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Boy, home alone, helps police nab burglar

READ MORE: Boy, home alone, helps police nab burglar
A 12-year-old boy is credited with helping put a burglar behind bars. Quick thinking, and a cool head helped the boy lead detectives to the burglar. The boy called 9-1-1. Dispatcher Pender County 9-1-1. “What's the address of your emergency?” Boy: “Um, there's someone trying to break in to my house. My parents aren't at home. They’re at work and I'm sick. Dispatcher: “Are you at home?” Boy: “Yes. I'm alone. He's trying to break in to the back door. Please hurry.” The ten minute 9-1-1 call tells the story of a twelve year old's bravery. Last Tuesday, Jeremy Hix allegedly broke into two homes on Topsail Watch Lane in Hampstead. Hix's third attempt was foiled by a boy, home sick from school. Boy: “He's banging on the door. He's trying to break it. I don't know. Please hurry. I'm really scared. I called my mom.” Carson Smith, the Pender County Sheriff, said, “I think the impressive thing is here, at his age, the ability to remain calm and really handled the situation well until we got there.” Dispatcher: “You're doing a great job.” Boy: “Thank you.” Dispatcher: “You're doing an awesome job.” Pender County Sheriff Carson Smith said 19-year-old Hix eventually got inside and the boy hid in the bathroom until deputies arrived. Detectives were able to arrest Hix, thanks to information provided by the boy. Sheriff Smith said it proves you don't need a badge to help take bad guys of the street. Jeremy Hix is in the Pender County Jail under $125,000 bond. He's charged with two felony counts; one for larceny, the other breaking and entering, and possession of stolen goods.

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Mr. Hix

I used to work with Hix - he is not that bad. In this economy these days people are just trying to strive to make ends meet. Please dont condone Mr. Hix for what he did if you do not understand his situation. Mr. Hix is a good kid but if you would just hear his cry, and everyone elses that people look at like the scum of the earth, then this place would be a better world. Instead of walking by a homeless man - give him a few bucks to get something to eat. Although he might use it to get beer or wine, you would have done a good thing and maybe God put that man in your path to see where your heart is. Just remember dont condon anyone unless you have walked in their shoes.


I wonder why there's no mug shot of the burglar.

Hix's picture

Actually there is a picture of the burglar. Hix's picture is on the video!

Accolades? Really?

OK, While I can commend the boy's quick thinking. My question is why is a sick child at home alone to start with? And before you throw out "well, he's 12" If he is sick enough to not be in school, he's sick enough to not be left unattended.

Could it be

the parents have two items many do not pursue? From what I see in these posts, it appears the young man's parents have a work ethic and jobs. Too bad some of those long term Section 8 recipients don't get those attributes. By long term, I refer to those who have been in Section 8 housing or on vocuhers for more than 10 years and appear perfectly content.

Keep coddling them

He was TWELVE. Maybe he didn't have cholera or Ebola. Maybe he just has a bad cold that he didn't want to pass on or a passing case of Montezumas's revenge. A twelve year-old is perfectly capable of being left alone, and if he was gravely ill, I'm sure that one of his parents would have been there. He didn't get cool, calm, collected and intelligent by luck!

He could have been

He could have been contagious. His parents may of had prior obligations that they had to take care where did it say they were gone ALL day. Maybe they were only gone for a couple hourse. Is there a difference if the parent was home buy went to the store for some chicken noodle soup? Just because someone is sick and might miss school/work, doesn't mean the have to be hounded the entire time My 12y/o gets home from school around 4pm, I don't get off work until 6. I see no problem with a 12y/o home by themselves, especially if a parent, neighbor, or friend is just a phone call away.

home alone

While I realize that legally a 12 year old can be left alone, I am wondering why a 12 year old who is home sick from school had no with him. He was very lucky, that he was unharmed.


It 'appears' that either some of you don't have children, or have children but don't work. This child was probably home with some sort of stomach virus or had a temperature. The article doesn't say what was wrong with him. If he is like most children, he has probably had this illness before and knew what to expect therefore his parents felt comfortable enough to leave him home alone for a while. No parent leaves their child home alone without some reservation as I am sure is the case with these parents. There is always a fear of something happening. But at the same time, children shouldn't be sheltered and overprotected either! As long as he is able to reach his parent's in an emergency then there is no problem with him being home alone!

Great Going

Great going kid...need more people like you who can keep a cool head under stress.

Cool head, great thinking

This kid did great! I think his folks should reward him by buying him a shotgun. Then, if this ever happens again, the results will be even better!

We were also a Victim of

We were also a Victim of Hix! He broke into our home on New Years Eve. We were able to identify and recover some of our things that he had taken from our home. We are so thankful for the bravery of this 12 year old young man! Many homes in our neighborhood were broken into. Glad the judge set a nice bond of $125,000.00! Such ashamed he made to choice to take from hard working folks. We are so thankful that the out come of the 12 year old being home alone was a good one. I would hate to even think anything would have happened to that little boy!! Job well done!!