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Boiling Spring Lakes woman continues to fight city on code violations by neighbors

READ MORE: Boiling Spring Lakes woman continues to fight city on code violations by neighbors
At the heart of the issue is what Anita Pinckney says is garbage in one neighbor's yard, and mistreated animals in the other. Pinckney said the city takes little to no action when it comes to her complaints about code violations. City Manager David Lewis declined an on camera interview, but showed WWAY a file with all of Pinckney's complaints. Lewis said each is followed up on. Pinckney mainly complains about trash in her neighbor's yard and dogs that aren't fed or watered. We first met her in December, when she shared her concerns about her neighbor's pit bull, being chained to a stake. “Not only is it a quality of life issue, but looking over and seeing the pain of the animals is excrutiating,” Pinckney said. It's a back and forth that's waged on since Pinckney moved there in March of 2005. Pinckney said its evidence of discrimination. “Parts of this city are being protected, and other parts are being ignored.” Some are fined for having less in the yard than her neighbors. Lewis said both properties next to Ms. Pinckney were examined, multiple times, and not found in violation of the city's nuisance ordinance. Anita Pinckney has put her house on the market. She wants to move out of the city because of all the trouble.

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Privacy fence.

Obviously this Anita person

Obviously this Anita person is not a gardener. The photo shows some black pots that plants are in when one buys tem from a nursery. I see a large grey tarp neatly tied over something and there is an ice cooler on a slanted board. I wonder if it recently was used to hold fish? I DO NOT see unsightly clutter or code "violations". I do not know a single person who stores a fish cooler in their house or for that matter cleans it indoors. As far as the black pots go, it would be a shame to throw them in a landfill when they can be reused. These pots are placed around a tree, not thrown haphazardly about the yard and it looks like there are plants in some of them. It is nearing spring. I have my pots out and am preparing them for the cuttings of plants I plan to root and there is a table on wheels in my side yard covered with paper cups full of potting soil and various vegetable seeds that I hope will germinate. This woman would be livid if she saw my used orange juice cartons that have seedlings coming up in them that are also on the table, not to mention the cereal boxes I slit lengthwise and have started greens in. I hope for the neighbors sake this woman does sell her home. I hope she moves to one of those oh so hoity toity snooty gated communities where senior hags walk around with clipboards and rulers writing down violators and measure the heighth of grass in the yards to make sure all are complying. I'll bet her neighbors will be happy when she does move . They'll probably dance and laugh and salute her as she leaves and theyll probably be chanting "Heil, Hitler!" as this little demagog pulls away for the last time. My prayers are with her neighbors.

Mayor sees "second class citizens"

Obviously, you have not taken a trip into this neighborhood and driven down this street. While you make some very valid points you are making them from just this one picture and what little might be seen from the news video. You have to see it to believe it. Also, there is not any pictures or video of the other property she has complained about. It has old fencing, a couple commercial air conditioner units, old lawnmowers and more piled up. As another writer has already stated. The city started law suits against four other families for less than that. And did you not hear what the mayor said to the city manager? They don't believe these people deserve to be treated equal. For those that have seen the area and now hear exactly how the city feels about the people living in that neighborhood, it is hard to believe some would put blame on this woman as she is in fact the victim. Retribution and retaliation is not an unheard of thing in BSL. She is to be commended for continuing to fight a city hall that continues to ignore an entire neighborhood as second class citizens.

This woman said on tv before

This woman said on tv before that all of this trash and the dogs were there when she bought her house. If the neighborhood was in such bad shape, why did she move in there in the first place. I thought I remembered her saying something about buying the house to open a business there or something that didn't pan out. I wonder if the area is zoned commercial? Nobody goes out and buys a property sight unseen. This story says she bought it in 2005. If she bought this house with the neighbors' yards in this type of shape, then if she wants to blame someone for living there in the middle of it, I'm sure she has a mirror in her house somewhere. We have areas in our county that have not changed in the past thirty years. If the county can drive by it every day, I am certainly not going to go buy the house next door and then go nuts trying to get someone make them clean up the property. She should not have bought the house in the first place and since she did, she needs to rent it out if she can't sell it and leave. As far as the city hall treating the community as second class citizens, I'm sure if you asked everyone else there, they are perfectly satisfied with how city hall is treating them and probably wishes this woman would go away. Has anyone considered that some of these people are not physically able to clean it up or else do not have the funds to pay someone to clean it up? Maybe no money for a new fence? I'm sure if this lady and everyone agreeing with her are willing to donate their time and money to clean the area up, the residents and the city would both probably agree to it.

