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Boiling Spring Lakes resident is accusing neighbor of animal abuse

READ MORE: Boiling Spring Lakes resident is accusing neighbor of animal abuse
A pit bull is at the center of a dispute between two Boiling Spring Lakes neighbors. Anita Pinckney says her neighbor has a history of abusing dogs. “This is frustrating, this is painful for me. To see these animals being treated so bad, everyday I would cry,” said Pinckney. Anita has lived in Boiling Spring Lakes for 3 years. She claims most of her time has been spent concerned about the dogs her next door neighbor, Jesse Price, has cared for. She said, “I will never forget some of the things I've seen. They're horrific.” Images, she said, of several pit bulls starving without food and water. Reports from BSL Animal Control show she's complained to the department numerous times. The department told News Channel 3 that each time they were called out there were no signs of abuse. Pinckney said there's still one pit bull on the property. This time she is concerned the chain around its neck is too heavy, so she called Peter MacQueen, president of the Humane Society of Eastern North Carolina. MacQueen said, “There's no justification in using a chain to wrap around a dogs neck and using it as a collar.” MacQueen also said they have been trying for the last two months to have the city force Price to replace the chain with a dog collar. News Channel 3 attempted to reach Price for comment but neither he, nor the dog in question, was home. Cephus Hill owns the property. He said Pinckney's complaints are not valid and the pit bull is not being abused. “I find that there's no reason for concern,” he said. And neither does Brunswick County Animal Services or BSL Animal Control. Animal Services said the chain can be used as a collar, and the city said there is no sign the chain is harming the dog. Boiling Spring Lakes City Manager, David Lewis, issued this statement: "Our animal control officer and his supervisor investigated this complaint and found the animal to be in excellent health with no issues of concern. The city considers the case to be closed." News Channel 3 searched the criminal background of Pinckney's neighbor, Jesse Prince, and we did not find any record for animal abuse, only a $100 fine in 2006 for 2 of his dogs attacking a police officer.

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Selective Enforcement, The Rule In Boiling Spring Lakes

Well, well. According to the State Port Pilot the city of Boiling Spring Lakes is going after some folks for not paying fines. Interesting enough is, three of the individuals the city is suing are from claims from the city their properties violate code violations having to do with trash and basically being an eye sore. At the exact same time the city has not so much as written a citation to the neighbor of the lady in this story for his trash dump property or his violation of city codes having to do with his dog. One more fine example of the city picking and choosing who is represented and who is not. What is really odd is, some of the violations that city manager David Lewis has said do not exist are the very same ones they are using to sue others? I guess what Lewis is trying to say is, on this street it is a violation but that code does not exist on this other street. Cronyism and favortisum is at an all time high in Boiling Spring Lakes!

She is not on the BSL Croney List!

The documentation is overwhelming. The city has been given every advantage and expert opinion. The city has already lost major litigation for ignoring facts as to other violations but, they continue to ignore this issue. This city is like the deptor that will not return calls to the collection agency. It is not going to go away because you refuse to face your debts. It will only go away when you have paid them. The present leadership at Boiling Spring Lakes is an embarrassment to the citizens at large.

Sue crazy World

Lets sue the town....lets sue the nosey neighbor....lets sue the troublemaker..... What I'm waiting on is for Mr. Price to sue WWAY for Defamation of Character based on their poor investigative reporting. Before I put someone's name in a story such as this I would at least check the basic facts. Mr. Price does not live there anymore. Oh, and another thought. Has anyone checked the whereabouts of Michael Vick lately? The complainants on here make this sound like something he was involved with. They speak of mistreatment for years which is simply not the case. I know Mr. Price and the current tenant. Sure, the dog is kept on a chain in the yard, but they ARE cared for and loved. They may not have the proper tags displayed, but this isn't neglect for the dog, just the ordinance.....and that wasn't the original point of this article. Write them a citation for that if they want, but this is not animal abuse.

