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Boseman adoption ruled invalid


RALEIGH, NC (AP) -- North Carolina's highest court has ruled an adoption method used by a same-sex couple where one partner already is the biological parent is invalid. The state Supreme Court ruled 5-2 on Monday in the case involving outgoing state Sen. Julia Boseman, ex-domestic partner Melissa Jarrell and Jarrell's son.

A District Court judge granted Boseman's request to adopt Jarrell's son in 2005 while waiving a requirement that Jarrell would have to give up her parental rights in the process.

Justice Paul Newby said the adoption is void because the Legislature doesn't allow such a waiver.

A majority of justices let stand another lower court ruling allowing the two to have joint custody of the child.

Two justices wrote the adoption was lawful.

See the whole ruling at

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There's no bigotry involved

The law is quite clear in the requirement for Jarrel to surrender her parental rights in order for Boseman to adopt, because the law doesn't allow for "two Moms" when one of them is the biological mother, Heather not withstanding.

The district judge waived that requirement, but the law allows for no such waiver. The district judge basically added to the law, something a judge isn't allowed to do.

If the GLBTQXYZ community has a bone to pick it's with the legislature, not the Supreme Court. Change the law if you can, but don't gripe about the Supreme Court accurately interpreting both the law and the intent of the legislature at the time it was passed.

Julia's Gay Rights

Your wrong, Gay family's don't have the same right to love their children? Since gay's of a same sex cannot have children, the only way they can spread their perversion is to adopt. I have never seen a gay person on TV that wasn't sexually assaulted as a child, and they grow up to be that way, versus being supposed born that way. It's not that Julia couldn't take care of the child, and love it, but she shouldn't be allowed due to her perversion, and the same goes with Jarrell, she is a threat to the well being of the child. All they plan to do is spread tollerence!


You're wrong (note correct spelling). Perhaps if you got off your butt ,stopped watching so much TV and left your trailer park you may have the opportunity to meet a gay person and realize that they are just like you....Um wait.. NO, they wouldn't be bigoted, closed-minded and archaic in their thinking like you so I take that back.

Who abused you as a child to make you so bitter towards people not like you? Maybe you should stop watching Maury Povich and make an appointment with a therapist. You do not seem like you should be raising children yourself frankly.


That has to be the most ignorant post I have seen in weeks. Are you really that stupid? Your statement "I have never seen a gay person on TV that wasn't sexually assaulted as a child.." Is completely ignorant and without merit. Is that the only place you have been able to get information? The TV? Try turning it off sometime and get out a little more.


You are truly disgusting and quite frankly you need to come out of the closet already. It's amazing that such hatred and bigotry still exist...

I think the ruling voiding

I think the ruling voiding this sham of an adoption is great. I think it is pretty obvious what was up there.

However, I think the ruling on the joint custody is ridiculous. If a man and a woman was shacked up and she had kids from a previous relationship, I don't care if that man is the only dad those kids ever knew in their lives, when its over it would be over. And there isn't a court in this land that would award joint custody to a non-biological third party on that basis. I have seen it happen before and they could not even get a lawyer to take the case. In the case I am speaking of, no one informed the man in question that "it was a temporary situation", and he was the sole support for the kids until she found a new fool.

I would encourage Ms. Jarrell to keep pursuing this. The adoption has been set aside, Boseman is in no way related to this child, and they were in no way legally married. If Boseman wants to be a mother, I suggest she try the old fashioned way, or maybe just "in the best interest of the child" take a pass on the idea altogether.

Boseman Adoption

The child involved is the one who will suffer because the adults involved love him deeply. Your bigotry would harm any child even in a heterosexual relationship

Jusitce 1 Boseman 0 !

Thankfully justice prevailed against the underhanded dealings by Julia Boseman. This is a joyful day in the lives of those who take comfort in what is right. Too bad she isnt in prison for attempting such things.

Justice 1, Boseman 0?

Really? You want her in prison for contesting an adoption? Leaving aside that you're clearly unfamiliar with the difference between criminal and civil matters, are there any other interesting new crimes you'd like to make punishable by incarceration?

Family Values?

Underhanded dealings? She fell in love with someone she intended to spend her life with and that someone ALLOWED her to adopt her child. Marriages in our state end in divorce and child custody debates all the time and it sometimes includes step children and adoptive children but regardless just because a marriage or a committed relationship ends doesn't mean you take away your ex's rights to your child. I am sorry that the biological mother who FYI is still a LESBIAN is using her child to hurt another person. And I am sorry that our bigoted legal system as it stands allowed it to happen.

we shall see who will have

we shall see who will have justice in the end. Wanting to send someone to prison for wanting to start a family.. your a mean person. and my mom always told me mean people should be in prison... i guess each person has a different view on what is "right".

I can't believe this

I can't believe that you actually believe that. This means that Straight people are ripping apart gay families because they have a personal belief that gay is wrong. There is nothing wrong with gay families. They love their kids more than anything else. You know why? Because all kids of gay families are more than wanted...they are fought for. Friends of mine who are a gay couple spend thousands of dollars to raise children....thousands! and they don't think twice about it....they just want to have a loving family. And statistics back this up too. And Julia Boseman not only fights for gay families but for families free of domestic violence through her legislation. What do you think is going to happen to all those kids that could have been adopted???? This is why we will continue to fight for our rights until we have equal rights!!!


You said a mouthful when you said, "spends thousand of dollars" to raise them. Any child costs thousands of dollars to raise. So, what's your point ? I'm very concerned about the morals of our society. What used to be accepted as good is now bad and the opposite is the norm today. Evil is now good. The more perverted it is the better. We are living in a Saddam and Gamora(I looked it up.)world today. How much longer oh Lord must me wait for your return ? People, remember you were warned; either repent of your wickedness or burn eternally in hell. Terry*

I totally agree.

I totally agree.

No Justice!

Justice did not win today. It is a shame that NC is denying children the right to have two legal parents to provide for them and love them. There are many same sex couples with children and by denying the non-biological parent legal rights to the child the state of NC setting that child and the non-biological parent up for a long legal battle if anything should happen to the biological parent.
All children should be so lucky to have two parents that want them, be it parents of the same or opposite sex.