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Bail bond of alleged burglar follow-up

READ MORE: Bond followup
According to his release form, Allan Rickenbacker's bond was initially set at $100,000, but then it was reduced to $20,000. Determining a bond amount within our judicial system is sometimes a roll of the dice. Bail bonding has been part of the judicial system in our country for hundreds of years. It is putting up collateral to get the court to release a suspect from jail, while placing pressure on them to stay nearby. Jon David, the Assistant DA said, "The purpose of a bond, is a pre-trial mechanism. It's to ensure their presence in court while simultaneously protecting the community." Typically, the bond is set based on a suspect's criminal history, but at the end of the day, the decision on how high to set a bond is up to the judge or magistrate on the case. Judge Rebecca Blackmore said, "We look at their risk of flight, prior failures to appear in court, the risk of harm or danger to the community, and the way that we can determine their risk or harm is by looking at their prior record, and convictions." Some say judges will lower a set bond, just to help alleviate the problem of overcrowding in our jails. In the case of Allan Slade Rickenbacker, Judge John Carroll made a last minute decision to reduce Rickenbackers bail from $100,000 as prosecutors had requested, to $20,000. "I think the biggest problem is such overcrowding problems and that is why they are reducing bonds, but i don't know if that is the answer." said Larry Powell of the NC Bail Association. "People are presumed innocent, and we have an overcrowded jail, and remember jail is where they are held pre-trial, before their charges are disposed of. And so judges everyday need to make tough choices on who to let out on certain conditions, and who to keep in custody pending trial.," said Powell. According to the assistant district attorney on Rickenbacker's case, a private bond hearing was held to discuss the appropriate bond amount. Once the bond reductions were made, it was posted, and he was let out of jail until his court appearance on September 25, 2008.

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Alan Slade Rickenbacker

He goes to court on Monday, 2/09. watch the outcome folks, for if he walks again, nail down everything you own!!!

Allan Rickenbacker

I had the unfortunate 'privilege' of knowing Mr. Rickenbacker, he tried to break into my house 2X. He is a scourge to New Hanover County, and will remain so as long as he continues to be free to roam the vicinity. He knows the New Hanover Court's revolving door policy so well that he has no fear of retribution from the authorities. Why do you suppose he's been arrested 3 times in one month for the exact same offense? He will never be held accountable for his crimes, and he is well aware of this fact. Bolt your doors & windows, he's not very bright, but if he gets in, and you have anything of value is history!

Sooner or later, he'll pick the wrong house

An armed citizen will be home, and send Mister Rickenbacker to the destination he so richly deserves.

Bond Follow Up

Boy Howdy; I bet this will get the hackles up on all of those folks who judged this individual guilty before his trial. By the way, where was all of the "arm long" crimminal record referred to in last night's news broadcast by the Chief? Had crimminal convictions been presented they would have had an impact on the bond amount. Causes one to ask...Has there been an actual conviction for any crime?

Are you one of those crazy people?

Try going to the DOC website and searching on the name Allan Rickenbacker. I thought my computer had frozen up, it took so long to download his record.