appropriate you bring Michael Vick's name into this

It is so appropriate that you raised the name of Michael Vick in this blog. The courts sure ruled he was an abuser of animals did they not? This week city manager David Lewis recieved an email from the PETA Animal Care and Control Specialist/Cruelty Investigations Division, Teresa Chagrin. Among others the email was copied to were the Brunswick County Sheriff and the Brunswick County D.A. In your misinformed statement you say, "Sure, the dog is kept on a chain in the yard, but they ARE cared for and loved. They may not have the proper tags displayed, but this isn't neglect for the dog, just the ordinance..." Well here is what the animal specialist, Ms. Chagrin had to say about the animal in question. "Mr. Lewis, this is unheard of. What the photographs we have seen depict is an inhumane and dangerous situation that appears to violate state law as well as BSL code..." She goes on further to say, "Dogfighters and those who breed dogs for fighting commonly use heavy chains and deliberately cause chronic discomfort to pit bulls in order to "toughen" and "roughen" their animals. No caring guardian would refuse a collar to his or her dog." Sounds a little like Vick's kind of care now does it not? Lastly, she gave her qualifications, "Mr. Lewis, I have worked at and with animal control agencies for more than two decades." Quite impressive credentials. Would you now please explain your qualifications and explain how you are the most qualified in your ascertains as to the "love" and/or "care" this animal has been given? We will not be holding our breath for that moment to come. But again, we feel you were right on the Money with a mention of Vick! Seems like the owner took a page right out of the Vick book when it came to caring for his animal.

let's sue

Valid point J. Price does not live there anymore & you say you know the current tenant! Of course you do it's his brother...with yet another one of their pit bulls that is on one of the SAME LOGGING CHAINS that his predecessors were inhumanely burdened with. According to the Nat'l Humane Society & PETA & NC Law is inhumane, cruel and illegal. Not to mention the dog had no shelter until the humane society put pressure on city hall and there is indeed evidence no food or water on many occassions, more violations & abuse, the exact treatment of the previous dogs. During the time J Price resided there he loved and cared so much for the 20 dogs he went through that animal control picked up 14 puppies he didn't want leaving one DEAD pup? He moved in March & he left 3 of his poor dogs abandoned there that you say he loved and cared for? The only dog he took with him when he moved is now DEAD? The only remaining dog of the original 20 dogs he has gone through was sadly left over there until the 1st week of November starving until the National Humane Society got involved. You do not seem to be aware of the facts, the law or certainly the definitions of love, caring or abuse. But you do seem to be good friends of the abusers, so tell us what about the TRASH?

PETA Jumps In.

Today, the office of BSL city manager David Lewis received an email from PETA. A copy of that email went to the city clerk, the mayor, full council, the local Sheriff, Brunswick County D.A. and WWAY. That email supported the allegations made my this lady along with the allegations made by the local Humane society. PETA has over 2 million members. It remains to be seen if city manager with support of city council remains steadfast in ignoring the laws of the city and this state. This lady that has been vilified by a do nothing city has the full support of two huge organizations of professionals. Accordingly, BSL has been requested by our group to call in an independent investigation by the SBI as to any illegal acts by city officials. Let us see where that goes. Of course we have low expectations as we are asking the corrupt to police themselves up!


City manager David Lewis is a runaway train. He does exactly what he wants and never what he does not want. He has the full support of former mayor and now commissioner Joan Kinney. With that he has her puppet, Hank Troscianiec. Add to that the bought and paid for chief of police, and they continue to do as they please. This lady and her story is only the tip of a huge iceberg! Open your eyes BSL citizens, before it is too late!

Lewis did his "Smoke and Mirrors" Act for WWAY

To WWAY and Tim Pulliam, Mr Lewis has a knack for using smoke and mirrors and in his "off camera statement" to you he skirted past a fact he just did not want to talk about. If you look at the pictures you aired of the dog you would notice the dog does not have a collar on. Mr. Lewis has been advised by the Humane Society the problem with the heavy chain that is being used and the documentation from a veterinarian to back that up. But also the picture demonstrates a clear violation of a city ordinance. Here it is, taken directly from the BSL web site; "Sec. 3-54. Wearing of collars, tags. Every dog and cat shall be required at all times to wear a collar to which has been affixed a rabies vaccination tag. Every dog shall have a city tax tag attached to the collar." He continues to turn his back on the enforcement of that city ordinance. In addition, when it comes to enforcement another section of the same chapter follows in part; "Sec. 3-4. Abatement of nuisances; citations. (a) The local animal control supervisor and police chief or his agent are hereby empowered to issue citations to any person if there is probable cause to believe that such person has violated any of the provisions of this chapter. Citations so issued may be served in person on the violator by the police chief or his representative or they may be mailed to the person by certified mail if such person cannot be readily found....." The above 3-4 is obviously in the same chapter as 3-54 and it is just as obvious the police chief has done nothing and certainly has not designated anyone else. Also, the picture itself showing the dog with no collar is "probable cause" that a violation has occurred as to 3-54. The plain truth is neither city manager Lewis or police chief Ballree have any intention to enforce a code adopted by the city that pays them. Further, as the Mayor and city council are to a man and woman aware of all of the above, they have no intention in causing their own code to be enforced. You think a speeding infraction would be enforced over next to the golf course? We think so too. BSL is a place of selective enforcement. If you are not one of the select, too bad! Regardless, no citizen is above or below the law. If these people are not willing to enforce city codes, they should resign their position.