man you hit the nail on the head.

this person is a buzzy body. with nothen better to do than start mess with people. we all know her kind. i think she like reading all these comments. thats how she gets her kicks. wy would any one move to a place that she didnt like the looks of. ive been liveing in brunswick county for 35 years. a lot of people here are old fashion and dont belive in throwing away some thing that they think some body can use. plus we all grow our veggies dont we. I know i sure do. I got flower pots all over my yard in the winter mounths. but in the spring them flowers and veggies sure look pretty growing in them pots. I say if you dont like it just move. or put up a dog ear fence. so you dont have to look at it. and if you mind your bizz people will mind theirs.

BSL "Selective Enforcement"

We ourselves stated these properties were of four families and that is not right. Only three were family properties and one was develpment group. It does not change the facts as to the "selective enforcement" by this city but, we do want to go on ther record as correcting our statement.

BSL Discriminates

First a correction needs to be pointed out. WWAY stated the name of the BSL city manager as "Ken Lewis". That is incorrect. The BSL city manager is, Dave Lewis. While in this telecast WWAY made reference to a previous one having to do with complaints about the mistreatment of animals, this one included other problems that have and still exist today. These problems have to do with at least two other code enforcement issues. The most obvious is the violations of city code having to do with properties being unsightly (junk heaps). The other is the question of, is one of the properties being used as commercial as this is a residential zoned neighborhood. Most of all is this next issue. The city continues to not represent the people in this neighborhood fairly and the city has allowed for years conditions that have not been tolerated or allowed in other parts of the city. On the BSL Website last week, city manager Dave Lewis posted (and bragged) in his "weekly update", "Recently the city initiated legal complaints against four property owners for failure to maintain their properties. I am pleased to report as of this morning all four of the property owners have cleaned up their properties and are in compliance. I appreciate the efforts of Jim Nicholas, Ken Riker, and our attorney Elva Jess." For those not up to speed on this, the city had threatened suits and fines of these four families, enforcing with force city code. These four properties are not in the same neighborhood as the lady complaining in this news cast. Also, the four properties that were forced to clean up were certainly in no worse shape than the properties this lady has been complaining about for years! In the rule of law the only way justice may be served is that all are treated equal and while the city was certainly correct by enforcing city code on the four the city can not be correct and fair if they ignore the exact same violations in another part of the city. It is not fair to those that were required to follow the law and it is not fair to those that have to put up with those that are not required to follow the law. Why would the city be selective as to where they enforce code and where they do not? Of great concern are the words of current mayor, Marty Kesmodel to city manager, Dave Lewis in an email to Lewis as reported in this news cast. In part in the newscast it is reported that Kesmodel states, "I'm not being critical of people who choose to live this way, only that the city can't afford with our current staff and resources make these people keep these properties neat when they don't seem to have that interest." This plays very hard and fast with the facts, although it does prove the city is discriminatory when it comes to representation and enforcement. First, the properties that are in question do not belong to "these people". The properties in fact belong to a single owner that does not live in the neighborhood of "these people" but, over off the golf course in the same neighborhood as the mayor and many on council. As far as Kesmodel stating, "...they don't seem to have that interest" it is one of "they" or "these people" that has been complaining! But to be fair with Kesmodel, this has been going on and ignored since before he was mayor. This lady first started filing her complaints when now councilwoman Joan Kinney was mayor. Also, city manager Dave Lewis has been along for the entire ride, doing nothing! The bottom line is the city has proved if these trash heaps had been in the neighborhood leaders live in, enforcement would have been swift and sure. As this in in a neighborhood the city has no concern for the citizens and by the mayors own words are lesser somehow, there is no enforcement or representation. All Lewis does is send a crony down to view the property that is complained about and then signs off that it is OK. Then he claims all if just fine. It is not! Yes, there was still mention about animal cruelty in this story but, this story goes way past that one issue. "These people" are held to the exact same standard as everyone else in BSL when it comes to property tax rates. They deserve equal and fair representation and they are not getting it.

