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Boseman custody case could set same-sex adoption precedent

READ MORE: Boseman custody case could set same-sex adoption precedent

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A state senator's custody battle could decide the future of same-sex adoption in North Carolina. In 2002 Sen. Julia Boseman's then partner Melissa Jarrell gave birth to a son. Three years later Boseman became the boy's second legal parent.

"The biological mom, in such cases, is also informed and agrees that the adoption would be valid forever, even if their relationship breaks up," said Virginia Hager, a family law attorney in Wilmington.

But after the couple split up, Jarrell asked to have the adoption voided, because, she argues, North Carolina does not allow same-sex adoptions in which one partner is the biological parent. Lower courts dismissed that argument and said because Jarrell signed off on the adoption it would stand.

Wednesday the state Supreme Court heard arguments from both sides. So far the state has allowed more than 200 same-sex adoptions with the biological parent's consent. If the state Supreme Court supports the lower court decision, more district court judges could allow these adoptions to take place.

"The family law section may put forth a proposed amendment to the adoption statute to clarify the status of these types of cases and the procedure that should be followed," Hager said.

If the state Supreme Court rules against Boseman, all of the existing adoptions could be challenged. If the court acknowledges Boseman's adoption as valid, it could make the process much easier for future same sex adoptions. A decision could take months.

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Way to go idiots...

Good job you two selfish, thanks to you're selfishness-other same sex couple's families future hangs in the balance because you two can't get along. Did you stop to think about what you are doing???Oh, no, wait..that wouuld require you to be selfless...this is not good for you, the poor child you are playing tug of war over, or the future of so many that will follow...way to go idiots!!

Jarrell made the decision to

Jarrell made the decision to have a child within the relationship and now she is basically saying that the relationship wasn't "real" because she feels that she may be able to skirt around the laws to serve her own selfish purpose. The relationship was real enough to bring a child into the world so it should be real enough to recognize that both persons involved are true parents. What an insult Jarrell is to other same-sex couples that are raising children! If the gay community expects to gain any ground then we have to take responsibility and hold ourselves to the same standards as heterosexual couples. The love for BOTH parents is real!

needs dss intervention

Sounds like the DSS needs to investigate the entire situation.
The poor kid does not need to go through all this.
Julia B already admitted to smoking pot in the past-why is nobody looking out for the kid?
Where is the father in this soap opera?


Smoking pot? Do you know how many parents there are that do that every day??? Drink everyday, do hard drugs everyday?? Where is DSS? They are BUSY.

Leave Boseman alone. The ONLY reason any of this is news is because of her sexual orientation. I swear, I hope all you haters bear a gay child so you will finally realize it is nothing you did and they are just born that way.


These two angry women, mostly Jarrell, could possibly destroy the rights of same-sex families across the state and void their right to raise a child. They had the child as two parents when they were together, they should agree to joint custody and move on. Very much a shame...

a shame WilmingtonMaj

That is 100% on the money ! ALL this talk about same sex marriage and having a young child involved turns my stomach. It will in the end lead to destruction. God promises that.

Response to WilmingtonMaj

All this talk about hetero marriages and raising bigots like you turns my stomach. There's a warm place for you in hell with all that hatred - guaranteed! Have a wonderful day!!! I'll pray for you...

read the Bible Parcel

I promise you I will not burn in hell. I did not say I hated anyone. The Bible does say God abhors such things. I hope you pray for yourself.


What an entirely ignorant comment. God is nothing but a fictional creation to ease the mind of those with self esteem so low they can't put faith in themselves and mankind, without creating a mythical bearded brute in the sky who tells everyone what to do and burns you for eternity if you don't bow down to him. THAT is what turns my stomach. The right of two loving individuals to raise a child, whether gay, straight or otherwise should be no concern of yours. I find it abhorrent that right-wing christian nuts would rather see an entire generation of children raised in foster homes, orphanages and the state than by two people who would offer the child a loving home. That is quite frankly disgusting and yet oh so typical of people such as yourself!


Both of you sound just alike...hateful as hell just sitting at different ends of the fence!