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Boiling Spring Lakes Police Chief investigation continues

Newly appointed Boiling Spring Lakes Police Chief Emmett Ballree is still under investigation. He is accused of violating rules while he was a police chief in another town. Today he went before the state agency that's handling the investigation, but the meeting didn't last very long. Chief Ballree tells us the Training and Standards Division in Apex postponed his meeting until August. The committee told Ballree they need more time to investigate. Ballree is accused of using the town of Mount Olive's credit card to gas up his personal car. Ballree said he did use the card to put gas in his car, but it was business purposes. If the state agency proves he violated their code of conduct, he could lose his certification as Boiling Spring Lakes Police Chief.

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These are police officer

These are police officer that protect us. Ok he used a gas card . But i would like for these guys to have enough gas in any car they have when i`m having someone break in my home or etc etc.

Stealing Gas!

Dawn, you are missing the point. The police are not going to be coming to your house in their personal vehicle. If you dial 911 they will be coming in a patrol unit. Those vehicles are what the gas card is to be used for and not the personal vehicle(s) of the Chief and his family. By the way Dawn, the allegations against Ballree were almost a year ago when he was Chief in Mount Olive, NC. Balrree chose to resign rather than face those allegations. Now, after almost a year, Ballree suddenly is willing to face them. However, he is now on the payroll here in Boiling Spring Lakes and the citizens of BSL, not Mount Olive are footing the bill for this. That is just plain, not right! The town manager that hired Ballree, David Lewis, is not a citizen of BSL and therefore pays no taxes to this community. I guess that makes it easy for him to write the checks to pay for something that should have been taken care of in and by Mount Olive back in the summer of 2007. Not a dime comes out of Lewis's pocket.

Let's wait and find out what happened

First of all, none of us know exactly what's going on in this case. The Chief says he used gas for work reasons, and maybe he did. How do we know he didn't take his own vehicle to a business meeting, training, or other on the job function and used the company gas card? We don't, so until we hear exactly what happened, let's hold off on the persecution.

Gas Theft?

People, why don't you wait until the commission completes its investigation and releases the results to assume he was stealing gas. Doesn't anyone believe in the presumption of innocence anymore? Didn't the whole Duke/Nifong mess teach us anything?

I work at a hospital. I help

I work at a hospital. I help people DO I GET FREE GAS in my PERSONAL car as well????? And yes, Im on call all the time as well! It is stealing plain and simple!

What job do you have???

I would love to know what job you have at the hospital that puts you on-call all the time. I used to work for the hospital and there were only a select few at the very top of the food chain that are on-call all the time, and they weren't the ones that really did any work. The Chief of Police is on call ALL the time


Who cares? The price of gas is rediculous, and even if he was putting gas in his own vehicle, police are always "on the job". Its rediculous, and people will scrutinize anyone for anything theese days...get a grip, relax, and let the guy put gas isn his car so he can get to work!!!!

Baltree - Tony rrr

Yeah, let him put gas in his car, make his house payment, put braces on his kids teeth, pay for his vacation, give his kids vehicles and gas. Let them get their school supplies at Boiling Springs Lake PD...DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR!!!! NO, he is paid a salary and that is the end of the perks.

Ok...let me help all of you

Ok...let me help all of you out with the real story. I am from Mt.Olive, where Ballree was chief. He never stole gas, he used the town's gas card to put SOME gas in a personal vehicle that was used in an under cover investigation. His police vehicle was marked with the word "POLICE" on all sides of it. Because of past problems with some of his officers he was asked by a commissioner to make sure that the offices of night duty were in fact patroling as they sould. I know all of the facts because I am very close to board members and other officials in Mt. Olive. The paper printed news that sales. They left out some very important parts to that story. Maybe that's why they call them "news STORIES" and not "the truth". I think it's conceded to think you are so smart and know so much about everything that you could make such at harsh judgement against someone you don't know with half truths you read in a news paper or on these blogs. Ask yourself this, why would a man who came from nothing and who has worked so hard to make it to the top (including getting a double major, graduating with top honors in his 40s from Weslyan College) risk a 23 year career for gas?...not expensive trips, cars or a house but gas and not hundreds of gallons..I think the town manager said it was over something like 12 gallons (and not all at once)..yeah that makes sense. I happen to know that this wasn't this first time he had to deal with bs questioning...he had just arrested 3 muder suspects and yet he couldn't seem to do anything right...believe me when I say it was all politics but you won't read that in the paper. I would have quit too. No one should have to put up with that kind of constant harassment.

Many care about the cost of gas!

Many of us care Tony! However, since you don't, hand over one of your personal credit cards to Ballree and tell him anytime he needs an extra tank full feel free to use it. Then just sit back and in your words, relax!

Yeah, Tony, it is fine for

Yeah, Tony, it is fine for someone who swore to enforce the laws to steal gas from the taxpayers since the price of gas is high. Besides, this happened some time ago when it was a lot cheaper. If he had caught you or me doing what he did, we would have been arrested. Using his own car for undercover........baloney! When I was a cop, we borrowed a taxicab to do this sort of thing. Just how much gas do you think he used to drive somewhere and switch off his engine and watch? If he just pumped a gallon or so, maybe that would be OK, but filling his tank?????????? Come on!

Just common sense!

Thank you for the plain common sense reply. One does not have to be a rocket scientist to see Ballree's "story" just does not add up! I wish you were the Boiling Spring Lakes town manager. We taxpayers would not be paying for this now if you were!