Why would Lewis even care -

Why would Lewis even care - he is a city manager who doesn't even live in BSL.

City Manager Lewis does not care about BSL!

You are right! He does not care! And, you are right, he does not live in BSL. The only thing he cares about is kissing up to Joan Kinney and being able to do his little "tax" trade on the side. So, when you folks go to city hall and they tell you Lewis is too busy to talk, it is because he is doing a tax return for someone else. Good deal for him. Paid by the city to be there and paid by someone else to do the tax form for them. BTW, his CPA is out of Ohio and not NC. Just a little something he may not have told you about. Also, if he wants to say this is not true, let him make a public statement to such. He won't! It is true!

If I recall the first

If I recall the first article I read on this site correctly, this lady's main complaint was about a pit bull and she had called the animal control daily because she wanted the dog taken away. She even called in some "animal expert" about it who stood there and claimed that the dog was in bad shape, etc. Well, to begin with, every self proclaimed "animal expert" has their own idea of how to care for dogs. Some believe their feet should never touch the ground, etc. (Hello, they are animals.) When I watched the news program she appeared on, she made the statement that she had her house for sale and that when people came to look at it, they saw the pit bull next door and did not want to buy the house because of the neighbor's dog. She may not have meant it that way, but she sounded like she was trying to get rid of the neighbor's dog because she flet she could not sell the house with a dog breed known for issues living next door. It was after numerous complaints about the dog yielded no results that she began complaining about the trash. I understood this woman to say she had just bought this house a few years prior. She admitted that the neighbor owned pit bulls when she bought her house, even more than he has now. So, if that is the reasoning behind her complaints, that is too bad. For animal control to come and confiscate your animal, they have to have proof of criminal neglect and abuse. The fact that it is on a chain, or maybe that she personally does not see it get fed or watered is not proof of neglect. The fact that some "expert" would do it differently is not proof. If the dog was a hunting dog, he could put it out there with no shelter and not feed it at all because there is a totally different set of laws that govern hunting dogs. With the economy in the shambles that it is, we are going to see more and more communities doing without certain services and enforcements. It may not exccuse the trash issues in this area that were reportedly present prior to the economic downturn, but they are not going to be the main priority now. Cash strapped cities and counties are not going to divert money from necessary operations to clean up trash, or to send code officers out to monitor the situation. There are local governments everywhere either laying off people or cutting hours. It will probably get worse before it gets better. I highly doubt it is an issue of discrimination.

It's their JOB to monitor

It's their JOB to monitor and enforce codes, cash strapped or not. They weren't doing that right before, and they aren't doing their job right now. There is no excuse for it. These people are paid to do a job, and they should do it fairly and equally across the board. Unless you think its ok for them to get paid a salary for doing nothing...

What I think is funny is

What I think is funny is this city spends money on monitoring deadend dirt roads with no one living on them just incase they see someone litter but totally avoid real issues. I think if maybe the town made the people clean up that pile of junk in the yard this lady would loosen up a little.

dead end roads

As a property owner of vacant lots on a dead end road, I am glad the city is monitoring "in case they see someone littering" because I am tired of having to clean other people's garbage off of my vacant lots because they are to sorry to haul it to the dump.

Its your vacant lot you

Its your vacant lot you should keep up with the property. It's youres so take care of it. I think its a waste of money for the city to pay to clean up your property.

You're right, it is private

You're right, it is private property. But there is a crime being committed there (illegal dumping), so the city should be doing something to help prevent that. If it were your property, you would get tired of cleaning up after dumpers too.

Thats where you are wrong, I

Thats where you are wrong, I would (AND DO) fully take care of anything that was mine. The city has other things they should be focusing on. It is a huge waste of money to babysit your vacant land, if you want it to stay clean then I would reccomend once a month driving by and picking the trash up!

