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Boseman, Lee debated Thursday night

READ MORE: Boseman, Lee debated Thursday night
The vice presidential candidates were not the only political opponents debating last night. Candidates running for the 9th District State Senate seat, Democratic incumbent Julia Boseman and Republican challenger Michael Lee also squared off in Wilmington. Boseman is looking to clinch a third term in her North Carolina Senate seat, which Lee is closely eyeing. A panel asked the candidates questions submitted by New Hanover County residents. They agree on some issues, such as not allowing illegal immigrants into state universities and not banning cell phones while driving. “It's not something that I would support at this time, a total ban on cell phone use, because then we have to look at texting and many of the other things that people do in their car," said Boseman. Michael Lee said, "We really do need to let technicians and engineers make decisions versus politicians."> On the issue of gas prices, Boseman reminded the audience that she re-capped the gas tax and of her interest in looking at alternative energy sources and decreasing oil dependency. Lee said he would work to bring the gas tax down. Jim Russ attended last night’s debate and said, "Senator Boseman had some excellent ideas and of course she has experience in the legislature, so she has some insight, so to speak, information. I think Michael was extremely well-prepared." Lee also expressed concerns that New Hanover County schools are not receiving as much money from the lottery system as other schools in the state. Boseman said the lottery generates funding and keeps money at home in North Carolina, rather than forcing people to buy tickets in neighboring states. "I was impressed by the manner in which the candidates conducted themselves," said Russ. On the issue of offering incentives to Titan America for a Castle Hayne cement plant, Boseman is absolutely opposed. Michael Lee did not have a definite answer. He said he does not want something harmful brought to the area, but that there are still a lot of questions to be answered.

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I certainly hope Michael Lee wins this race. Julia Boseman is not fit to be parenting a child much less being a senator. Her first newly elected comment was that she wanted into the family of R.C. Soles Jr, Thomas Wright, and the other "corrupted crowd" in Raleigh. Well, Thomas Wright is sitting in prison today and hopefully R.C. Soles, Jr. will be too after the election. I don't think this is a "family" I would want to be a part of, but that's Julia for you. She has poor taste and bad judgment, all the more reason for voters to elect Michael Lee. We need to clean up Raleigh. Getting rid of Julia Boseman and R.C. Soles, Jr. would be a start in the right direction.

Boseman Lee debate

I was disappointed no one asked any tough questions about character and ethical behavior. No one asked about allegations of forgery and the use of the N-word. No one asked developers money and out of state PAC money funneled into the campaign coffers. I'd like the following asked: The North Carolina General Statutes does not allow second parent adoptions by unmarried couples. N.C.G.S. § 48-2-301, provides, "If the individual who files the [adoption] petition is unmarried, no other individual may join in the petition." Because North Carolina does not allow or acknowledge same sex marriages it is not legally possible for a lesbian to adopt a child. Senator Boseman is suing for the custody of a child she is not the legal parent of because she was never married to the biological parent. What legislation is there that can be passed that would allow lesbians such as Senator Boseman rights to a child born of another? Would you change the adoption laws so that single couples can adopt and share parentage? Would you allow same sex marriages?