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Booster shot requirements change

Parents: the requirements have changed concerning your children's booster shots. The change concerns the TDAP – tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis vaccine. As of August 1, all children attending public school who are starting the sixth grade need to get the shot if it's been five years or more since their last dose. Plus, all children not attending public school who are 12 years old need it, too -- again, if it's been five years since their last one. And as of July 1, first-time college students need the vaccine.

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Booster Shots raise questions

So I can refuse to give my sons booster shots? I have my children's vaccination card and it is the simplest thing to forge. Reminds me of when I was at Kinkos and saw 3 Mexicans faking soscial security cards and Mexican drivers licenses. I wonder if those kids comiing in across the border have fake vaccination cards.

You do not have to forge

You do not have to forge your sons' vaccination information. NC provides a waiver for you to complete if you have a bonified (in the states eyes = religous) objection to vaccination. It is unfortunate that one must have a religous objection, rather than a personal belief. But at least there is an option! "G.S.130A-157. Religious exemption. If the bona fide religious beliefs of an adult or the parent, guardian or person in loco parentis of a child are contrary to the immunization requirements contained in this Part, the adult or the child shall be exempt from the requirements. Upon submission of a written statement of the bona fide religious beliefs and opposition to the immunization requirements, the person may attend the college, university, school or facility without presenting a certificate of immunization."

It should be noted that

It should be noted that vaccination is not REQUIRED in NC. You may file a waiver for school purposes. You will not be advised of this in the hospital or your doctors office. I chose to delay vaccination at the birth of my child. In the hospital a nurse, nurses-aid, and the pediatrician stated that I must vaccinate because it was the law. I had spent many months researching vaccination and was aware of the truth of the law. At my daughters 2-week checkup a pediatrician told me if I was not ready to vaccinate by our next appointment, not to bother returning to her practice. I didn't return to that office, and wouldn't have even if I had decided to vaccinate. A medical professional should realize that the patient (or guardian) has the right to make an informed decision. I found it interesting that at the birth of my second child only 16 months later - the hospital was delaying the same "routine" vaccinations. My children are 8 & 9 now. They have not suffered any illness that would have been prevented by vaccination. They rarely have a cold and have never had an ear infection. Neither have ever had to see a doctor due to illness. Maybe we are lucky - or maybe there is something to the vaccination debate.

MMR and Autism

Within 2 weeks of my son receiving his 12 month MMR and Hep Booster he stopped talking. That was 3 years ago. My son can now say Mommy, no, bad, truck, bye bye and go. We just celebrated his 5th birthday. 2 years of therapy has gotten him to the point where he can eat cake with a spoon. I have a video of my son eating his first birthday cake with a spoon. Well and hands but the point is things changed drastically after the MMR jab. Coincident? Who knows. If there was a 2% chance of you losing your child to autism because of a vaccine would you do allow him/her to be jabbed? Today one out of 94 male newborns will be diagnosed with autism. When my son was born it was 1 out of 600. I don't know what it is but something is happening to our children and it seems vaccines play a role.

Remember the lies by the tobacco industry?

The study mentioned in the MSNBC report compared 250 children born in 1990 or 1991. 98 of the children had an autism spectrum disorder: 52 had special educational needs, but no evidence of autism spectrum disorders; and 90 were developing normally. According to the press release, All the children had been vaccinated against MMR, but not all of them had been given both doses. Blood samples were taken, to check for the presence of persistent measles infection, or an abnormal immune response, indicated by circulating measles virus or increased antibody levels. Results of the blood sample analysis showed that there was no difference in circulating measles virus or antibody levels between the two groups of children. This finding was not affected by whether or not the child had received both MMR doses or whether or not they had regression. Furthermore, there was no evidence of bowel symptoms (enterocolitis) among the autistic children, irrespective of whether or not they had regression. Children who were autistic and those with special educational needs were less likely to receive the second dose of MMR, possibly reflecting parental concern about vaccination following the diagnosis of a developmental abnormality. The authors point out that theirs is now the third, and largest, study that has failed to show a link between the MMR jab and autism. Once again, I am guessing that those who support an MMR/autism connection will not be impressed. Most people would, of course, agree, that the MMR does not cause autism in most children - or most children would be autistic. But many parents of children with autism say that their child's regression occured, quite literally, within hours of the MMR injection. The question in many parents minds, then, remains: are some children predisposed to be more sensitive to the MMR than others? If so, is it the case that some children develop autistic symptoms as the result of the injection?

