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Boy donates hair to Locks of Love

WILMINGTON -- Imagine not getting your hair cut for three years. When he saw a boy on TV donate hair to Locks of Love, four-year-old Skyler Toon decided to do just that. After three years of being confused for a girl, Skyler finally grew the ten inches of hair he needed to donate. His locks were cut off today at Bangz Salon in Wilmington. His mother Suzee is proud of her son's accomplishment. Toon said, "He just kept going. We said are you sure you don't want to cut it? You don't want to cut it? No, it's got to be ten inches. And sure enough here we are three years later. He went through being called a girl for three years and it did not bother him one bit because he knew what he was doing." Skyler said it made him feel good to pass his locks along to someone who needs them.

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What a little cutie !!! way to go.

Right thing

You are doing the right thing Skyler. There is never anything wrong with helping people and you can see from the comments many people need help.


You know, in this time kids like this young man need to be celebrated. Not only is he thinking of something other than himself, he had the courage and dedication to stick with it to the end. This world needs more young people like him. To his parents congradulations on raising such a wonderfull and caring child. To the rest maybe this is what we should be teaching our kids, instead of I want everything and will do anything to get it.


I'm proud of you for cutting your hair and donating it to Locks of Love. You are cute whether you have long hair, short hair or even no hair at all.

Benefits to "still looking like a girl."

Okay, for those of you who think he still looks like a girl, consider this: A. One look at this kid tells you that in very short order, he's going to have to fight the girls off with a stick. He can pull off wearing the long hair easily. As a rather plain looking guy myself guy, I HATE kids that look this good, because you know what his high school and college years are going to be like. (Sob! HE won't be taking his cousin to the senior prom!) Advantage 1 - Women will dig him B. If other boys call him a girl at school, it will undoubtedly build character (of which he obviously already has a lot) and hopefully turn him into Billy Bad*** as a matter of survival againt the bullies. Advantage 2 - He's going to have to learn how to kick butt at an early age because of his hair....and that name. All in all, I'd say that everybody wins in this situation. This story and the one last week about Michael going to the White House are welcome rays of sunshine in an otherwise dismal, dark future.


A most excellent thing you did Skyler. We are all proud of you. ~From Uncle Harvey~

Big heart!!

That is a truly great little boy!! To put up with the jokes in order to help another is truly selfless.... Hats off to him!! My daughter has actually decided recently she wants to donate her hair to Locks of Love as well!!

The kid is 4

So the kid was called a girl for 3 years? It will be an interesting study to see how a child growing up being treated like a girl by strangers effected his development as a boy. Personally I think it is child abuse, why not put lipstick on him and enter him in beauty pagents? This was not the kids choice at a year old to help out cancer victims, it was his parents idea and they turned him into a girl.

The world is full of morons...

...and you happen to be the epitome of one...Judgemental without mentality. The child did a wonderful, selfless thing, enduring ridicule, but knowing in his heart that one of those that were cruel may be theone - or know the one - that needs that hair. Get a life, like Skyler has. he seems more fulfilled than most so-called adults do!! WAY TO GO!!

if you read correctly....

you'd see that he's 7 and he's been growing it out for 3 years - that makes him four at the time of decision...i'm sorry you were so slow in your development, but some people just don't have what it takes to succeed. what a nasty thing to say. Since when is doing what you feel mentally harmful you pompous ass??? I'll go ahead and set it in stone - GOOD JOB KID, THOSE OF US WITH BRAINS ARE ROOTING FOR YOU AND YOURS!

Locks of Love

You need to get your story stright. The story stated he wanted to let his hair grow long where he could donate his hair.I will grow up to be a nice young man and succeed in everything he wants in life

You are such a sweet &

You are such a sweet & generous boy! I just love you to pieces!

Cut the rest off...

He still looks like a girl. Cut off more.

Reality Check

After reading the story and then some of the comments made by the "adults" on this page I am truly astounded! It is probably your kids that pick on this little boy and now we know exactly where they get it from: their narrow-minded parents. As a woman working in a male dominated field, I'm so tired of people basing opinions on looks. Quite frankly some of you just need to go get off of the computer and read a book!

Cut off More

I guess it's hard to cut off more when you're so used to keeping it long. Some of these folks need to lighten up. This is about a little boy giving up his hair, not about someone giving an opinion.

what a jerk to pick on a

what a jerk to pick on a good hearted kid, I'm so sure you're quite the looker.

More than you

He is more of a man than you could ever be. Or if you are female he is a bigger adult than you could hope to be.

wonder what you look

wonder what you look like....that child is precious and what a big heart. You were probably one of the ones teasing him at school. Thank God he didn't care... Bless you son

why dont you mind your

why dont you mind your business if you have nothing to say you moron!

Have to admit I thought the

Have to admit I thought the same thing when I saw the pic. It's not being mean, its just true..

He does look like a girl

Anyone that looks at that picture can tell he still looks like a girl. If someone points it out, it's not being mean, it's being truthful. Even so, it still doesn't change the fact that this adorable little boy did a wonderful thing.

What a super kid!

WOW! i'm impressed - good job, kid.

Good job

I did the same thing about three years ago and hope it helped make somebodys fight a little easier.

Guesty, you ol' hippy!

I let my hair grow for the first six years after I retired from my first career. I wore it in a ponytail for a long time (nothing sillier than a guy closing in on fifty with a ponytail) and then just let it hang free. Unfortunately, my hair is naturally wavey and curly, and it finally hit home one day while I was staring aimlessly into the bathroom mirror as I brushed my teeth: I looked like the illegitimate love child of a union between Jerry Garcia and Roseanne Roasannadanna. I went to the barber and began wearing my oh-so-sexy Ward Cleaver look the next day.


My husband let his hair grow when he retired from the military 12 years ago, nice mullet too. :) Had it short for 21 years so he was rebelling. It is short now, thank goodness. As for Scallys comments, he just misses you Common.

Gilda, A HIPPY??

You seem like a sensible guy- may I suggest you read "It's Always Something", by Gilda...wonderfully funny and quite honestly seem like a bloke who'd get it, really get it... and, a child of the 70's myself, I've often wondered whose illigimate child I have looked like...hmmmm, time to get out the ol' albums...we are all hippies at heart.


I now go with either a #1 buzz or totally bald.

just a point of contention

just a point of contention common, hippy's don't carry guns and I'm pretty sure neither did/does Jerry Garcia or Gilda Radner. You seem more redneck than hippy.

I never said *I* was a hippy, did I Einstein?

Try to keep up here. You're so all fired up for me to notice you that you're not even making sense half the time.