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Boy Scouts get ready for 100th birthday celebration


It's been instilling values in young men for almost a century. Next month the Boy Scouts of America turns 100.

The big anniversary is Monday, February 8. To mark the occasion, Eagle Scouts will gather on the court house steps at noon in each of their counties. That day they will also meet with Gov. Bev Perdue.

Local Boy Scouts leaders say this anniversary is more about the future than the past.

If you're interested in learning more about the Boy Scouts, you can call the Boy Scouts of America Cape Fear Council at (910) 395-1100 ext. 19.

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BSA Celebration

As the Mom of one of the boys chosen to meet Bev Perdue in Raleigh, I am very proud. Hopefully there will be lots of coverage of this event.

Scouting is wonderful!!

Scouting is wonderful!!

Please give us more coverage on the BSA 100th Anniversary!

There is a lot of hard work to honor this occasion by these outstanding young men, their scout leaders and their parents! Please take the time to recognize the participants of this newsworthy event!


It's a bigoted and archaic organization that has little place in the modern world... Making bird-houses and learning to light a fire with sticks are hardly useful skills, and the groups history of exclusion is definitely not a plus for it!

Boy Scouting

You have got to be kidding me. Obviously you have never been involved with a troop for any length of time. I have three sons who are well on there way to Eagle and have seen and done more in the last few years, then many get to do in their lifetime. I commend and am honored to know the adults who have given so much of their time and energy to this group of boys. I am so sorry to hear that you have never had the experiences my boys have. My condolences.

As an Eagle Scout and

As an Eagle Scout and current cadet at a senior military college, I would just like to point out that you should really look at the facts about scouting before you start making comments. Some of Americas greatest citizens have been Eagle Scouts, and like the other gentleman pointed out, a vast majority of military personnel have been involved in the scouting organization. I can honestly say that scouting has taught me skills that I will use for the rest of my life. I use these skills on a daily basis both as a cadet and while Im home and away from school. Scouting produced leaders and citizens that are better suited to serve their community and nation. The twelve points of the scout law exemplify how one should act and behave on a daily basis and I know that Im a better person because of this. Im sure you know all about the scout law though, because if you didnt then why would you be leaving comments on this topic? Then again maybe you dont know that much about scouting and that you should look into it to see what the organization is really about. Scouting has created leaders and quality citizens for a century and will continue doing so for many centuries to come.

To MAJ on scouting

As a scout leader for more than 10 years, I have worked with over 200 boys. I have hiked over 1000 miles with them through rain, sleet,mud and snow.I have watched them learn so many skills that easily transfer to our "Modern World".
I have attended every rank advancement and participated in several Eagle Reviews and Ceremonies. First Aid and Citizenship are the major areas that are covered from the time the boys are Tenderfoot to Eagle. If I were to have a heart attack, I would only hope one of my scouts were present because I know they would know exactly what to do. Scouting is a commitment. It begins in the 1st grade and in many cases lasts until the 12th.
I assure you that birdhouses and making fire with sticks,(which actually is not taught in scouting) is not all we do. We have gotten a little more with the times, we use matches.
Scouts work in soup kitchens, they gather food and clothes for the homeless, they work with Habitat for Humanity, they provide dental clinics for people who are not able to afford dental care,put out flags at the National Cemetery on Memorial Day, the list goes on.
The scout law is as follows: A scout is trustworthy,loyal,helpful friendly,courteous, kind,obedient, cheerful thrifty, brave, clean and reverent. Since when did these values become archaic?
Boy Scouts is open to any boy that meets the age requirement. The only group to my knowledge that is excluded would be girls. I am sure the boys would be all for changing that rule. I encourage MAJ to visit the BSA website and take a look at the merit badges offered,read the requirements,look at which are elective and which are Eagle required. I am sure he will find that they are anything but archaic. I truly hope that other leaders and volunteers that dedicate their time and money to help make a difference in a young man's life do not have the misfortune to read the post by MAJ.

Used to support

I was in boy scouts when I was 13 years old. I didn't get anything out of it. We never went camping and the only way you can earn badges was to be the son of the leader or be very popular. This is when I lived in Monkey Junction. People have their reasons not to support. Girl Scouts do more than Boy Scouts.

Used to support reply

I am sorry you had a bad experience with Scouting. I wished that you would have stuck with it or found another troop to join so you could have seen how scouting helps young men. Sometimes the leaders are in their 1st year of being a den leader and they are trained but it still takes a lot of time to learn everything and to keep track of the boys. Leaders are volunteers and most have jobs they work around because they know how much of a impact BSA has on a child and that they have a chance to help a child turn into a great young man who does a good turn daily and can survivor when problems arise where others would have a hard time. Try and find a troop or pack and get involved agian and if you are a adult now go and help them out not bad mouth them. May God Bless the whole BSA group and you.