Booster shots ruining lives!

Why is it so many vaccines are forced upon our children and yet we have seen epidemics of chronic fatgue, autism, hyperactivity, lowered immunue syndrome, asthma, attention deficit disorders, juvenille crime and other illnesses not otherwise known 20 years ago. Why are we seeing so many kids lives ruined? Is it the water? Pollution? Or is it the poisons being injected into our children? Ask for LIVE vaccines, Thiomersal free.

Pure Bunk

No cause & effect has been linked to autism caused by vaccines.


In 1999 the U.S. government asked vaccine manufacturers to stop using thimerosal at about the same time families began filing claims with the government alleging a thimerosal-autism connection.

October 2007 New England Journal of Medicine - Vaccine Damage: Parents receive $2B compensation pay-outs - Vaccine manufacturers have paid out nearly $2B in damages to parents in America whose children were harmed by one of the childhood jabs such as the MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) or DPT (diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus). In all, around 2,000 families have received compensation payments that have averaged $850,000 each. There are a further 700 claims that are going through the pipeline. None of the claims is for autism as medical researchers say they have failed to find a link between the disease and the MMR vaccine, despite the initial findings made by Dr Andrew Wakefield. Instead they are for a wide spectrum of physical and mental conditions that are likely to have been caused by one of the vaccinations. Around 7,000 parents have filed a claim of an adverse reaction with America's Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP). To win an award, the claimant must prove a causal link to a vaccine. As the medical establishment has refused to recognise any link to autism, the VICP has so far rejected 300 claims for this outright. (Source: New England Journal of Medicine, 2007; 357: 1275-9).

Viera Scheibner, PhD - "Ever since mass vaccination of infants began, reports of serious brain, cardiovascular, metabolic and other injuries started filling pages of medical journals." In fact, pertussis vaccine has been used to induce encephalomyelitis, which is characterized by brain swelling and hemorrhaging"

Bart Classen, a Maryland physician, published data showing that diabetes rates rose significantly in New Zealand following a massive hepatitis B vaccine campaign in young children, and that diabetes rates also went up sharply in Finland after three new childhood vaccines were introduced.

The FDA admits that the 12,000 reports it receives annually on pharmacologic side effects from vaccines represent only a fraction of what actually occurs.

Congress is calling for criminal penalties for any government agency that knew about the dangers of thimerosal (mecury) in vaccines and did nothing to protect American children. Congressman Dan Burton (R-Indiana) during Congressional Hearing: "You mean to tell me that since 1929, we've been using Thimerosal, and the only test that you know of is from 1929, and every one of those people had mennigitis, and they all died?" For nearly an hour, Burton repeatedly asked FDA and CDC officials what they knew and when they knew it.

Rebecca Carley, M.D - "If children receive all recommended vaccines, they will receive 2,370 times the "allowable safe limit" for mercury in the first two years of life (as if there is such a thing as a "safe" amount of a toxic poison). Yet, even after Congressional hearings instigated by Congressman Dan Burton (whose own grandchild became autistic after receiving vaccines) resulted in the FDA requesting (not ordering) vaccine manufacturers to remove this toxic heavy metal from their products, mercury is still present in many vaccines."

