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Boseman and Lee battling it out till the end

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The 9th District State Senate race has become hotly contested. Incumbent Democrat Julia Boseman has been dogged by personal financial matters pushed further into the spotlight by Republican opponent Michael Lee. The last hours before Election Day for Boseman and Lee were spent very differently. After a hard fought, long campaign, both candidates for the 9th District State Senate Seat are heading into the election with a positive attitude. "We have had a great campaign; I've had a lot of fun and learned a lot. I've met a whole bunch of folks from our community and learned a lot about our community I didn't already know," said Michael Lee. "We feel good about the race, but we are not taking anything for granted or we wouldn't be going out knocking on people's doors asking for their votes," said Boseman. Incumbent Democrat Julia Boseman spent the day canvassing with volunteers, urging voters to head out to the polls if they haven't done so already. Her challenger, Republican Michael Lee spent the day at his law office. Both candidates agree, the race to Raleigh has been a tough one, especially when it comes down to their opinions of each other. Lee acknowledged that he and Boseman are on different ends of the spectrum. “I don't agree with some of her policies, generally speaking. I wouldn't have made some of the choices she has made. But we really want to focus on some of the things we want to do in this campaign, and if I'm elected to the North Carolina Senate, I can really help North Carolina get back on track." Boseman knows that the campaign has been nasty and is ready for Election Day to get here. "It's been a difficult campaign. I think the race that my opponent did was probably the nastiest one I've ever seen or been through, but we have people here who are concentrating on the issues an know my record, and that's what we are hoping for on Election Day." Each candidate argues that understanding the needs of this community is what makes them the best choice on Election Day. Lee and Boseman will be campaigning hard at the polls Tuesday. Lee plans on watching the numbers come in at the New Hanover County Government Center. Boseman will be watching the end of Election Day from the comfort of her home.

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Boseman Steals Latino Families Money & Home


Boseman wins

Well I'll be darned. I guess the better man won. I guess Butch will have a gay old time now in our new socialist government.

B. Hussien

There is tremendous voter fraud taking place in every state, and right here in Wilmington. The blacks will do whatever it takes to get Hussien elected! It makes me sick! Unfortunantly we are going to get what we didn't ask for! The american public has become deceived and we are in for economic depression and islamic attacks!

Well, I suggest you crawl

Well, I suggest you crawl back under which ever rock you came out from under so the terroist don't get you. Ignorance is not bliss.

Give it up people...

I suppose you all swat at bees too without realizing how important they are for life. I haven’t heard anything intelligent from any of you. When are you all going to realize the there are always three sides to every story; yours, mine and the truth. Please stop swatting at our senator. She is doing a good job and it makes you sound like a school yard bully that no one likes. If you don’t agree with her politics, simply don’t vote for her. You don’t have to be snooty about it. It’s not becoming.

Boseman a disgrace

Swat our Senator? She may be your Senator but she is nothing but a dirty politician. Look at what she did to that Hispanic couple. You can see the papers your precious Senator signed to cheat a family out of their double wide mobile home while she lives in her million dollar mansion. Go to to see the Contract to Purchase where she sold the Castillo family a mobile home in Jan. 05, then borrowed $40,000 on the property in Feb. 05. She took their money and their home. She may be your Senator but to many of us, she is a disgrace.

The sting of naive

I suppose you to would forget the importance of bees when they sting you. What you don't know about Boseman could be painful.......

Michael, I suggest you read

Michael, I suggest you read the Wilmingtonstar News. Boseman owner financed a mobile home to a Hispanic couple, then took a loan out on the property, didn't pay the payments, and they are losing their home. Forget politics, what about morals and ethics. Do you really want someone like that running our state?

No matter what the

No matter what the Republicans do, it can't be worse than what Boseman has done to that Latino family! She took a loan against their house after she sold it to them and then she didn't make the payments, so it's in foreclosure!!! Boseman is an elite, white woman who could care less about blacks or latinos. As a matter of fact, she exploits them and anyone else she can! She's a CROOK & LIAR!

I don't like Boseman either,

I don't like Boseman either, but your desire to make it about race is disgusting.

Whether it is about race or

Whether it is about race or not really does not matter. It is against the law to sell someone a mobile home and then to borrow money against it. She was supposed to transfer title to the mobile home when she originally sold it to them in Jan., 05. She would have placed herself on it as lienholder. If they defaulted on the payments, she would have had legal recourse to reposess it. But it is illegal for her to then borrow money against it in Feb., 05, and if she had properly transferred title, she would have been unable to borrow against it. She could be charged criminally and also civilly sued over this.

Cowardess from Lee: Desperate man

The repubs are so desperate they are passing out materials that are in clear violation of electioneering law...they are also only passing out some of these same materials to CERTAIN voters..thus profiling...gotta love it..but it is wrong, underhanded and illegal. All materials must have a "paid for or provide by", but this does not...Lee does not even have the courage to put his own name on things that are being passed out? I will take a proven, effective Legislator who stands up to her personal problems over a coward cheerleader any day!

"Butch" versus "Lee"

It sounds like you are bit desperate by crying about a technicality. You say Boseman is standing up to her personal problems, what a joke. In reality, she is turning her back to them. Some of her own people are getting burned by her careless and sloppy management.

Mike vs. Butch

I think that these two should settle it like real men and arm wrestle.

Re: Mike vs. Butch

That was funny! lol. In all seriousness though, North Carolina needs someone that will do something in both the U.S. Senate and the NC State Senate which is why I'm voting for Kay Hagan (a proven NC leader) and Julia Boseman (who has passed and sponsored more bills than Michael Lee can get his head around.) Lee would be another Liddy Dole only at a state level. Vote Hagan and Boseman!


She's watching the election from the comfort of her own home?? Is she trying to enjoy what little time she has left before this home is foreclosed on too??? Or maybe she is packing for when the citizens of Wilmington rise up and run her out on a rail!!!! GO MICHAEL LEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boseman's questionable

Boseman's questionable reputation should make voters question her. Personal life has always indicated character, and ability to do a job. Forging voter documents is not a good indicator, among many questionable personal events. To say there is no connection between a representative's personal behavior and ability to represent voters, is a "no go" to many voters. I'm voting Michael Lee!

Vote for Michael Lee

Same for me, voter. I don't harbor any grudge against Boseman, but I'm tired of her soap opera. It is a very serious time in our country and in our state. We need a candidate who can devote their full attention to the tasks at hand. Boseman needs to tend to her life right now.