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Boseman-Jarrell custody battle heads to state Supreme Court


The North Carolina Supreme Court has agreed to hear the child custody case between State Sen. Julia Boseman and her ex-partner Melissa Jarrell.

Jarrell carried and delivered their son Jacob about five years ago, and Boseman legally adopted him. After Boseman and Jarrell separated, Jarrell tried to get sole custody, arguing that Boseman's adoption was invalid because same-sex couples cannot adopt in North Carolina.

A New Hanover County judge ruled in Boseman's favor, saying North Carolina laws do not preclude same sex couples from adopting. An appeals court agreed that the adoption is valid.

Boseman and her attorney told WWAY by phone this afternoon they're confident the Supreme Court will uphold the lower court's decision.

Jarrell's attorney said the fact that the Supreme Court even agreed to hear the case is an encouraging sign. He thinks there's a likelihood the decision will be reversed.

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how sad

As a woman who has many gay friends, both male and female who are raising families, I find it sad that Jarelle would slap the face of anyone who has fought for gay rights by using the dated and bigoted law about same sex couples not being able to adopt children.  What sort of message is she sending to her son? 

You asked

What sort of message is she sending to her son?   I think the message might be that mommy is wacky and had an even wackier girlfriend.


If they really thought about the child and how this could effect him they would have joint custody. The child is the one suffering during their bitter and public bickering. Kids life will be different having 2 Moms so they should at least show they have him in mind and agree to disagree, put trivial things aside and have joint custody.


they were thinking of the child and how it might effect them...they wouldn't have adopted in the FIRST place...

I guess you've never seen

I guess you've never seen how children are treated in the system, have you? Foster parents, group homes, social services. A pair of chimps who love each other is a better home for any child than the system.

Even worse

This wasn't a child in an orphanage, this is a child that has Melissa as the mother and a turkey baster as the father.

Welcome to whacko-world


The fact that we would even be having this case heard in court shows how depraved we have become as a society.  Nature has been supplanted by insane political correctness, imagined rights, and acceptance of a simple sexual perversion as some kind of blessed, special status.  A child may be taken from the woman who gave birth to him because another woman lays claim to him as her own?


Genesis 19: 24-25......sounds like it's time for another reminder, Lord.



"Nature has been supplanted by insane political correctness, imagined rights, and acceptance of a simple sexual perversion as some kind of blessed, special status"

Gee.... like equal rights? I have seen plenty of closed minded individuals treat homosexuals like second class citizens. They deserve every right heterosexuals do, they are NOT imagined.


GET OFF YOUR SOAP BOX! Homosexuals don't have ANY less rights than anyone else. You ABHOR marriage and what it stands why are you fighting for it anyway? It's not like your being told to go to the back of the bus, or use separate bathrooms or water fountains!

What's the definition of confusion?

Father's Day at this boy's home.

The rights of homosexuals should not include the right to force a child to live in some social experimental family that the majority of his classmates will believe is dysfunctional and abnormal.

Before you start bringing up the number of heterosexual produced children who live in dysfunctional homes let me assure you that adding to the horror is not the solution. A child needs a devoted mother and a devoted father in any circumstance.

Get a life

Get a life and stop hiding your fear of what you don't understand behind some fictional book and creator.  It's amazing how people judge what they know nothing about... 

What's there to understand.

What's there to understand. Seriously. The life style is not normal. This is not coming from someone who spends Sundays in church...for the record. Do what you want....just stop complaining about peoples level of understanding.

Sort of like you judging the

Sort of like you judging the Boy Scouts.....??

Bet I sleep better than you do

If my belief is wrong then when I die I won't even know that my belief was wrong.

But if your belief is wrong whoooaaaa! Your going to miss your air conditioning.

(Thank the Lord I have an undying faith that my belief is right so I'll pray for you.)


it will be SAD to see you stand in judgment one day for your of two things WILL happen when you die...

2. You'll open your eyes and made a HUGE mistake, of which it will be to late to correct.


Either way it wouldn't be a mistake in my opinion. If 1 happens...I was right. If 2 happens, I was right in my thinking that if there is a god that is that "wrathful" then I would rather spit in his face for being so uncaring than worship him or anyone else that cruel. So no...I'm not worried. I'd rather burn in he** than worship some crazy nutjob!

Bit bitter there?

Something strike a nerve?


As a gay man your quite right it strikes a nerve!

You will be ok

Don't worry buttercup, it gets easier.

Excuse me....

A bitter gay man......... as long as you attack expect to be attacked.


Sounds like a personal problem....

whos your daddy?

And the poor kid is going to grow up with 2 moms and wandering "whos his daddy?".

These gay and lesbians ought to think about the kids future instead of their own desires for children that same sex relationships can't provide.

You can't fight mother nature but you sure can screw it up!

Nice job Julia!

Jarrell Boseman

No matter what the court finds, the fact is that this boy is NOT Boseman's son, but is Jarrell's son, because he carries her DNA and was conceived in her womb and birthed by her, and it is impossible for Boseman, a female, even though lesbian, to inseminate another female.

Boseman's devotion to her son rings hollow, as while "married" to his mother she was conducting adulterous affairs with other women, and presently is "married" to yet another woman who has produced, or is producing, another "son" for Julia although this boy also will not carry Boseman's DNA.

Really tired of Boseman, fervently hope she is not elected to a judgeship, as she has no sense of ethics and responsibility and is the last person we need on the bench.

What if she were a man and

What if she were a man and had married the childs mom & then adopted the boy. Would you still feel this way?

The fact is that this is a 7 year old boy who has always known her as his mom and loves her. Why would you want to take that away from a child? I've seen her with him. She is his mom.

Visitation Rights or Custody

Is Boseman trying to get visitation rights or custody of the kid?