it? Or, don't you think they would at least hear those that are investigating the allegations and make explanation to them? So, with that, the fact is, the first time Ballree will ever explain himself in an official capacity will be at the hearing on May 29. That is of his doing and no one else's! Lets put this in the most elementary perspective. You work for ABC widget company for 22 years and you are called in to an office to find there are allegations that you stole widgets. You are also told there is a video of this fact. If you did not, do your cooperate and clear up the "misunderstanding" or do you turn tail and run only to later tell all, you did not do anything wrong? Let us say you choose the latter. About a year later you go to XYZ widget company and ask for a job explaining your 22 years experience. XYZ asks, why did you leave ABC and you answer, I was accused of stealing and rather than go through (cooperate with)an investigation I resigned but, I did not do it? Oh, and by the way, while I was the plant manager at ABC my son did in fact steal widgets from them and was charged, tried, and convicted! Do you think you are going to get the job? That brings us to our second point. According to BSL Town Manager David Lewis there were nearly two dozen applicants for the job (see the State Port Pilot, Wed, Nov. 28, 2007) Are we as citizens to believe that out of nearly two dozen Ballree had the best past? That all the others, every single one had been accused of worse and also was going to bring felonious individuals to this town that did worse than steel firearms from the police departments they worked in? Does that sound reasonable and believable to you? As to those that selected Ballree, again, only two were BSL town officials. Lewis, and then Mayor Kinney. And, they never shared this information with another sole on town council. Does that seem reasonable to you? That fact is easy enough to check out. You can call Mayor Marty Kesmodel who was a councilman at the time at, 910 845-8628 and councilman Craig Caster at, 910 845-2101 and ask them, were you included in the decision and/or were you given any of this information before the hire of Ballree was made? Commissioner Hank Troscianiec had not been elected at that time so he had nothing to do with it. As citizens of Boiling Spring Lakes we have a right to expect leadership from our leaders. I think my simple widget example displays a lack of leadership on the part of Lewis and Kinney. Further, Lewis and Kinney going forward with this hire and not including the full board, is disgraceful. Also, as citizens we have a right to question the integrity of our officials and our Chief of Police. As to the latter, we owe that to the good officers at the police department also. But we do not have to feel sorry for someone that is in a situation of his own making and we do not have to respect and support town officials that clandestinly carry on their agenda. On May 29 the state most likely will make a ruling that will be up or down for Ballree. Our elected officials will be judged at the ballot box and Lewis will answer to the people that ballot calls to serve.

Brutal forum reply

That's right what goes around comes around!

hey i know this guy and he

hey i know this guy and he is not bad at all

slippery character

One thing you should all notice first is Ballree does not appear "on camera" for an open interview. This way he only gives out prepared statements and controls his environment. The fact is, Ballree was accused by the Mt. Olive Town Council of using the town credit card for personal use. He (Ballree) resigned from that position imidialtly without going through an investigation by the town and at that point the town dropped it as their problem was then solved. The thief was gone! Check out the following links. and in this one Ballree refused to hear the allegations and/or cooperate in an investigation. There is a video of the theft, Ballree claimed to the press at the time, but again not during an investigation that the personal car he put the gas in had been used by him for official business. I believe the fact is, the video will reveal the gas went in his son's vehicle. Also, this argument is totally without merit on the grounds of the common practice anywhere when using a personal vehicle for work purposes you get mileage paid instead of a tank of gas. The IRS recognizes mileage, not a fill up! Further, Ballree states to the Wilmington star that he is fully cooperating with the investigation. That is a little misleading. In order for a person to become certified in this state they have to fill out a form about personal history. That is every applicant. Ballree did this. That was the end of it as far as him cooperating at all! Well, with one exception. Town manager David Lewis did have to plead with the state to certify Ballree so Lewis could put him on the job, which the state did but the state also made it clear to Lewis they were not finished with the investigation. Now the state has ordered Ballree to appear. He is compelled to do so or he absolutely will lose his certification. So the extent of his "cooperation" was to fill out the standard form and now appearing when compelled. Now people, lets use some common sense. If you were accused of a wrong doing in your job of 22 years and it was untrue, would you just take a walk, or would you stand your ground, cooperate and exonerate yourself? Ballree choose in Mt. Olive to "duck and run". That in itself speaks volumes as to his character. Ballree goes on to point out no criminal charges were ever brought against him. Why would the town take the time to pursue that when after all it was not a major amount of money lost and their problem was solved with Ballree's resignation? As to town manager David Lewis saying he believes Ballree, PT Barnum pointed out many years ago, "there is a sucker born every minute". Lewis points out that former BSL Police Chief, Richard White, uncovered this info in a background check so, Lewis admits to knowledge of this prior to hire. According the article in the State Port Pilot, when Ballree's hiring was announced this was not the only thing White turned up. There is also the matter of Ballree's son being arrested and convicted for the larcey of four pistols from the Mt. Olive Police Department while Ballree was still chief. Well he was arrested for four but convicted of only one with basally a slap on the wrist for that felony. How much influence did Ballree have on the DA in that? That son still lives in the household and Lewis had to be aware of that element being brought to our community also. Lewis nor Ballree have mentioned a word about allegations that Ballree has used his BSL vehicle for personal use including carrying family in it. There is yet one other financial concern that every time I have tried to put that fact in a blog the comment does not get printed but I hope that is part of the training and standards investigation. I have not a clue if it is. So Ballree is a slippery character that dictates what he wants the press to hear and will not stand the test of an open interview. Now, to Boiling Spring Lakes Town government. The committee that selected Ballree was headed up by manager Lewis and included then, BSL Mayor and now council person, Joan Kinney. All the above information WAS NOT shared with the rest of the town council when Ballree was hired. Then council member Marty Kesmodel (now Mayor) has inherited this mess with the rest of the good citizens at BSL. If in the hearing Ballree is able to dodge this bullet he will be lucky indeed. At least for the first time but over a year late he will have to explain himself to a third party. If on the other hand the state jerks his certification, he will be gone. If that does in fact happen the blame for BSL having to go looking for another Chief falls squarely on the shoulders of Lewis and Kinney. As they made this horrible decision wearing blinders and not including the rest of the representatives of the town they should immediately resign. Certainly Lewis should have nothing to do with finding a new Chief. The State and the Feds have been instrumental in helping right a wrong(s) at the Brunswick County Sheriff's Department. Now the state may step in and right a wrong at the Boiling Spring Lakes Police Department. To the many good and upright LEO's out there I hope this mess is cleaned up one way or another. You as well as the citizens deserve better! Lastly, thanks WWAY for sticking with this story and getting this information that BSL town management was hiding out to the citizens.



bsl chief

That's right! line em up. LEO's are realy making Brunswick County look back. What I want to know can they justify making "us" abide by the law when they aren't? I think the "badge" messes with their little must confuse them..I guess they think when they are issued these uniforms they don't have to follow the rules, they just inforce"poor officers" someone needs to explain policy to them again because obviously they missed that part in their little bit of training they"Gotta love a cop".

Who do you call

Who do you call when you need help or your scared? Let me guess "911". You simple man or boy,an officer must complete over 600 hours just to be certified and then he/she never stops training for the rest of their career. Aquire some knowledge on Police Officers before you open your big trap.