"Scouts work in soup kitchens, they gather food and clothes for the homeless, they work with Habitat for Humanity..."

Hey, I stuck up for you guys earlier, but in light of what you're telling us, now *I* am starting to question the value of Scouting.

The schools are doing a fine job of turning our kids into pansies, saps, and Socialists - we don't need the BSA doing it too.

I can personally assure you that learning to light a fire without matches, learning how to find North without a compass, and learning how to hit what you're aiming at with a rifle or bow are FAR more valuable skills than working in a soup kitchen!

Jeez! Why not just let them stay home and watch reruns of Mister Rogers?

You are an absolutely

You are an absolutely dispicable human being. I pray for any children you have or may someday have, and lets hope they get the therapy they will definitely need!

Here is what I can do for you...

You know what MAJ...
We'll pray for you.. And we'll forgive you for your uneducated comments...
As scouts.. We are better than to respond with as much immaturity and the lack of self-control that you have exhibited in an open public forum.
If there is anything a scout can do to help you understand the value of scouting, ask any one of us with a brown uniform shirt on..
Maybe we will tell you it raised our awareness or maturity level. Maybe one of us will tell you we did learn survival skills, or how to read a compass and gps... To save a life, or when we learned CPR... Maybe we will tell you about how we kept out of trouble by learning to work as a team, or how to build things without hands.. Perhaps we could teach you to hunt, fish or make a basket... Maybe we can show you how communication, or good citizenship work.... Perhaps you can join us in helping out with a community service project, by visiting the elderly, feeding the homeless, or placing flags out at the veterans cemetery. Maybe you will learn what all we do... And how it kept so many of us on the right path to being a responsible adult in this community... Or how scouting has offered an opportunity to some children because of their economic status, have done things, have earned scholarships, and had experienced things that they never would before... Like a young gentleman I knew who was from the projects, in a foster home, entire family in jail who graduated a few years ago from Johns Hopkins and states publically... :My success is because of scouting".. Or the ten year old who pulled a family from a burning house because of whet he learned in scouting... Or the young man who called to report a crime and possibly prevented a murder...
Or perhaps... You just need to go to Gilwell Field....
SO next time you see one of us... Just ask.. Any one of us will be glad to help you in any way we can... Why? Because we are scouts..........

Way off the mark, MAJ

MAJ, I'd suggest that you find out exactly what Boy Scouts do learn before you relegate them to bird houses and rudimentary camping skills.

As far as the bigoted and exclusionary charges, you simply have to accept that people have a right to associate with whomever they choose to, and avoid those they find distasteful or with whom they disagree.

You cannot force people or even groups of people to love you or even like you....and why is that so important, anyway? If I was gay and the BSA wouldn't admit me, I'd consider it their loss and find something else to do with my spare time.

I was never a Boy Scout, but know that they are a fine organization that helps inspire many young men to try and do things they never dreamed they could.

(Interesting trivia - a large percentage of honor graduates at MCRD Parris Island, MCB Quantico (TBS), Army Ranger and Special Forces schools are former Boy Scouts.) Across all services, a large number of general officers are former Scouts.)

It is clear that you are severely uninformed!

The Boy Scouts of America is still a very valuable group in teaching young men the tasks of teamwork, comraderie, finishing what you start and going beyond the norm to do what is right. It is a group founded on the principles of integrity and motivation.
Going through the rigors to achieve Eagle Scout is very tough and challenging. So much so that very few achieve that status. It is also a good mark that stays with you for the rest of your life. It is these kinds of programs that greatly assist with the proper development of a young man to keep him on a straight path toward productivity in society rather being a gang-boosting drug dealer for the Bloods and the Crips.
Your reference to the BSA as being a "bigoted and archaic organization in a modern world..." is clearly indicative of your ignorance which seems prevalent in the mojority of your posts, so keep on writing to show us what you've got.
Remember, that in this "modern world" as you call it, it is sometimes necessary to rely on basic skills such a starting a fire with sticks and to be able to construct a temporary shelter for self preservation. The US is not impervious to earthquakes, fires, floods, ice storms, tornadoes and hurricanes. During these conditions as we have recently witnessed in Haiti, you will perish without knowledge of basic survival techniques. It seems that you would be one of the first to call out for a Boy Scouts help after you spotted his little fire flickering. This is indeed one of America's great programs for young men. Shame on you for trying to run it down!!!