Russell L. Blaylock MD Neurosurgeon - "Most have at least heard about the controversy surrounding possible harmful effects of some of the vaccines. What is less well known is that even greater dangers exist than are being conveyed to the general public. Much of this information is buried in highly technical scientific journals beyond the reach and understanding of the average person. Of special concern is the relationship between vaccine policy, autism and the Gulf War Syndrome. I shall use the Gulf War Syndrome as an example of a vaccine policy gone berserk, while including discussions of other dangers as well."

One hundred years ago, children received 1 vaccine (the smallpox vaccine). Forty years ago, children received 5 vaccines routinely (diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, polio, and smallpox vaccines) and as many as 8 shots by 2 years of age. Children now receive 52 vaccines, in the form of 15 shots, by the time they are 6 months of age if they receive all the recommend shots, including the Prevnar pediatric pneumonia shot. Vaccines contain THIMERSOL (mercury), MSG, aluminum, formaldehyde, sucrose and phenoxyethanol, which is antifreeze, among many other things. Thimerosal, a vaccine ingredient, is nearly 50% mercury. Mercury is a NEUROTOXIN. EPA 'safe' levels are: .1 microgram per 1.0 kilogram of body weight per day. Vaccines contain 12.5 to 25.0 micrograms of mercury, and a 'well baby' visit can see your child have between 50 and 62.5 mcgs of MERCURY injected into their bloodstream. The CDC (US) has found a trend linking autism to mercury laden vaccines. Thimerosal is a registered pesticide with the Department of Pesticide Registration of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Vaccination decimates populations. Drastically in Third World countries. Chronically in industrialized countries. In this regard, Robert McNamara, the former President of the World Bank, former Secretary of State in the United States, who ordered massive bombing of Vietnam, and a member of the Expanded Program on Immunization, made some very interesting remarks. As reported by a French publication, j''ai tout compris", he was quoted as stating: "One must take draconian measures of demographic reduction against the will of the populations. Reducing the birth rate has proved to be impossible or insufficient. One must therefore increase the mortality rate. How? By natural means. Famine and sickness."(Translation)

Vaccination enables the selection of populations to be decimated. It facilitates targeted genocide. It permits one to kill people of a certain race, a certain group, a certain country. And to leave others untouched. In the name of health and well-being, of course.

So what you are trying to

So what you are trying to say is we could just"control the population" by having epidemics again.

Safe Vaccines?

There are ways to make safer vaccines. Unfortunately for now we are killing people and ruining the developmental potential of children in the name of progress. Sort of like we did when there was a race to MARKET the first polio vaccine. The upside for people like Ramsey and the World Bank is that the use of toxic vaccines creates an economy boost for health care and eliminates hungry mouths in third world countries. Link to the polio bioethics disaster. Page 68-69 "In the wake of these first bold experiments twelve of the treated children became paralysed and six died. Whether the vaccines were to blame, or whether the children became infected with wild strains of poliovirus against which the vaccines gave no protection is unclear. At that stage no-one was even certain how many different strains of polio existed. Nevertheless, at an emotion-charged meeting of the American Public Health Association in November 1935, Dr James Leake of the United States Public Health Service, whose investigations had convinced him the vaccines were to blame, passionately accused the researchers, according to one account, of murder. In the rather more discreet official record, he addresses Kolmer crying "I beg of you, Dr Kolmer, to desist from the human use of this vaccine".5 Rising to his feet, Kolmer replied with great dignity: "Gentlemen, this is one time I wish the floor would open up and swallow me." A bitter Park retorted "It looks as though, according to Dr Rivers, my vaccine is no good, and according to Dr Leake, Dr Kolmer's is dangerous." The vaccines were recalled and destroyed. Destroyed too were the reputations of the men who had made them. Maurice Park abandoned his work in disgrace and died heartbroken in 1939. Brodie lost his job at New York University Medical School. Kolmer returned to his post but moved on to other fields of research. The outcome of this minor disaster was to bring a virtual halt to work on polio vaccines for the next fifteen years, and to cast a long shadow over what was to follow. " And a link to a timeline questioning whether or not polio is infectious and supposes that it is environmental. Vaccines are both God and the Devil.