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Boiling Spring Lakes suing residents

Boiling Spring Lakes has already sued more than 40 residents for not connecting to the city's water system. Residents must pay fees to connect, sometimes totaling more than $2,000. The water system was installed a few years ago after residents voted to put it in, but some, like Christopher Conley, still prefer to use their wells. "I don't think it's going to be as good as our water. Ours is like spring water. We can drink our water. I won't drink no city water," said Conley. City manager David Lewis said the town paid $4.5 million to have the new system installed, and that it is only fair that everyone who lives there, use it, and help pay for it.

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Yea, we pay every frickin month for city water that we don't use and we get threatened by the city what will happen if we don't pay! So, we paid our thousands to get the pipe laid, choose to use our well because it will cost even more to get "Hooked Up" and still we pay $45.00 a month for a service we do not use. I think if we live in BSL long enough we will pay for so much more because the "Vote" don't really count, only the "Board" counts.

But not all are included..

Mr Lewis commented that its only fair that everyone who lives in BSL should use the city water system and pay for it. That's an interesting comment as we, my neighbors and I, have requested water service and been denied even though contiguous properties have been provided with this city service. Earlier this spring, we had been told that we were to be included in the next expansion phase but our street was curiously absent from the most recent public notification. Perhaps a clear definition of 'everyone' is in order.

water conservation

This is the problem with our eco-system now, we connect to city/county water and sewer, now that everybody using the water from one source we have a shortage of water and have to go on water conservation due to the water source is usually supplied from one area. I think they need go back to the old way of wells and septic tanks where houses are self sufficient and don't depend on the city/county. You can say the water kinda gets recycled and doesn,t all get dumped in the sewer.

do you have to connect

Why connect just pay the flat rate for water and not hook up. Just recently in Greenville NC, I think it is, the restraunts had to close their doors because of an E-coli contamination in the city water. If the people do not want to hook up do not make them. Let them pay the flat rate if that will satisfy the government. Let them use their own water after all it is a proven fact that chlorine causes cancer, and that is what a person trying to convience people in our neighborhood did not deny when confronted by my grandpa, but said he was not allowed to tell that chlorine causes cancer when injested. So let the people drink the well water if they want to it is healthier than that chlorox in city water supply and a lot healthier than the E coli bacteria. Do not charge them for not hooking on besides they may not have the money and I sure would not borrow money to hook on to city water when I already had a well. It is bad enough people are having to borrow money to put gas in their vehicles to get to work and now they are trying to make them borrow money to pay for water of all things.

I agree you pay so much

I agree you pay so much money for WATER who is to say that we should pay for water and then in Leland you have to pay sewer based on how much water you use who is to say all that water is going back into the sewer I think water should be free Read about chlorine before posting such things as " is a proven fact that chlorine causes cancer...". Generally, the chlorine in the public water supply is at or below 4 ppm. One ppm is equivalent to 1 milligram of something per liter of water (mg/l). This would be the equivalent of a few grains of salt in a 2-Liter bottle full of water. It is true that chlorine GAS is harmful/deadly, but the chances of encountering the lethal dosage are really low for the general population. I agree that if one wishes to not hook-up to the system, then they should have that choice. But fear mongering and unsubstantiated "facts" should not be used to make a point.

why don't we get a choice?

They have the same thing going on in Oak Island, as soon as all the sewer work is done, we are forced to pay for and use this system. We have a well and a septic tank that works just fine. Why don't we get a say in whether or not we wish to tie in? We had to pay our 4000 to the city and now they should just leave us alone! I thought we had the right to purchase and actually own property but it seems that anymore while we get to pay the bills; others get to tell us what we will use or not use and how we may live on our property. somehow this just seems so very wrong!! and even if we shut down the water use and sewer use when it is usable, we get to pay a usage fee even if it is never used...go figure.

i agree

it happened in castlehayne my bill went from 7.00 to 33.00 and i have a septic tank only at most year old

Simpler Yet! The city should

Simpler Yet! The city should cap their wells and force them to pay like the majority. Even if they bypass the city line, they will still pay the monthly fee of $40.00 or so. It makes no sense o bypass for something you're going to pay for anyways.


Not sure how it goes in BSL...but here NHC...I have seen bills for like 5 bucks a month for water usage..there is no flat fee...sewer is based on the amount of water you use as well... 40 BUCKS A MONTH??? I thought I was being raped in NHC for water!!

The government is suing the

The government is suing the people for stealing? not even gonna comment on this one....can't stop laughing long enough

Stealing wow that is funny

Stealing wow that is funny water should be free and you should have a choice


Really....they aren't going to make you abandon your well...Have it hooked up...then bypass the city water on YOUR SIDE after the hookup...put a valve in so you can turn their water off and use your well then have connected to the system, just don't use it...NOTHING they can do about that at all...going to court is going to cost you MUCH more than 2000.00 bucks