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Bottled water drive benefits Haiti

READ MORE: Bottled water drive benefits Haiti

A group called Clean the World is partnering with a UNCW student to collect bottled water for Haiti. Through Facebook UNCW nursing student Lisa Chambers is spreading the word about the bottled water drive.

The event is being held at the Reserves at Forest Hills on Darlington Avenue in Wilmington. The donated water will depart Wilmington Friday in order to be shipped to Haiti on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship Sunday.

"I went to Haiti last spring break," Chambers said. "I was on a medical mission, and we helped out at a local clinic. Haiti is really close to my heart. I can't go there right now because I'm in nursing school and I graduate in May, so we're trying to do everything we can."

Culligan is donating 144 cases of bottled water. UNCW volunteers will man the drop-off site at the Reserve at Forest Hills until 10 tonight. They'll be there tomorrow from 3 to 10 p.m. as well.

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Collecting Supplies/Water...A Good idea?

What an unimaginable tragedy the earthquake in Haiti was. Certainly we want to help and I commend the students who actually took it a step farther & organized this gathering of life saving supplies! The question I have is, wouldn't it be a better idea to donate the $ spent on these supplies to organizations already on the ground in Haiti who know what the situation is and what is needed to overcome it? Red Cross, faith based missions, etc. Also it's going to take $300. to get these supplies to the ship? Send the $300 to the Red Cross. From what I hear there is literally tons of supplies already sitting at the airport & being turned away because they can't land. Please don't take this the wrong way. To help these people we need to be more efficient.

water drive for Haiti

I would have agreed with you except that the person who heads the red cross is being paid in excess of a 100.000 a year where as these students are not out parting they are giving there time to help in getting aid to Haiti I would gladly see 300.00 for a truck which is quite less expensive than paying a ceo so give credit where its due and thats with these great young adults.


I can assure you every item donated will be on the ground in our established distribution network in a matter of days. We have flown over 15 flights into Haiti already with medical supplies and personnel, as well as having access to a royal Caribbean cruise ship each of the coming three weeks. we have transports running supplies from Cap Haitien regularly. Follow our video updates at

The Haitian entrepenuers thank you

It was on the news just last week that corrupt government officials and street gangs have been seizing water as it arrives and selling it to the people for 75 cents a bottle.

Your designated shipper Royal Caribbean isn't missing a beat either. They are catching grief for still taking tourists to the island so soon after the quake. Instead of riding jet skis and touring quaint old open air markets the passengers get to walk streets lined with dead bodies and rubble.

And imagine if this were the

And imagine if this were the streets of Wilmington. And this was what you now called home. Wouldn't you hope that someone could take a little break out of their vacation time to unload some water so that you could suffer just a little less ?

Admirable effort

But to truly help them you need to send a couple of rolls of quarters with every case so they can buy the water back from the criminals who stole it.

If I didn't have any water I'd build a solar still out of a plastic bag, tin can, and a few rocks. They work great in the tropics and will give you more than enough to survive on.