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Boy spends days in cold to help animals in shelter

READ MORE: Boy spends days in cold to help animals in shelter

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Folks are getting into the Christmas spirit and giving back this holiday season, but there are some volunteers that you may not expect to see.

Twelve-year-old Ari Garsh is spending his Christmas break collecting supplies for animals in the Pender County Animal Shelter.

Since he was seven years old, Ari says he felt the need to help animals. Usually, he would spend his own Christmas money to buy food to donate. This year, he decided to get the community involved.

For the last couple days, Ari has been standing outside of the Pine Grove Road Lowes Foods in Wilmington, spreading his mission and collecting pet food. He says everyone should help as much as they can.

"If you think about it, (the shelter doesn't) really have that much supplies, and they have a limited amount of money and most of the dogs have to sleep on concrete, and they don't get as much to eat as they are supposed to," he said. "So, they're asking for volunteers, like me, to collect donations for them, so what I'm doing is collecting food and blankets for the shelter."

Ari says he has always had a love for animals, which is why he thinks it's so important for everyone to help. He says there are never too many donations.

If you want to help Ari, he plans to stay outside the store all week collecting donations, unless it gets too cold.

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Way to go!

So proud of this young man and the example he sets!

I thought all the county tax

I thought all the county tax went to take care of the animals? Is this all the money they receive?


what a great story about a motivated young man. Want to bet his parents are involved in his life and have instilled a sense of community involvement and charity?

I was at the Walmart Super Center in Jacksonville yesterday about 3:30. 2 young men, one perhaps 12 and the other 8 or 9, were ringing the bell for the Salvation Army. Another great example of youth being motivated to do good in their communities. And, again, I would bet the parents are involved in their lives.

There are plenty of opportunities, through out the year, for future tax payers and voters to participate in their community.

Let's hope it gets passed forward.


I bet those two young men are homeless,the same people you love to bash.

I've never seen Tom bash the homeless

That's MY job!

I bash them because they are drunks, druggies, nutjobs, a combination of all three, or general, all-around losers.

If the two young boys that Tom mentioned are homeless, you can bet it's because their parents are drunks, druggies, nutjobs, a combination of all three, or general, all-around losers. Who would produce offspring they couldn't provide for? (That's a rhetorical question, so there's no need to tell me about the tens of millions of idiots who have done it and continue to do so.)

My money says that they're likely good kids who probably are simply showing some Christams cheer, and have a very nice home. If I see them I'll remember to smile as I mumble, "Humbug!"


My mistake you could be right, but I'm sure he feels the same way.For some strange reason I enjoyed your post.Thanks for the laugh.Just wondering if you put homeless vets in one of your categorys,I know you think they are all-around losers.

Why would their prior employment come into it?

If anything, I fault a homeless vet even more, because he had the training and should have the self discipline to not allow himself to get into that situation.

99.9% of us went in country, did what we had to do, came home and got on with our lives. Those who came home "all screwed up" were likely destined to wind up "all screwed up" even if they had stayed home and chosen any other occupation.

For ANYONE to wind up homeless requires carelessness and a total lack of prior be chronically homeless it requires you to be a substance abuser or whacko.

Are you kidding me?

So I'm guessing that because of all of your prior planning and carefulness, you have NEVER been in a situation where you needed ANY help from anybody. Have never asked for a favor, never been a little short on cash, never had you car suddenly break down, never lost your job because of downsizing, never had your account hacked online, never had your house burn down, never experienced the sudden death of a loved one. Given all that, I'm positive that you are an upstanding, responsible citizen that goes out of his/her way to help others. I know that because of your prior planning and carefulness.

I'm an upstanding, responsible citizen....

....who doesn't depend on other people. Depend on others and you will usually wind up disappointed.

See, the one fact that you can't understand is that NONE of those simple problems you listed should cause ANYONE to become homeless. You simply provided a shopping list of excuses for failure.

If you prepare for the worst, when it comes, you still come out on top. Life occasionally throws an obstacle at everyone. What's important is your ability to get past that obstacle.

“There are no extraordinary men...just extraordinary circumstances that ordinary men are forced to deal with.” - Willaim F. Halsey, Jr.

Even in the season

weasels like you have to spout off when young lads do good. I doubt they were homeless given their attire and good manners.

Why don't you get a life?

You don't like me or my conservative values -- fine -- take your best shot and go back to the line for handouts.

But, how dare you take a shot at these fine young gentlemen?


I wasn't taking a shot at them,I was taking one at you.I should have said maybe they recieve some help from the Army.Most people ringing the bell have some ties to the Army.I was tring to make the point that you have narrow views and they could be from any type of family. I have always worked and never took a handout and you may be conservative,but you have no values. There's a singing Black man at the walmart here ringing the bell I bet you would feel a lot different about with your so called "conservative values".

Tell me

where that Gentleman of Color is singing so I can stop by and make a donation.

There's something to consider; it's a voluntary donation.

Feel free to take a shot at me -- most weasels will because they know if those of us like myself and Common have any influence, we will do all we can to limit the flow of money from our earnings into the pockets of long term, permanent entitlement recipients.

But say something good about the Young Lads or say nothing at all.

Tom Tom Tom

I'm not sure why you keep saying I'm saying anything bad about these boys,whats wrong with you? Yes, they are doing a great thing. I'm saying just because they are you think they must be from a conservative family.The Gentleman is at the walmart off market. I also want to apologize for thinking you may be raciest.

I never said

they were from a conservative family. You might want to put on your reading glasses.

I SAID, we would likely find parental involvement in their lives. Big Difference.

Unless of course you mean only conservative families are involved in the lives of their children.

And for the record, I am not a racist. Some of my best friends are African American. Many of the men I led on patrols were African American.

Conservative -- Yes. Racist -- No

Uh Oh Tom....

Once the liberal cupcakes pull out the race card it is all over. When all else fails let's yell racism. That song and dance doesn't work anymore. Try again.

Sweet kid!

This young man almost makes up for the pelican-killers. Bless your heart, Ari!