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Boseman responds to questions about qualifications for judge seat

READ MORE: Boseman responds to questions about qualifications for judge seat

State Sen. Julia Boseman has decided to run for district court judgeship, but her past is haunting her.

Boseman is no stranger to public service. She's served as a New Hanover County Commissioner and then as a State Senator. Both her public and private life have people questioning her qualifications.

The StarNews wrote an editorial saying her judgement may not be the best judgement. Boseman disagrees.

"Being an attorney, yeah I've certainly wanted to be a judge for a while," she said. "Just haven't had the opportunity, but since I'm leaving the General Assembly, I thought this would be a good time to give it a run.

"I always try to be open and honest with the folks here and fair, and I'll be a very fair judge."

This is a newly created judgeship that's never been filled. Wilmington attorney Chad Hogston is also running for the seat.

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Her lack of judgement is exhibited in her thinking that she is qualified to be a judge.


hubris ...

What an ego. Didn't she have property that ended up being foreclosed? How many laws has she broken?!? Marijuana possession, not paying taxes, not making her loan payments, etc.

This is ridiculous. WWAY TV3, you need to do some investigative journalism & detail exactly what laws she's broken. What a hypocrite.

She could never make in private practice what she could make as judge ($100K+ plus nice benefits), because she's incompetent & lazy, so she decides she'll make a run for getting fed at the public trough, like a greedy hog.

Voters, if you care at all about the justice system, spread the word to your friends & family about this woman.

Don't go crying & whining in the years to come when you have a friend or family member who becomes caught up in the in-justice system, and Boseman is the idiot judge who puts a criminal back on the streets.

Let me think

Hmmm, Julia Bozoman for judge? I'm getting a no there.


I consider myself a Democrat, and I would never vote for Boseman - she has shown herself to lack good judgement, in my opinion. She is not who I would want to judge other people's actions.

I know Chad Hogston personally through my former job as a probation officer, and I'll be voting for him.

Boseman as a Judge

I would not feel comfortable with such a controversial person serving as a Judge. I also do not feel she is qualified for such a position.


That about covers it.....

Admitted pot smoker for judge?

During a child custody hearing while under oath, Boseman admitted to the use of marijuana in 2003.

I can't understand why this woman doesn't just GET A REAL JOB and stop trying to ride the coat tails of political office and taxpayer funded pay checks.

I would NEVER want this woman as judge over me.....not even the local "dog court". She has no morals of her own to be judging anyone.


what does her past have to do with a thing. people better look in their own closet before they cast judgment on people. i remember an attorney stealing he is still in practice. so why don't people just leave other people alone instead of trying to act better than others. try reading your bibles instead of the darn newspapers.

The attorney

you refer to lost his license to practice law. Had to do penance and then reapply for his license to practice law. At no time did he aspire to be a Judge and sit in judgement of others.

A big difference

The past has EVERYTHING to do with it...

Commenter KAY----are you ignorant or just plain STUPID??

Boseman is the one putting herself out there to be examined. If Julia Boseman "thinks" she would be a good judge of others----we as tax paying citizens have a RIGHT to demand someone on the bench that is LAW ABIDING themselves.

And you read this where?

You must have put that bible down for a moment yourself. ;-)

Her past has everything to do with her now and her future. She has proven she is unfit to be a judge of others.....

Still a big fat NO!!

What a mind!...

"what does her past have to do with a thing."

Gosh...I don't know...perhaps we should let Charles Manson be a judge too...Bernie Madoff...David Berkowitz? After all, what do their past histories "have to do with a thing?"

Take this from the Bible: "Ye shall know them by their fruits."

Bozeman's fruit is rotten.

(I apologize if I confused you with proper capitalization and punctuation.)


Ahh yes, the lawyer that was caught stealing lingerie in Raleigh. He still has a practice off Market St.

I sure

did not see any response to questions concerning her qualifications and judgemental skills which were listed in earlier articles concernign her decision to seek a Judgeship.

I'm confused-didn't Senator

I'm confused-didn't Senator Boseman fail to follow the law by not paying her property taxes, which put the "rent to own" property (which had some other legal problems) close to foreclosure? Oh yeah, I want her sitting on the bench, passing judgment on others... where's her response?

"I'll be a very fair judge" answers the concerns about the alleged forgery, the lax attitude toward mortgages and obligations to renters?

Hey Julia - were you open and honest with those renters who only avoided eviction because the story broke and became public knowledge?


That was from 3 point range...... She needs to just get out of the system. She is just another like the others now.... mostly in it for themselves and will sell you up the river on a whim.

The system needs a big "flush" as it is.

Did I mention NO!?