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Boys and Girls Club enacts nepotism policy

READ MORE: Boys and Girls club enact nepotism policy
Some big changes at a local Boys and Girls Club are causing concern among parents and staff. The changes come after the center's board of directors enacted a nepotism policy. The reason for the controversy revolves around the center being family run for years. But, parents and kids who go there say that is what makes it so special. Ten-year-old Anthony Jones said, "Ms. Clark always keeps the club clean, and she always in the summer gives us free lunch and free breakfast." "They let you have lunch, and after school you can do your homework," said 7-year-old Sam Parks. For these kids, the Brigade Boys and Girls Club is not just a place to play and see their friends, it is a home away from home. Now, the board of directors wants to keep the center strictly business. It enacted a new nepotism clause, meaning long time club directors, the Clark family, will not be a part of the center in the future. Parent Debbie Parks said, "With the nepotism clause, it's not just blood related, it actually has to do with any kind of relations at all." Ms. Clark has been a director at the club for 16 years. Her son Derrell has worked there with her for the past seven. Parks' two children attend Brigade. She says the family atmosphere is what makes it so special. "The child is actually treated like an individual and is part of the bigger family," said Parks. Parents have requested a meeting with the board prior to their scheduled one on September 15. The Clark family has to step down by October 18, though no one WWAY spoke to can imagine the Brigade without them. WWAY tried calling the Boys and Girls Club board president to find out why the nepotism policy was put in place. His voice mailbox was full. Some parents are putting together a petition in hopes of reversing the new policy.

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I am stunned and appalled as to what is continually happening in the our communities. It seems that the presence of strong, family-oriented and God fearing organizations are disappearing. The ripping a part of this family from the Brigade Boys & Girls Club is only an indication of the president's disregard of the fact that they are a vital and necessary component to the development of our young girls and boys into responsible adults. This is absurd for the president to NOW inforce the nepotism policy. Unless he can prove that this family's presence would bring about more harm than good (which is unthinkable) to those involved, then I would suggest he rethink his decision with the quickness. Where is the fairness in this for all families involved. Shouldn't the families have a say in this? Does he want them gone that badly that he had to stoop to enforcing this law into the policy? He needs to explain to the community the reasoning behind this decision. My children attended Brigade's years ago while I was attending UNCW. They reiterated what I was already teaching my children about the Lord, and much more. I was able to learn and graduate because I knew my children were safe and in good company. They are positive leaders as well as good spiritual friends of this community and THEY SHOULD STAY PUT!!! My goodness! The children and all involved has already experienced a recent devastating loss of my dearest friend Sister Wanda Jones. And NOW they want to remove the Clark family???? WHY I ask??? They should be treated with the respect & dignity that they deserve from this organization for the years of their faithfulness and dedication to those children. I don't see by forcing them to step down is for the "good" of this community. Lives have been transformed and turned around for many of our youths who were headed down the wrong path. I will NOT stand by and be silent about this. As a matter of fact, NO ONE should be silent about this. We are talking about our youths who are struggling to do the right thing in a world that seems lost. The Clark family believes in those children and their families. If they are forced to leave, who will the youth turn to??? Gangs? Drugs? Where is the petition that is going around in Wilmington?? Someone please reply to this comment to let me know. Although we have now moved to Raleigh, I am still very much a part of this community. My family will do anything to show our support, not only for the Clark family, but for the children who will be greatly impacted by this change of events. My prayers go out to the Clark family. The enemy shall NOT have the victory. God Bless Sister Cassandra

The board probably got tired

The board probably got tired of hearing complaints from parents on how Mrs. Clark won't let parents pick up their children during assembly time. Yeah, that's much more important than a Dr. appointment! Or how Mr. Derrell slams on the brakes on the afterschool van because the kids won't be quiet on the way back to the center and he needs to "get their attention". I guess its too hard to just pull the van over until everyone calms down. They have run the Brigade thru 2 sets of rules for years-- One set for the Clarks and another for everybody else. Mrs. Clark is power hungry and wants to hear every little complaint just so she can bust someones chops. Except for her own son of course. Complain about him and you will get a whole list of excuses from her. Its about time someone did something about the double standards.

Well glad to know someone

Well glad to know someone like you is past. My daughter has gone to the club for 10 years now. And i have picked her up many times at 4:00, without any problems or complaints. Maybe it had to do with the way you asked for your child. Maybe next time you might say please and thank you. It does work.


Is this the best that you can come up with??? Well it is obvious that you are not close to GOD or have any values or morals or integrity for people who actually care about children from their hearts and try to encourage and show consistant positive reinforcement of good behavior and standards and while within GOD's word and boundaries. What is your alterior motive??? Disgruntled outcast!!!!

Well don't you sound like a

Well don't you sound like a real winner and live book of knowledge. Obviously you don't know the Clark family like you think you do. There are hundreds of children that adore them and actually make themselves sound a lot smarter than your cantankerous moaning, too. You being a past parent must have had a problem child there that you just couldn't face hearing any possibility of him misbehaving and having to be disciplined. Grow up and stop your whining. Does your negative bashing of the Clarks make you feel better about yourself now?

My child was not and never

My child was not and never has been a problem child. I'm not bashing anyone but do you REALLY think a driver slamming on brakes and forcing children to hit their heads on the seats in front of them is cantankerous moaning? I'm not the only parent who complained to Mrs. Clark about the issue. And I understand that issues happen, But the way it was handled is where the not acceptable part steps into play here. Maybe, just maybe, you don't know the Clarks like you think you do either. You keep asking why they were being removed, could it be that these types of issues would give you a little insight. But of course, your moronic babbling wouldn't allow you to comprehend insight.

Boys and Girls club

My son has gone to Brigade for almost 4 years now and he loves it there. The Clark family have really made it a home away from home for my son. He gets the chance to be a kid but still learn the same values that I teach at home. My son love the bible study lessons that he receives. I love the fact that they instill in the children the morals that they really need in the world today. With them gone it will take away the family environment that all grown to love.

Brigade Boys and Girls Club and the Clarks

The Clarks are one of the finest families I have ever known. My child who is now grown went to the club when she was younger. Joann treated each child as if they were her own. She was trying to raise these children that were in her care to be respectful, decent people. She devoted years volunteering endless hours, before she ever started getting a salary, to see that the children's needs were met. Darrell worked tirelessly getting funding for this club. They truly loved these children. I wish this entire thing had been handled differently. To smear the names of these individuals is horrible. The club has lost two people who really made a positive difference in hundreds of children's lives.

What you said is so true.

What you said is so true. When I first heard the news, I was shocked and mortified that this could happen to them. I went to the Club from age 8 thru 18 yrs old. I remember Mr. Clark always busy in the office and Mrs. Clark volunteering. I used to love her paintings, and would always want to help her either make a poster to hang up or work in the concession stand; I loved it! And even Derrell Jr and Crystal. Derrell and I would crack jokes on each other; Mr. Clark would take me to the events to sing as the club s representative, the field trips, the competitions, the free food, I loved it. Mr. Clark is the reason why I am trying to develop a youth center in Pender County. They were the nicest people, and they always kept my parents informed on my behavior. I know that club will truly miss them

There is actually a Boys and

There is actually a Boys and Girls Brigade Club Program for afterschool and summer camp in Pender County. It is held at Cape Fear Elementary, Topsail Elementary, Malpass Corner, and Penderlea! Check into it! They are great! Please get the word out, not many people know about the programs in Pender County!