That about sums it up

Thank you for posting and informative responce with factual evidence as to what is going on. Your post sums it all up nicely.

BSL ordinances & NC law

reply to catch 22 We have been trying to get the dog ordinances & nuisance ordinances enforced about these two properties starting in 2005 when Joan Kinney was the mayor! She refused a meeting with us & animal control/code enforcement, city manager. Her reason then quote, "Boiling Spring Lakes City Hall does not have an office space were we can all meet." BSL has knowingly & purposefully ignored these valid complaints since 2005. Their actions have been null & embelished with ludicrous excuses.

BSL to Flush Away More Dollars

I can see it coming now. Judge Locklear just ruled against the city on another matter where the city ignored the rules. Well folks, here the city goes again. Certainly since at least one law the city wrote and will not enforce is a known, this lady will seek relief in the courts. Facts as they are, the courts will award her relief. And friends, there will go another pile of our money out the window due to a town manager to lazy to have his employees do their jobs. The same town manager that is supported by a slate of do nothing care nothing council members and mayor. It is going to be something to see everyone of them have to testify in court why they would write codes and not enforce them. Worse, keep paying a city manager that would rather lie about the existence of the codes rather than do his job. I guess all these sorry "leaders" are too blinded by the glitter of their brand new office building to see what is coming.

Guest 1111-What?

I live in BSL. Maybe you do too, hard to tell. Your very lengthy story about the girl and the store sure sounds silly . In comparison it really has nothing to do with this "dog/trash" issue. There are some "people" here in our town that you cannot and probably should not "approach" even in a real nice way.Personal safety should be paramount in some cases and I have met a few of these. They think they are out in the back country and can act the way they please. This would be fine if they move to the back country, but BSL is just growing and growing so many of us actually have neighbors. It is true, BSL has many petty laws and fanny-kissing in our government is right out here for all to see and it is embarrassing. We just try to get along, attend and speak out at our meetings, obey the laws, try to step up , do the right thing before we get slapped down again and again by our City Slickers. Before you ask...We are working everyday to get away from lil old BSL.

Put up a privacy fence

As an animal lover, I have no tolerance when it comes to animal abuse of and kind. If I see physical abuse happening, I'll intervene on the animals behalf even if that means using force to stop it. If I think an animal is being neglected, I have no problem with calling the proper authorities to investigate. That being said. It sounds like this woman didn't get her desired results and now wants to slander the whole town. I'd sue her for harassment and slander if I were this guy. Good fences make good neighbors.

Official maybe?

Are you part of the city committee?

Yeah, let's ignore the problem with a fence

Sometimes a strong message is needed to get action, and those who care, do this. So putting up a fence will only hide the problem for what sounds like dog abuse. Do you make it a habit to enable the abusers? Statistics show that folks who use heavy chains are up to no good.

Do you not believe that officials can be corrupt as well? This is the message being sent.

use force, go to jail

Animal lover or not, if you use force that is one law they are not going to overlook and although you may ethically be somewhat in the right, you would legally be in the wrong. So, you would go straight to jail for assault. The problem would still exist and you would find yourself in jail and most likely civilly sued. Your plan is not a realistic option. You still miss the point. The codes are specific and in black and white. The city refuses to enforce their own codes. If she chooses to go to court to cause enforcement that a telephone call should have brought about, that is the fault of city governement, not the citizen. And they are not going to sue her because the facts are against them and not her. Would you please point out a specific in what she has said that is untrue and therfore slanderous?

Use of force to stop a crime

is called citizens arrest. If I see someone beating an animal unmercifully, you bet I'll intervene. I'm fully capable of protecting myself and the animal until police arrive. This woman has slandered this guy by calling him an animal abuser even after an investigation cleared him. If she wants to sue the town for not enforcing a code, go for it. Yes the dog has a chain around his neck but doesn't look neglected. Not all people let dogs live in the house, put sweaters on them and let them lick them in the face after licking their butt.

you don't know what you are talking about

Fact, as already pointed out, there is no provision for a citizens arrest in this state. Strike one! The Humane Society has deemed the city wrong and the animal being treated cruelly! Strike two! Today BSL received a letter from PETA. Again, the city has been quoted the law and told they were wrong. Strike three! YOUR OUT!

Humane Society, Peta, Your "Facts"

BSL Animal Control told News Channel 3 that "each time they were called out there were no signs of abuse". But that's not good enough for people like you, PETA and Al Gore's Global Warming to sell Carbon Offsets... PETA, LOL. The same organization that sent Ben and Jerry's a letter requesting them to use mothers milk in their ice cream to save the cows... I guess you're the type to stand by and watch an animal get physically abused while calling 911 right?