How is it "wrong" to expect

How is it "wrong" to expect officials to aid in the application of the law? Isn't that part of their job? Isn't that protection part of what we all pay taxes for? YOU might be happy to pick up behind dumpers time and time again, but you shouldn't HAVE to. No one should. No more than a shopkeeper should have to deal with shoplifters on their own. They rely on the law to assist them. Same thing in this case.

No this isnt the same

No this isnt the same thing. The law? The law are you for real? All the law enforcement has to do around here is look for someone to dump some trash on the side of the road? REALLY? When do people start just taking care of their own stuff? Those high priced cameras were a waste of tax payers money.........

where do live?

This comment is for the posters "hey you", "suck it up!", "oh?" and others like you. I have a bunch of trash, debris, and garbage that I don't want to take the time or spend the money to take to the landfill. So I would like your address's so I can dump it on your property. Since it is your property you can be responsable to clean the trash up that I will dump there. PLEASE HELP ME OUT tell me where you live so I can dump ALL the garbage and trash that I have. Since I have no respect for your property and I am to lazy to go to the landfill and you will clean up my trash for me PLEASE, PLEASE TELL ME WHERE YOU LIVE. I also want to thank-you before hand for being responsable for my irresponsable actions. P.S. Just remember you can't call the Town Hall or law enforcement. Remember it is YOUR property so you have to clean up the trash that I dump on your property. Again I want to thank-you

From what I understand these

From what I understand these people arent driving up to occupied homes and throwing items in the yard. I personally agree with the one's who think it's a waste of money for the city to spend on cameras to set up in the woods to watch people drive around. Instead they could have bought dumpsters and offered free dumping in certain location's. I dont think they said they wanted trash in their yard where they live but I would think if I was lucky enough in these hard times to own several pieces of property I would think it was my job as a property owner to make sure it was clean or kept the way I wanted. There had to be a better way to handle the problem and use the money wisely. Now back to the bullheaded comments that have been made regarding this situation, suck it up, it's life.

Occupied or not, dumping

Occupied or not, dumping ones household refuse on private property is illegal. A crime is being committed. The property owners understandably want law enforcement to do something about it, being rather sick and tired of cleaning up after dumpers time and time again. I believe they are happy to maintain their property otherwise. Offering free dumping in certain locations is a great idea though.

Law enforcement is charged

Law enforcement is charged with upholding ALL laws, not ignoring the ones you deem petty. And from all accounts, we aren't talking about the odd bottle or can; people are dumping entire households of garbage, which I can certainly understand a land owner getting sick and tired of cleaning up time and time again. But hey, since you don't mind cleaning up after illegal dumpers, why don't you offer them your address? The city could get rid of the cameras, and everyone would be happy.

When I heard this story on

When I heard this story on the news tonight, I thought it was the same woman. She had her house up for sale and she thinks the neighborhood is why people are not buying it. I wonder if that is the reason the housing markets have collapsed nationwide, because of the neighbors? As far as the dog next door, state law says your dog must be fed and watered ONCE every twenty four hours. If this dog hasn't been fed or watered since the last time she complained, it would have already been dead. The funny thing is, the more this woman complains and gets her face and home on the news, then the less chance she has of selling that house. Why would someone spend money on a house where the owner has to constantly call the authorities on the neighbors? She is killing her own chances for selling it. We had someone in our neighborhood like her. She moved in last and then spent her days complaining if a neighbor sneezed too loudly. The authorities finally asked her why didn't she move? If this lady hates where she lives so badly but can't sell out, why doesn't she rent it out and go?

Well, if she is just one of

Well, if she is just one of those people who complains at anything, maybe her neighbors could clean up their act long enough to let her sell her house and get her out of their hair. Sounds like a win-win.

Get off your butt BSL

This problem exists simply because the city refuses to admit they are wrong. This is at least the third time Lewis has been asked for an "on camera" interview with WWAY and he has yet to show his worthless face. It seems the mayor has explained why the town does nothing. He and city staff look down their nose at "these people".