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Boy blindsided by car while trying to get on school bus


A Bladen County boy was thrown sixty feet away from his bus stop Friday morning. It happened while he was trying to cross the road to board the school bus.

N.C. Highway Patrol responded to the accident. Trooper Ray Battle says Jaylin Peterson is lucky to be alive.

Peterson lives right outside Elizabethtown on Highway 53. Battle says Peterson was getting ready to cross the street to get on his school bus when Consuela Washington apparently blindsided him.

Peterson said, "As the child starts to cross the street, you can hear the bus driver and see him telling the child to stop because he saw the car not stop and you could see the car coming down the side of the bus."

Trooper Battle says the accident could have easily killed Peterson.

Peterson was airlifted to Chapel Hill, N.C., Friday morning. He had surgery on his leg and pelvic area later in the afternoon.

Washington will face a felony charge for failure to stop for a stopped school bus. "If you just run the bus and there's no accident then it's a misdemeanor," said Battle. "But if a child is actually struck, or an anyone is struck, then it's a felony."

Trooper Battle says the camera system on the bus shows the bus was at a complete stop, had it's flashing lights on and had it's arm extended when Washington hit Peterson.

Battle says people fail to stop for buses more often than people would think. He said, "It happens everyday."

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I see this all the time on

I see this all the time on this very same hwy. People have no respect for a school bus at all. Everybody is always in a rush.



Stupid drivers

It should be a felony period to pass a stopped school bus period!
Children shouldn't have to be run over in order for a felony charge to be slapped with!

When will people put their focus back on where it is supposed to be when you are driving a car!!!!!!

Child hit while try to get on school bus

I hope this person gets along time in jail. I have children who ride a bus to and from school. When you take the test for your license it is on the test. What do you do when you see a stopped school bus with the stop sign out? YOU STOP. I hope they throw the book at her.


This is really disgusting. This stupid woman could have killed this kid, what on earth was she thinking? Is she that stupid that she doesn't know what a stopped bus with lights flashing means?

I know school buses are annoying in the morning if you are stuck behind one BUT get your a$$ out of bed earlier and you wont have to deal with them. duh Consuela Washington.

Take a minute

Take a minute and think. Don't know the lady that hit him and don't know him, but I can imagine what his parents are going through right now. What was she thinking? Was she late getting somewhere, was she not paying attention, although it is hard for me to believe she couldn't see the STOPPED school bus. Her moment of stupidity could have cost this little fella his life. Some people will say lighten up - it was an accident. No it wasn't. It was a choice she made to pass that bus when it was STOPPED because whatever she was doing or whereever she was going, was more important.