No, we deal in facts not rhetoric

No, Guestimate, we deal with documented facts using the law and the best experts we can find. We did not stand idly by and we did not break the law and chance going to jail as you or others suggested. The proof is in the pudding. As of December 24 the dog is off the log chain and has an appropriate and legal collar. It appears what you do is to continue to defend the guilty with rhetoric only and not one specific fact.


You didn't read the fact that animal control went out there numerous times after this woman called repeatedly and found no abuse. The land owner didn't find abuse either but that still wasn't good enough. So the dog now has a collar attached to a chain instead of just a chain, great. I don't agree with chaining any animal. This situation went from numerous complaints of abuse and neglect to a proper collar. I'm not defending "the guilty" as you call it, but you've already convicted this guy before he has even had HIS day in court. The so called experts running this country are the reason we're in the shape we're in now. Too many lawyers and experts I'd say. Again, if I see any animal being beaten, two legs or four, I'll step in for the animals sake and risk going to jail. Would PETA and the experts?

You, are an idiot!

You, are an idiot! And it shows. Why don't you go out and make a citizens arrest! ROFLMAO!

Hey Dumb-Dumb

He is not ever going to get his day in court because the corrupt government in BSL is never going to charge him with anything. That is the point!

All Kinds of Abuse!

Beating an animal is not the only method of abuse. Fact, the dog was abused and yes, the lady called numerous times and the city did go out and "say" there was nothing wrong. Just because they "say it" doesn't make it so. The city has refused to enforce there own city codes on this matter and they have violated state law as well. When the "fat lady sings" and she will, you will find the dog was if fact abused. The chain in question has been estimated at about 15 pounds. On this dog that is comparison to putting a 40 pound chain around a 200 pound man, to carry all day and all night. The chain itself without a collar can dig into the skin. A point made and documented by a veterinarian. You were asked by you failed to give your expertise in animal care and welfare. What are they?

And just because you say it

Doesn't make it so either. I said, I don't agree with chaining animals. I was raised on a farm and have worked closely with veterinarians to keep those numerous different animals healthy. I have two loving, very healthy animals in my home now. This area has been inundated with the self righteous from the north that want to take over and make the area just like were they came/escaped from. You elected these people. Maybe this situation could have been avoided by a neighborly knock on the mans door to ask if he needed help cleaning his yard so the neighbor could sell her property. Which I feel is the real issue here.

Raised on a farm?

Raised on a farm, what does that have to do with anything? It sure does not give you the same level of knowledge as a veterinarian. I was raised on a farm but I still expect the authorities to enforce the laws. There is a big difference between "raised on a farm" and "raised in a barn". Can't argue the "neighborly thing to do" but I also, as you, have no clue as to how neighborly the person with the dog and all the trash is. Bottom line still is, law broken, city ignoring it. What is so hard for you to understand about that. And frankly, the people from the north don't have a thing to do with this. Born and raised right here in NC, over 60 years old, and in my book, the law is the law. While we are on the law, aren't you the "expert" that would cause a "citizens arrest" in a state (NC) that has no provision for one? Excuse me but I will take my advice from real and knowledgeable experts.

You better check the NCGS

There is no provision for citizens' arrest in NC. You can legally detain someone, but only in certain limited circumstances, such as a felony, assault, and theft. None of those circumstances apply to the situation you cite. I admire your desire to assist the animal, but in NC the animal is viewed as property and if the owner tries to walk away from you and you stop him, YOU might wind up being arrested.

BS City Fathers neglect their duties

As a native Tar Heel way down here in Texas, I read the news article about the debacle of the chained Pit Bull. It makes no difference if a resident is trying to sell her home or not - animal cruelty is animal cruelty. An owner who keeps a heavy chain on his dog is subjecting this dog to having the collar grow into its neck and becoming embedded. Yes, it certainly does seem that Boiling Springs officials either do not care about laws or are too stupid to take action in this matter. The law applies to all regardless of political connections. Somebody needs to rectify this matter immediately.

Embarrased at Boiling Spring Lakes

Thank you Mayor, Council, and City Manager. Your lack of action and ignoring your own city codes have now been documented via the TV news to peoples in several counties and two states. What rubes they must think we are for putting you in office and tolerating your lack of concern for the law and the citizens of this city. That is so embarrassing but I guess not for you as you seem to have no shame at all!

Be careful

They might find a reason to fine you since you are Not with them in their deceptive deeds, then you have to be against them.. Yep, this means your one of the fine folks that do get fined.